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Tayshaun Prince: “I think I’ll be here for the rest of the year”

Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News asked Tayshaun Prince the question everyone is wondering about: does he think he will be traded before the deadline?

“I don’t think about it at all,” Prince said. “Either way, there’s only so many games until the end of the season. I’m not in the situation that Rip (Richard Hamilton) is in, or obviously some of the other guys in the league. I think I’ll be here for the rest of the year.”

But that doesn’t mean Prince wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of joining a contending team:

“It would be something I’d definitely look at,” Prince said after the Pistons’ 115-109 overtime win against Indiana on Wednesday at The Palace. “Who wouldn’t want be in that situation, to have an opportunity to play for another championship?”

Of course, whether Prince wants to be traded or not, and whether Dumars wants to trade him or not, is largely irrelevant. It’s now looking extremely unlikely that a sale of the team will be completed before the trade deadline, so Dumars is still most likely operating with the restriction that any deal he makes can’t bring back additional short or long-term salary. So short of maybe flipping Prince for another expiring deal with maybe a draft pick thrown in, there’s little the Pistons can do with him on the trade market right now.


  • Feb 17, 20115:11 pm
    by Laser


    prince is a smart guy. smarter than joe, to be sure. i think he’ right on this one, but i pray otherwise.
    this looks to be shaping up to be the darkest time in recent pistons memory. does anyone seriously think this team is going to add enough through the draft and free agency to replace tayshaun’s production? this team could very realistically take a significant step backwards next season.

    • Feb 17, 20117:56 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      You obviously weren’t around in the 1990s. Trust me, watching Greg Monroe in the middle, even if the rest of the team sucks, beats watching Cadillac Anderson/Ivano Newbill/Mark West/David Wood/Pete Chilcutt/Eric Montross/etc. any day.
      They’re certainly restricted by contracts, but the thing that made the 90s worse were the total lack of young building blocks. There was Grant Hill. There was briefly Allan Houston, who bolted as a FA. There was Lindsey Hunter, who turned into a solid role player but not the Isiah Thomas heir they billed him as, and there was Theo Ratliff, who Doug Collins glued to the bench until the team traded him.
      The Pistons right now have three young players who I’m very excited to watch grow here in Monroe, Daye and Jerebko. They have the potential to get a fourth and maybe a fifth in the draft with a lottery pick and a second rounder that should be low enough to get a first round talent who fell. They have a wildcard in Terrico White, whose athleticism alone makes him thoroughly intriguing if he can get healthy.
      There might not be an All-Star in that group I mentioned, but they’re a hell of a lot more promising than some of the young alleged talent we watched from about 1992-2001.

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