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Pistons cancelled previously planned boycott after being told John Kuester would be fired during All-Star break

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Sources say Pistons vets tried to organize teamwide boycott of shootaround before Detroit’s last game prior to All-Star break vs. Indy

That walkout was called off, sources say, when word reached some of those vets that Kuester would be ousted during All-Star Weekend

That walkout was called off, sources say, when word reached some of those vets that Kuester would be ousted during All-Star Weekend

That wasn’t the only time the Pistons attempted to show their displeasure with John Kuester. Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

Another source, while claiming no direct knowledge of Friday’s issues, said the team did stage a protest in the locker room after a loss before the All-Star break. That person said players walked into the shower area while Kuester was giving his postgame talk. It was not clear how many players took part in that protest.

The Pistons won that game, so he’s obviously talking about  a different game than Stein is.


  • Feb 26, 201111:07 am
    by Tony


    I think Joe Dumars’ rep as a top tier GM has been greatly overestimated.  Just how many bad coaching hires in a row is this now?  Signing Gordon and Charlie V., trading Billups, a .250 batting avg in draft picks with NO home runs, and only one championship with a team clearly good enough to have won 4 or 5 with the right coaching hires.  Even John Wall hates playing for Flip Saunders calling him a coward and that’s exactly what he was in Detrooit.  It almost seems like Joe’s deliberately tearing this team apart, I almost wish it so because that would at least explaining what he IS doing! 

    • Feb 26, 201111:09 am
      by Tony


      Late night and an early morning!

    • Feb 26, 20112:46 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Tony, two, two bad hires in a row. Curry was awful. But whom should Dumars have hired instead of Kuester? Pistons couldn’t offer top dollar, so his options were limited.

      And where did John Wall ever say he hated Flip?

    • Feb 27, 20118:22 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, John Wall recently insinuated his teammates don’t play hard, but everything I’ve read about the Wiz this season seems like Wall and Flip have a pretty good relationship.

  • Feb 26, 201111:18 am
    by GMAN


    the last time i will watch and nba game the detroit bitch owner is a scam greedy WOMEN that  had a buyer in mike ilitch and the detroit pistons will never be the same with the team and management they got love joe dumars and my detroit teams but this was the worst  season ever GO WINGS GO TIGERS GO LIONS FUCK THE DETROIT PISTONS

    • Feb 27, 20118:23 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      A buyer in Mike Ilitch who wasn’t acting out of greed at all when he made a low-ball offer on the team to simply use them as leverage to get another taxpayer funded stadium built in Detroit. Come one … it’s fine to think Davidson is asking too much for the team, but to think Ilitch wasn’t simply trying to get himself a sweet deal is ridiculous.

  • Feb 26, 201111:51 am
    by bball4224


    We better not resign any of these players. I don’t understand why T-Mac and Big Ben got involved…
    Ben said he liked Kuester. He always said he wanted to be known for going to work everynight, well u blew that.

  • Feb 26, 20112:47 pm
    by Eric


    This season is becoming more embarassing as every second passes.  I don’t want to see any of these guys back, listen to the coach and do what he says.  Don’t resign Mcgrady, Stuckey, Tay, buyout Wallace, Daye trade him, Wilcox don’t resign him, Hamilton is still the largest problem, maybe buy him out.  The NBA is terrible, players are forcing there way to other teams and forcing coaches out.  Laughing at their coach was the final tipping point, show respect, your professionals act like it.

    Bynum, Gordon, Villanueva, Summers, Monroe, Maxiel, thank you for being professionals and realizing you are getting paid to do a job.

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