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Pistons try to avoid 0-3 start to homestand


Teams: Atlanta Hawks at Detroit Pistons

Date: Feb. 14, 2011

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Television: Fox Sports Detroit


Pistons: 20-35

Hawks: 33-20

Probable starters



  • Mike Bibby
  • Joe Johnson
  • Marvin Williams
  • Josh Smith
  • Al Horford

Las Vegas projection

Spread: Pistons +4.0

Over/under: 187.5

Score: Hawks win, 95.75-91.75

Three things to watch

1.  Another day, another tough big

The Pistons struggle to guard even semi-talented big men. And Al Horford is more than semi-talented. LaMarcus Aldridge killed the Pistons last night with mostly elbow jumpers. Horford’s modus operandi is in the low post, and that’s an even bigger problem for the Pistons. As good as Monroe has been, he often cedes position to stronger bigs. His backups, Chris Wilcox and Charlie Villanueva, aren’t much better in that respect, and Wallace simply won’t play enough minutes to have a chance at successfully limiting Horford’s impact for an entire game.

2. Success vs. the Hawks

Inexplicably, the Hawks are about the only good team the Pistons have consistently played tough over the last few years. Detroit has won 10 of 11 vs. Atlanta at the Palace. The Pistons played one of their best games of the season at home against Atlanta earlier this season, beating the Hawks by 23, although Atlanta played without Joe Johnson in that game.

3. Similar styles

Atlanta certainly has more talented personnel that they use better, but the Hawks are similar to the Pistons in that they don’t really have a point guard running their attack. Johnson leads the team in assists and runs much of the offense while Mike Bibby is more of a spot-up shooter. If the Pistons can force Johnson into an inefficient game, they’ll have a chance to mitigate their likely disadvantage against the Horford/Smith frontline.

Pregame Reading


  • Feb 14, 20118:33 pm
    by detroitpcb


    what is wrong with Will Bynum? He comes in and plays great. Either he, or Q, understood that he can get in the lane at will tonight against Bibby, that Atlanta is an athletic team that helps at the hole so that your outside shooters will be open if you penetrate and kick. And they were. And they were hitting everything. And then Will has to go and look for his own shot and start turning the ball over. Is his ego so attached to scoring that he has to go away from what is working to get his own? I mean, when something works and your guys are hot, GET THEM THE BLEEPING BALL!

    • Feb 14, 20118:57 pm
      by d4ncingp3nguin


      Having played 7 minutes so far, Will Bynum is 0-1 with 5 assists and 1 turnover.
      So… he looked for his own shot once, and turned the ball over once.

  • Feb 14, 20118:44 pm
    by bg8


    see, thats my problem with bynum. he has the ability to penetrate and get his teammate open shots, but then he decide that he’s the superstar, the best offensive threat on the team and decide to take over offensively.

    also, how does bg only get 7 min in a half, but i sort know the answer to that since kuester’s an idiot and don’t know how to manage player minutes. its not really that hard, you know you want to bring your starter back in around the 4-5min mark of the second, then just take them out earlier in the first. there really is no reason to have prince, tmac, and stuckey to play the entire 1st quarter when you could easily substitute one of them for bg and your production won’t drop much

    and i could get into the statement that kuester wants bg to shoot more, but ill save that for another time, maybe the post game post, incase people no read this comment

  • Feb 14, 20118:53 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Wow. You guys are gonna make me lose my mind. You realize Bynum shot one time in the first half, right? You also realize that he has 5 assists and 1 turnover, right? You looked at those things before you typed, right?

    • Feb 14, 20119:02 pm
      by bg8


      yeah, but that occured on back to back possession. it wouldn’t have been so bad if it was spread apart but on back to back possession, thats why it makes him look bad

      • Feb 14, 20119:05 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        Well, when he has five assists on his other possessions, it doesn’t make him look bad at all.

        Seriously, I don’t get the Bynum hate around here. He’s a very good backup point. He’s instant offense, he moves the ball and he’s fun to watch. That’s about all you can ask for in a backup guard.

        • Feb 15, 201112:43 am
          by Jason


          I’m totally with you there.. Don’t blame Bynum for obvious frustration towards Kuester’s ineptitude.

  • Feb 14, 20119:11 pm
    by bg8


    bynum is a good backup point guard, if he don’t shoot.  i wouldn’t have a problem with him as long as he don’t shoot. it just feels like a wasted possession whenever he decide to shoot 

    • Feb 14, 20119:34 pm
      by d4ncingp3nguin


      He still shoots a higher percentage than Tracy McGrady, BG, Charlie V, Stucky, Rip, and Austin Daye.
      Is it also a wasted possession any time any of them shoots?

      • Feb 14, 20119:43 pm
        by bg8


        no, when bg, cv, tmac, stuckey, rip, daye shoot the ball its not a wasted possession. you’re probably wondering why, ill tell you why, when they shoot the ball, it feels like its going in no matter what, when bynum shoot, you know its not going in at all

        • Feb 14, 20119:46 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          I could care less that you “feel” like it’s going in. What do the numbers say? They say that the ball goes in a hell of a lot more when Bynum shoots it than when those other players do.

          • Feb 14, 20119:59 pm
            by bg8

            yeah i figure you would care less about how i feel about shots going in. but when the difference is only like 2-4%, its not all that much. and add in that the other players take and make more 3 pointer and have a better 3pt%(maybe except stuckey), its just so much more efficent and less wasteful of a possession if the other shoot than having bynum shoot.

            but won’t blame this loss on bynum, its all kuester fault. every single loss from now on will be kuester’s fault for either playing bg too little, or playing bynum too much or just flat out disrespecting his players

  • Feb 14, 20119:37 pm
    by kent


    With just under 9 minutes in the 4th quarter, the broadcast came back from commercial, and you could see Kuester drawing up a play with the Pistons players looking everywhere but Kuester’s greaseboard.  Eli Zaret must not have noticed that he was live, because you could hear him say, “Is anybody paying attention?  Nobody’s looking at him!”  Eli was bailed out by Chris Wilcox coming into the picture and pointing at the play Kuester had drawn.  Eli began his remarks intended for broadcast by saying, “Here, we see Chris Wilcox discussing a play Kuester has designed,” or something like that.  This tells me that it’s clear that Kuester has lost most of the Pistons players; the broadcasters realize this, and they seem pretty appalled.

  • Feb 14, 20119:48 pm
    by bg8


    i heard that comment by the dude too. but who could blame the players when your coach’s an idiot. bg playing well but only get 7min in the 1st half. coach blantantly disrespecting bg by playing him 7min when he’s playing well, and treating him like he’s a no name rookie.

    bg should just pull a rip hamilton already and fake an injury. why even bother playing anymore for the coach. its time to force dumar hand and demand a trade or force kuester firing

    • Feb 14, 20119:51 pm
      by d4ncingp3nguin


      BG and Bynum both shot 2 for 7, while Bynum also tacked on 7 assists.  It’s getting really hard to not insult your intelligence.

      • Feb 14, 201110:04 pm
        by bg8


        yeah, gordon shot 2 for 7 for the game. but he was 2 for 3 when he was taken out prematurely in the 2nd quarter. that just flat out mess up his psyche, then kuester messing with bg again by bringing him off the bench last (along with his buddy cv) and not until the start of the 4th. and thats why bg ended up 2 for 7

        and honestly, wouldn’t really care if you wanna insult my intelligence or not. since it really doesn’t matter

  • Feb 14, 201110:20 pm
    by Jacob


    I’m so sick of losses like this. I can stand the Portland loss because we competed the entire game against a good team and had one bad minute – it just happened to be the final minute of the game. But a game like this – to be up 15 in the second quarter and then lose by 15 is inexcusable. What happens that suddenly makes the players check out? Are the coaches just terrible motivators? I know we have fundamental weaknesses all over the place, but at some point it comes down to keeping the players’ heads in the game. That aside, we can’t guard anybody’s power forwards. Any team that has a decent PF torches us. I know Josh Smith didn’t start the game at PF because they went big but he played there most of the game. Our frontcourt defense is atrocious. I’m tired of Ben Gordon too. Has anybody noticed that with Rip out of the picture he hasn’t gotten any better? When he occasionally does have a good we usually lose it. I hope Joe is shopping him but I’m afraid that even if he is, he has a difficult contract to move. Another bad Pistons contract – story of the state of the team right now. Just a frustrating stretch of games – all at home no less, which should have given us a chance. If we were going to make a playoff push now was the time to do it – on a home stand. I’m afraid we’re bound for the lottery once again.

    • Feb 14, 201110:32 pm
      by bg8


      i don’t really think its bg fault for not improving since rip was remove from the rotation. he didn’t gain anything from the rip removal because he still end up sharing his minute with either stuckey, tmac, bynum so in the end, his minute remained the same.

      but i do agree with you that bg should be traded. its time to free gordon from this hell hole.

  • Feb 14, 201110:27 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Just thought I’d throw this out. Fill in the blank: the Piston with the highest assist percentage on the team is ……..

    Wait for it ….


    Will Bynum

    • Feb 14, 201110:37 pm
      by bg8


      yeah we all know bynum is probably the best playmaker on this team, it just that he rather be the superstar, instead of fulfilling a role on this team as the distributor

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