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TTBBT second-round results

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  • Feb 18, 201112:27 pm
    by Tim


    So basically there have been a total of four “upsets” so far in two 9 seeds beating 8 seeds, one 10 seed beating a 7 seed, and one 5 seed beating a 4 seed. Although, I guess if the NCAA tournament was determined by voting, there wold be a similarly small number of upsets. What I think you should have done is taken the votes and say a particular matchup was voted 60/40, take a random number generator set it to give you a value between 0 and 1, and if it spews out a value between 0 and .6, the 60% side wins, if it gives a value between .6 and 1, the 40% team wins out. It would make the whole tournament a lot more interesting, still account for how people vote, and make someone’s vote actually matter even if the side they voted for is currently only raking in ~10% of the votes. Just a suggestion in case you try doing this again at some point.

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