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Stephen Jackson, Kwame Brown show up Detroit Pistons

The Pistons aren’t the best third-quarter team. In fact, they’re the worst.

But when they opened the third quarter against the Bobcats with an 11-2 run, I figured this would be their night.

By the time Stephen Jackson made one of the most ridiculous 3-pointer I’ve ever seen, that hope had been dashed.*

*Although, it should have already been gone when Kwame BrownKwame freaking Brown – had eight points and 10 rebounds by halftime. And those weren’t empty numbers. He really took it to Detroit.

In the third quarter, the Bobcats kicked the ball to Jackson, who stood open on the right wing. Sometimes, when a player is that open, he over-thinks and misses his shot. Frankly, I have no idea whether Jackson did that. He held the ball so long, he could have worked himself out of a rhythm and back into it. Twice. It’s not like the Pistons were slow closing out. Not a single Detroit player took a step toward Jackson.

I have literally never seen a player with the ball remain open for so long without a defender moving toward him.

John Kuester immediately called a timeout, no doubt disgusted with his team. The players on the court cared at least enough to look befuddled and disappointed as they slowly walked to the bench.

The Pistons lead didn’t last long, and the Bobcats eventually won, 97-87. Detroit’s overall effort was better than it was when defending Jackson’s 3-pointer. But not nearly good enough.


  • Feb 3, 201112:08 am
    by Jacob


    I don’t know if it’s fair to blame him for this but Coach Q must be a master of amotivation. It was third quarters and now its fourth quarters, but something he does or says just seems to suddenly make the team quit. The last 3 games we’ve had sizable leads mid-third quarter, let the opponent back into it, still had a chance in the fourth, then gave it away. What happens to trigger this? We’re in the most forgiving playoff race ever and keep losing ground. Here we come lottery!

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  • Feb 3, 201111:04 am
    by Adam


    Can someone please tell Q and the boys that there are FOUR QUARTERS in a game!  I don’t understand how they think they can get away with only playing three…

  • Feb 3, 201112:23 pm
    by Laser


    interest really seems to be dwindling, doesn’t it?
    this game should have nicely illustrated the problem with chasing down one of those last two playoff spots. we’re still losing roughly 2/3 of our games. we’re still the seventh worst team in the league. when we made this latest lineup switch and actually started playing sensible basketball we were just 2.5 games out of the 8th seed, now we’re 4.5 games out. this is a losing battle. as long as we keep this up, we’re aspiring to be the seventh best team in the east for the foreseeable future and nothing more.
    how does it work that the 08 pistons weren’t “good enough” because it looked like they couldn’t make it past the celtics, but we’re content to creep forward with the current squad (that looks like it can’t make it past hardly anyone) that can only get better by incremental individual improvements, an apparently uphill battle to jell as a unit, and the addition of unspectacular draft picks. dumars can’t possibly be short-sighted enough to think one brutal playoff series is worth sacrificing ANYTHING that could help this team actually be good in the future, can he??
    this is a great time to overhaul this thing, roll over some assets, and take some serious steps in the right direction. why should anyone stand for more of the same??

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