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Rodney Stuckey passes less than any point guard except Brandon Jennings, Pistons plan to re-sign him anway

Basketball-Reference.com recently compiled data, broken down by position, of players who pass the least per touch. Not surprisingly to Pistons watchers, Rodney Stuckey was near the top of the list of black holes at point guard.

Stuckey passes on 59 percent of his possessions, just slightly better than Brandon Jennings at 58.9 percent.

Stuckey plays shooting guard now, and has for the last 20 games or so, and that may have impacted on his percentage, but probably not enough to drastically change it. If he were counted among shooting guards, he’d tied for 21st with Joe Johnson of Atlanta.

It’s interesting data that hopefully the Pistons consider, as they are apparently still trying to determine if he’s the long-term answer at shooting guard or point guard. In Joe Dumars’ interview with Keith Langlois, Dumars wouldn’t specify which position he thought Stuckey would play long-term. However, Dumars unequivocally said the Pistons plan to re-sign him:

KL: With Rodney, as I said, a restricted free agent at the end of the season. As we know, the history of restricted free agency is it’s been pretty restrictive. There hasn’t been a lot of movement there, but we don’t know what the new collective bargaining agreement will look like. The CBA aside, do you go into this off-season still intent of bringing Rodney back?

JD: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. There’s no question about that. Rodney is maybe 24 now and he’s a good, young player. We like him. He’ll be a part of our core going forward and we have every intention of re-signing him and going forward with him.


  • Feb 17, 20115:35 pm
    by jgk281


    Its pure insanity that Joe is guaranteeing Stuckey will be back. It sounds like Joe thinks he’s got a great team and the ball just didnt bounce their way this year. So he’s excited about bringing them all back for another go at it.

    Good thing Joe may not be back himself to see his plan through.

  • Feb 17, 20115:38 pm
    by ds


    I could be wrong, but I’d take JDs comments on resigning with a grain of salt. Doesn’t he pretty much have to say he wants all his players and plans to resign them? Otherwise he lowers their value, not to mention interest in the team.

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  • Feb 17, 20116:20 pm
    by Laser


    yes and no to the comments above.
    joe d is the worst interview subject in the history of time. he does seem to have an attitude like he wants everyone around. he loves the players, loves the team, they’re all perfect. but then, we’ve consistently lost 2/3 of our games for the last three seasons. team F*CKING SUCKS. but what’s he going to say? “i put together a rotten team?” so i don’t see the point in even interviewing him. i’d sooner chop off both his feet.

  • Feb 17, 20116:22 pm
    by Tim


    I’m cool with resigning Stuckey, but only if it is at a good rate. And from what has been seen of him thus far, I’d say that is maybe $5M/yr tops. Unfortunately, he will probably get at least 50% more than that. And in that case, he will become another millstone and add to the contracts that will be screwing over the Pistons for years.

  • Feb 17, 20119:41 pm
    by bg8


    why wouldn’t he resign stuckey. tmac probably not gonna be back unless the pistons get real hot the rest of the year, tmac wouldn’t wanna waste his time with a losing team. prince is gonna be gone, rip is somehow gonna be gone. so next year its probably gonna be stuckey at pg and bg at sg with daye at the 3.

    just don’t see them getting a pg in free agency/trade good enough to start, or letting a rookie pg start, especially with kuester being fired in the off season

    • Feb 17, 201110:20 pm
      by Laser


      if it’s stuckey at PG, gordon at SG and daye at SF, i can virtually guarantee another trip to the lottery and one less Laser giving a shit about this disaster anymore.

    • Feb 18, 20118:58 am
      by Tim


      “rip is somehow gonna be gone”
      don’t count on it. who’s gonna take him? especially given dumars tendency to overvalue all his own players. he probably still thinks that rip is at least as valuable as an expiring deal. and if he is gone, there will probably be a new bad contract on the books.

  • Feb 18, 20118:16 am
    by detroitpcb


    Stuckey is an extremely valuable player, despite not being a point guard. He will go to the line at least 7 times a game and probably shoot 90%. He is a good on ball defender. He can bring the ball up the floor against anyone. He is getting much better at posting up under control. He is a one man fast break if the defense has their heads turned. He has a decent mid-range shot. He seems to be getting better from 3-point range. He can take the ball to the hole with strength from the wing or from the top of the key as well as anyone in the league though he is not yet a great finisher.

    He is not a point guard. So if the Pistons let Tay go, lose T-Mac to another team, and draft a big as expected we have a huge problem. Because Will Bynum is not a point guard either.l

  • Feb 18, 201111:27 am
    by Steve K


    My problem with Stuckey is that he seems to have all those tangible skills that detroitpcb lists, especially the comment about getting better at posting up. The problem is the intangibles.
    Why does the team really suck with him as the focal point? He’s like the anti-Jason Kidd. Kidd posts pretty average stats, but somehow he does little things that help his team win. Stuckey does not make his teammates better, and, it could be argued, perhaps makes them worse (BG, Rip).
    I know I’m not stating anything mind-blowing here, but guards are much easier to find in this league than big men. Instead of locking up Stuckey, they should move to find someone cheaper who’s just as effective.

    • Feb 18, 201112:10 pm
      by Jason


      You make a great point.. It’s the little things that the box score won’t show, that Stuck seems to lack.. Maybe he can develop them with a few more years experience, but is it really worth the amount of money we’re going to have to throw at him to keep him around? I don’t think so..
      I think there are plenty of other options around the league at PG as well, but based on Dumars comments, im lead to believe he isn’t actively pursuing them, because he has s o much confidence in Fuckey.. (No typo – The “F” is intended)
      Two words – RAMON SESSIONS. Did anyone else see him manhandle the Lakers the other night? (Off the bench…) The Cavs have their starting PG, i think we need to throw whatever package entices Cleveland to get Sessions in a Pistons uniform, come next season.
      This is a guy that has been stuck on bad teams, that have had other PG’s on their rosters. If given a chance to be an every day starter, I TRULY believe he could be a top 5 PG in this league..

      • Feb 18, 201112:42 pm
        by Steve K


        Yes, Sessions is a good example. Sessions gets more boards, more assists, and shoots at a higher percentage (46% vs 42%).
        He’s under contract for $4.2M next season and $4.5M the season after that. Why should Stuckey be worth any more?

        • Feb 18, 20111:38 pm
          by Jason


          Exactly.. And not only that, but Sessions numbers would be even better if he were allowed to be an every day starter. In limited minutes (Aside from the recent time that Williams was injured) – he’s put up impressive numbers..
          And it’s not that I hate Fuckey – I just hate giving him a bigger contract, and I hate him as a Pistons starter. LOVE a Bynum/Stuckey second unit… Now lets just get us a starting PG.

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