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Richard Hamilton rejected $16 million buyout offer from Cavaliers

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports:

Detroit Pistons guard Richard Hamilton sought a trade for months, and the Pistons were close to sending him to the Cavaliers on Thursday, league sources said. Hamilton, however, wouldn’t agree to surrender $9 million of the $25 million he could make over the next two seasons, scuttling a potential contract buyout and forcing the Pistons to keep him.

Teams can buy first-round picks for up to $3 million, and there are often teams willing to sell. Buy a couple late first-round picks for $6 million, and you can trade up.

That tells us the pick the Pistons offered Cleveland to take Hamilton wasn’t very protected. Or it tells us the Cavaliers don’t know what they’re doing. I guess we didn’t really learn anything about the pick’s protections.

At least, we now have a reference point for a Hamilton buyout – not matter how discouraging the situation seems.


  • Feb 26, 201111:46 am
    by Brett


    Who does Rip think he is at this point…the Yahoo article said that the Cavs wanted him to play at first, but he didn’t want to play for a last place team…He doesn’t want to sit here, doesn’t want to play there, doesn’t want to take less money so he can go where he wants, berates his coach in front of the whole team in practice, and by the way, when he was starting and playing consistent minutes this year, he wasn’t very good!  Part of me wishes they would just send him home and continue to pay him his money for 2 years (a la Jamal Tinsley with the Pacers), enjoy your life in obscurity Rip, you’ve put your NBA life in jeopardy with all these power moves…

  • Feb 26, 201111:49 am
    by swish22


    Obviously Joe Dumars needs to be removed.  HEs the one who gave Kuester this AWFUL lineup with no point guard and 5 shooting guards!  They also have  No bulk! No brains! and NO CHANCE to win consistently and add that to the lack of integrity from some of these stiffs its time to clean house in general!!! 
      HAve a great weekend pistons fans watching some high school and ncaa hoop where the passion to play is far greater than the Braindead boycott boys that adorn the Pistons colors these days!   PEace!

  • Feb 26, 201112:22 pm
    by Terrico


    I dont even consider this greed.  This is pure ill intent.  he could have made the difference in the buyout somewhere else while having freedom to play the sport he claims to love to play.  instead he’d rather hold team protests while doing absolutely nothing but hurt this organization.  I dont blame anyone but Joe at this point.  this news is very sickening.

  • Feb 26, 201112:40 pm
    by Trav


    Rip is just playing waiting game….. Waiting Coach Q to be fired, if not this year, then Q will not be extended in the off season.  I think Rip just doen’t want to move, he probably likes his house, lol.

  • Feb 26, 20115:46 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Anyone think Rip will have his number retired now? I hope all this mess doesn’t overshadow the Rodman retirement ceremony in April. Rip might want to sit there and watch it cause i don’t think he will be getting one.

  • Feb 26, 201111:17 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I wonder if there is a chance the cavs still do this deal once the season is over for both teams. I hope so cause it seems to be the only way the Rip situation is dealt with.

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