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Tayshaun Prince on the Detroit Pistons winning 15 or 16 games to make playoffs: “That’s pretty much impossible”

Chris Iott of MLive.com:

"If we’ve got to win 15 to 16, after how things have been going, that’s pretty much impossible," Prince said Monday evening following practice

Prince was asked if something needed to change for the Pistons to get back in the playoff hunt.

“How many games have we played?” Prince asked. “We’ve been talking about change for how long? We’ve been talking change for a while, and nothing’s changed, so that’s why I say it’s impossible.”

The Pistons have to trade him now, right? He’s practically begging. You can’t keep a guy with that attitude, especially when he holds significant trade value.

I’ll be shocked if Joe Dumars isn’t troubled by Prince’s comments. Troubled enough to trade the small forward? We’ll see.


  • Feb 21, 20119:59 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    Ahhhh! The truth hurts Tayshaun, it hurts!  Make it go away!!!

  • Feb 21, 201110:44 pm
    by Anthony


    WoW!!! He has to go now… That is  probably the worst thing you can say since Allen Iverson! i mean i think the same thing he said but im not getting 10.5 million to play  for them…That would be like obama saying our nation sucks! The pistons have just fell apart

    • Feb 22, 20111:59 am
      by Jason


      Did you really just say “The Pistons have JUST fell apart..?” haha..
      Try the Pistons fell apart a couple years back. my friend. And either Dumars, or the pending sale – is keeping us from putting us back together..

      • Feb 22, 20114:04 am
        by Anthony


        I think Dumars is the one pending the sale! lol If he’s just get rid of the guys that do NOT want to be apart of this team i.e Rip and Tay, an buyer would be more likely to buy the team if he doesnt have to commit to paying these chumps this un-Goddly amount of money to sit on the bench and only play hard because they’re in a contract year… Send Rip to chicago or dallas and send tay to denver for felton thats what i say! And sorry laser but please do NOt offer stucky shit next year… we dont need him because he can’t play the position we need him to play and we have enough SG’s who we already have money into. Trade him!!!!

  • Feb 22, 20111:10 am
    by Laser


    this “you can’t keep a guy with that attitude” notion is kind of funny. on one hand, “that attitude,” the one that you feel the need to cut out of the equation, is called realism. personally i’m much more worried about the guys who are waving the flag and talking about making a push and making some noise in the playoffs. tayshaun is the only one on this team who i don’t think should have his head examined. the issue here is that he’s come out and made these statements publicly. but he’s the only one talking any sense. joe said publicly he’d trade tayshaun if tay requested it. this, combined with his quote about being open to a trade and saying anyone would want to go play for a championship, is effectively that request. so i sincerely hope joe’s got the message. if he keeps tayshaun around now, nobody’s going to have any excuses for him. ah, never mind. they’ll always have excuses. but there is no problem whatsoever with tayshaun’s attitude.
    what’s been killing this team more than anything lately is this staunch commitment to making a failing formula work. there’s always another excuse. at least someone within the organization gets it. joe’s stated his desire to keep stuckey, t-mac, gordon and villanueva along with daye, jerebko and monroe (and wallace and bynum are going nowhere). this is practically our whole damn rotation and it f*cking STINKS. it stunk last year, stunk this year, what’s going to make it any better next year? another not-good-enough draft pick?? is the chemistry that’s eluded this team for two entire seasons suddenly going to materialize?? god knows nobody worth a damn i going to come here for the MLE. if the only deal joe is willing to make is to trade rip for an expiring contract, he is SHIT OUT OF LUCK. and so are we. how is this so damn hard to understand???
    take our rotation, substitute maxiell for wilcox (who’s a goner) and jj for tayshaun (who’s a goner). both are downgrades. and this is your team. plus a mediocre draft pick and MAYBE a sub-par MLE addition, but i’m not counting on that. if this team hasn’t been willing to do a damn thing for all this time when we’ve desperately needed any kind of change, i don’t see them willing to add a mediocre player to a long-term MLE deal, which is what it would take to get anyone to come here.
    we keep on trying to win now, but we’re just not good enough. we’ll never win later until we start facing reality. this team is a sick joke and everyone reading this is the butt of it.

    • Feb 22, 20116:12 am
      by gmehl1977


      My first instinct was to get angry about what Tayshaun said but lets face it…he is right so i am with Laser on this one. I must admit i was still kind of holding out hope that the Nets/Denver/Pistons deal was still going to happen so we could get rid of Hamilton. False hope from the start i guess

    • Feb 22, 20118:50 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Realism or not, when your organizational stance has been that you are a playoff team, and you are only 4.5 games out, what Prince said was a direct slap at said organization.

      Now, I don’t disagree with his take and I understand all the reasons he would say it. But typically, in any line of work, employees who are openly critical of their employer don’t stick around long.

      • Feb 22, 201111:20 am
        by Jason


        If your record is UNDER .500 – it does not matter if you are a “Playoff Team” or not.. There is no such thing as a playoff team, who has a record under .500.
        Sure, they made the playoffs.. Yeehaaw! But are they going anywhere? No.. And don’t give me this “Direct slap at the organization”, that’s ridiculous..
        The organization has been steady slapping around THIS TEAM for 2 seasons after failing to bring in players of need – to allow them to be competitive. Do you really think Prince wants to “Fight” for that 8 spot? Come on now… He wants to finish the season, and get the hell out of dodge.. He’d of course LOVE to be traded, but is to GOOD A PERSON to demand a trade, like most of the other thugs out there..

        • Feb 22, 20111:16 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Wow. Not sure what to make of that comment, to be honest. What “thugs” out there demanded trades? Furthermore, what makes a NBA player a “thug?” That’s a pretty loaded word to be thrown around like that so nonchalantly.

          Prince has been a productive player even though he pretty clearly hasn’t wanted to be here for two years. But he’s been far from a model citizen. It’s his choice to not buy into whatever the team is doing, and as I said, I don’t reallyblame him for being disenchanted. But to say that he’s been “too good a person” to ask for a trade? Come on. He’s clearly been begging for one. He has a poor attitude, he’s played half-hearted at times and he’s been aloof in the locker room from teammates.

          He’s an effing team captain. He’s supposed to be above that stuff, and he hasn’t been. It’s not a matter of whether he wants to fight for that eight spot or not. His employers pay him a lot of money to reach the goals of the organization. So for him to openly say all hope is lost, yeah, that’s not the move of someone who is a good employee and team captain. He’s a solid player, terrible leader.

      • Feb 22, 201112:06 pm
        by Laser


        sometimes an organization desperately needs a slap in the face. among other places.
        this one’s been in a VERY dangerous state of denial for years.

  • Feb 22, 20112:10 am
    by Jason


    I agree with you for the most part, Laser. I have no problem with what Tayshaun has said – NO ONE knows how things truly are in the locker room, and about the whole situation. To suggest that Tay simply has a Bad attitude, is pretty ridiculous.. He has every right to have a bad attitude, he’s watched a powerhouse team crumbled to the ground – mainly due to terrible free agent signings. Wasting away money on guys who we had no need for..
    So, if i’m Tayshaun, i’m not being too optimistic about making the playoffs either. If anything, we should be respecting him more for having the professionalism to NOT demand a trade, through the media – or to Dumars.. He HASN’T done that, so we can’t really blame him for being frustrated.. He has every right to be…
    BUT – I will say that while I agree, Dumars has made some bad moves – the pending sale HAS to be holding things up.. I know everyone keeps saying it isn’t preventing him from doing anything, but that’s just lip service if you ask me. He has to be restricted, and whether that alone is keeping him from making a move – no one will ever really know..
    I just can’t see how there isn’t a genuine interest in Tayshaun.. There is no way in my mind that Dallas thinks Peja Stojakovich is a better option then Tayshaun would have been.
    I’ve heard this comment many times that the reason RIP is the odd man out in our SG rotation is that we want to know what we have in Gordon and Stuck.. That we need to give them the playing time to determine if they, namely stuckey – is worth extending..
    If that WERE the case, why not trade Tay for another expiring deal? Wouldn’t this give Daye and Summers more playing time, for the very same reasons?
    It just doesn’t add up.. I can understand not taking on money, but how NO ONE is willing to take on Tay’s service’s this year for a title push, is just beyond me..

    • Feb 22, 20118:55 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I think teams are willing to take him on. I just think he’s down the list som. There are players like Battier, a better defender than Prince, available. Or, if teams are willing to take on a little more money, just flat out better players who have been in trade rumors like Stephen Jackson. The Nuggets are also reportedly willing to flip Gallinari or maybe Wilson Chandler for more assets, and those guys are better than Prince as well.

      I think there is probably interest in Prince, but I think teams will exhaust other avenues first.

      • Feb 22, 201111:25 am
        by Jason


        He’s an expiring deal, i’d imagine there are a list of teams who would love to have him suit up on their sideline.
        I’ll give you Battier – but Tay as of late has shown to be more of an offensive threat then Battier, so i’d say Prince is a better option.. Just my opinion though. i actually really like Battier – think he’s one of the more stand up guys in the league..
        But Wilson Chandler better then Prince? Sure, he has upside – and sure he probably WILL be better then Prince one day… BUT, were talking about playoff teams potentially trading for Prince. They SHOULD be seeking Tay for his playoff experience – which of course separates Tayshaun from anyone else available…
        I know that the Pistons keep a tight lid on the organization, and not a whole lot of leeks slip out, but it seems that we’ve heard almost nothing in regards to interested suitors for Tay or Rip, and it’s tough to swallow as the trade deadline approaches.

        • Feb 22, 20111:21 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          There’s a difference between teams who would love to have him and teams that actually have the means and desire to make it happen.

          I mean, Boston would love Prince. But could they really offer much that would interest the Pistons? Maybe Avery Bradley? A 1st round pick that will be in the 29-30 range, meaning you give a guaranteed salary to someone who might not be good enough to make your roster? Jermaine O’Neal’s bad contract? There’s not a whole hell of a lot contending teams would give up for him.

          And non-contending teams? Yeah, there are several who would like to clear salary for Prince’s expiring deal. But those salaries are usually for guys like Antawn Jamison or Elton Brand. Marginal players who are aging and have horrid contracts. Maybe they make the Pistons better short term, but they drastically add to the terrible long-term salary predicament.

          As I said, there will be some interest. But Hamilton and Prince are just not top of the line players, Hamilton especially. You’re not going to get a haul for either one, and with several of the wings available right now — Battier, Parker, Gallo, Courtney Lee and maybe even guys like Rudy Fernandez and Arron Afflalo, teams with that need have plenty of options to pursue. When you figure in both cost and production, there are clearly better options than Prince and Hamilton available. Doesn’t mean nothing will happen, it just means I think they are down the list.

  • Feb 22, 20113:29 am
    by Kaneda


    I think Dumars should try to trade for Raymond Felton… Supposedly the Nuggets are looking to shop him around after the Knicks/Denver Melo trade.

    • Feb 22, 20118:53 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Getting Felton would likely require giving up a first round pick or a young prospect like Austin Daye, along with an expiring contract. I like Felton, but I’m not sure I’d part with either of those things to get him.

      • Feb 23, 20115:32 am
        by Kaneda


        I really don’t see why people are so excited about Daye… I just can’t see how he would turn out to be a better player than Tayshaun. The only young players I wouldn’t trade right now are Monroe and JJ. We might as well try and use our tradeable assets to finally fix the mess our roster is in. A pg and a low post threat are definitely more vital to the team’s success than Daye is or will be.

  • Feb 22, 20118:09 am
    by Steve K


    A few days ago I mentioned I was in favor of keeping Prince. Obviously, this changes things.
    I don’t fault him for speaking his mind. He’s just echoing what we say all the time. The team sucks, and we shouldn’t expect them to suddenly start winning. If it hasn’t happened after all last season and through most of this season, why should it happen now?
    I guess my only question at this point is… what is Tayshaun’s value? I’m convinced Joe won’t get equal value in return – I’m just hoping he gets some tangible asset.

    • Feb 22, 201112:11 pm
      by Laser


      your original opinion that keeping prince ever made any sense was objectively wrong. there was absolutely no advantage EVER to holding onto him for our race to the lottery when the bare minimum you could get was caron butler’s expiring contract and a pick.
      and dallas would absolutely do this, since holding onto caron burler’s expiring deal is objectively less preferable than trading him for a highly productive player at a position of need, at the cost of a draft pick somewhere in the 20s.

      • Feb 22, 20111:26 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        “and dallas would absolutely do this,”

        OK, Marc Stein, what’s your source on that. What makes Prince an infinitely better fit than some of the other wings they could pursue with that same package?

        What if Rick Carlisle hates Prince, since he was fired in Detroit because he didn’t get along with several of the players?

        I know you’re schtick around here is to walk around all cocksure that you have all the answers for what this team should do, but to assume that any team would “absolutely” do any deal is a little ridiculous.

        And honestly, what the hell is so great about that Dallas pick? I mean, it could be in the 28-30 range. Any idea how many players picked in that range fail to turn out? A hell of a lot do.

        And guess what … even if you pick a dud, you have to pay him a guaranteed salary for at least two years. So yeah, best case scenario, the Pistons make a deal like this and find a gem late in the first round.

        Worst case? You turn an expiring contract into $3 million or so in dead money over the next two years if that first rounder doesn’t pan out, as the majority picked in that range don’t.

  • Feb 22, 201111:03 am
    by Troy J


    I think the biggest issue facing the Pistons right now is Joe Dumars. For some reason he doesnt seem too concerned about building a championship club. It could be due to the possible sale of the team. But you need to have a good structure in place to give anyone any interest in buying the team. Who wants to buy a losing team with no interest in getting better. What happened to Joe making some moves before the deadline? He has not stuck to his word. And I think the biggest most rediculous move is sitting Hamilton on the bench, what a waste!!! If you are not going to play the guy then I don’t understand why they have not made a move to trade him. I am not so sure Kuester is the right man for the job. Very frustrating being a Piston fan after all the success they had. WHAT HAPPENED!!

  • Feb 22, 20111:45 pm
    by Tim


    Are you serious people? This guy has been the backbone of this team for a long time now. Without Tay we don’t beat the Lakers. We don’t make consecutive  Eastern Conference Championship games. He wants things to change, he is a winner. So what he called out the organization, they are not doing a damn thing to change. I would be furious if I watched a championship team become one of the bottom of their conference because Joe Dumars hasn’t done anything in the past 6 years I agree with. So how about we talk about the guy that actually deserves to be fired, instead of the guy who has played his heart out for this city.

    • Feb 22, 20112:03 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Backbone? He’s been a very good role player. Yes, he was a key player in the Lakers series, yes, he was a key reason the team won a title, no it doesn’t excuse he he sometimes goes about handling his problems with the organization.

      And you haven’t agreed with anything Joe Dumars has done in the last six years? That encompasses a lot of moves, and there have been some good ones in there — drafting Monroe/Jerebko, signing Wallace/McGrady cheaply, getting out of the Nazr Mohammed contract, signing Antonio McDyess to name a few. Those all came within the last six years, remember.

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