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Richard Hamilton: ‘Why would I choose to become a (jerk) at age 33 years old?’

Terry Foster Foster of The Detroit News wasted no time getting comment from Richard Hamilton. In addition to confirming he’s completely healthy, Hamilton said:

"Here is what I will say to that," he said. "Why would I choose to become a (jerk) at age 33 years old? You do that when you are 22, 23 or 24 years old. But why am I going to become a disruption now in my career? That don’t make any sense."

That quote is a bit funny because Hamilton is 32 for 10 more days. How many people older than 21 say they’re older than they are?

Also, Terry, please read this.

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  • Feb 4, 201111:12 pm
    by Jason


    This is completely ridiculous.. It’s so frustrating to see how this is all evolving, and we wonder why Tay doesn’t listen to Kuester on the bench?? Come on now… This is just nonsense..

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