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Richard Hamilton taking a buyout to join the Celtics is realistic, says Marc Spears

Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports appeared on The Dale and Holley show on WEEI today, and he discussed the possibility of Richard Hamilton taking a buyout (hat tip: Brian Robb of Celtics Hub). The discussion turns to Hamilton at the 8:20 mark:

This is the one guy I think to keep an eye on obviously is Rip, Rip Hamilton. The Celtics definitely want him.

Is he going to get bought out? That situation, from everything I’m hearing in Detroit, they’ve got to find some kind of solution to that. I can’t see them keeping RIp. The problem is, his contract has another two years after this year. But it’s beyond fixing. The player* and Rip do not see eye-to-eye. It’s just gone too far.

I think the franchise knows that they have to move on, and there’s been talk about Rip being open to giving back some money, just so he can get out of there.

Maybe for him, if he can somehow get out of that situation, go to Boston, come off the bench, kind of revive his career, that might help his longevity in the league long term.

It’s certainly a financial hit.

*Pretty sure Spears meant “coach,” not “player.”


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  • Feb 22, 20114:44 pm
    by Brian P


    I don’t see a buyout happening, he simply is owed too much money for a team in the midst of franchise sale negotiations. Not to mention that he still has real basketball value to a team that uses him in a motion offense, as the Pistons successfully did for some years. The best chance for trading Rip will be in a package with Prince, and getting back less value than Prince and his expiring contract would otherwise bring.

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  • Feb 22, 20117:34 pm
    by Laser


    yeah. sounds awful to me. you signed the guy, he’s hardly any worse than your movable options, you move one of those options. or else you pay him to go away, after less than a year of the miserable extension you never should have signed him to in the first place. then followed that by adding another shooting guard to the two you had but were too stupid to realize it.
    this organization keeps following up bad decisions with more bad decisions, so maybe this happens. but the amount of money it would be sane to pay him is maybe a thousand dollars. tops.
    let’s assume you could buy him out. so you’re paying millions of dollars for the FABULOUS LUXURY of having the unspectacular duo of stuckey and gordon under contract. and you get minimal tax relief. gordon’s probably overpaid as it is, and stuckey’s about to be. so tack on a handful of extra million dollars so you can keep two average players who are hardly better than rip. insanity.

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