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Pistons aren’t trading Tayshaun Prince

Marc Stein:

Latest DET rumble: Pistons still tryin to move Rip w/no success but also putting out word they don’t want to deal Prince by Feb. 24 deadline


  • They Pistons plan to re-sign Tayshaun Prince this summer.
  • The Pistons want to keep Prince for their playoff push this year.
  • The Pistons believe they can get more value in a sign-and-trade of Prince.
  • The Pistons are prevented from trading Prince due to their ownership situation.
  • This is a bluff.


  • Feb 2, 201112:05 pm
    by Odeh


    This is a bluff and is being used because if we let teams know we expect to trade Prince, then they will ask for him before we can push Rip on them.

  • Feb 2, 201112:25 pm
    by Laser


    the wording is that they don’t want to trade prince. just like they DO want to trade rip. we don’t always get what they want. in the pistons’ perfect world, they trade rip for an expiring contract, then let prince walk away in the summer and use the remaining cap space to sign someone like randolph.
    as for your bullet points… the maybes: maybe they want to re-sign prince. they’re probably stupid enough to do this. dumars seems to put himself ahead of his responsibilities regularly, and he would probably go to work every day in an environment where prince is around (and who wouldn’t?) even if the team would be ten times better with whatever we could get from trading him. also, maybe it’s a bluff. the guy is having the best year of his career and should be one of the most valuable trade assets in the league right now. maybe they are prevented from trading prince because ownership has ZERO basketball knowledge, EVEN LESS interest in the future of the team, and just plain wants money off the books, even to the detriment of the team. the yes: they want to keep him for a playoff push. this much is for sure. we’re not going to get a better player for him immediately, but they could get nice pieces for the future… when we can actually use them. but, again, this is a case of what we “want” versus what we actually do. the no way jose: nobody with a brain in his/her head thinks tayshaun fetches more in an off-season sign-and-trade. he’s worth almost nothing in such a trade compared to his current value. almost nothing. not even close. no sense even mentioning it.
    we’ll see what they end up doing if rip can’t be traded. i don’t doubt joe’s hands are tied right now and that he cannot make the moves he’d like to make. but it’s his bone-headed moves that put us in a position where we are unable to improve our roster. no team should have rosters that are entirely imbalanced and incompatible or be absolutely stuck with every contract they want to move. so he doesn’t get a free pass from me, and i hope he isn’t let off the hook for this disaster.
    here’s a thought: how many teams in the league have two (2) “top shelf” shooting guards? the only other team with a pair of them is atlanta with johnson and crawford, but crawford is expiring this year and i don’t think there’s a chance in hell he gets extended. plus it’s not like the hawks are hurting at other positions because they concentrated all their assets on the perimeter. plus, these guys are quite a bit better than our shooting guards and more capable of playing multiple positions. plus, we’ve got three (3) of these guys. all pretty mediocre, all paid (or about to be paid) like top guards.
    if we can’t trade rip, we absolutely mus get creative. we can’t continue on like this, with our highest paid player collecting dust, and hope to improve incrementally through the draft before trading rip’s (eventually) expiring contract and finally being able to move forward. neither stuckey nor gordon is worth this. i’d trade both of them without batting an eye and taking a chance that quality shooting guards are a dime a dozen compared to every other position.

    • Feb 3, 20119:25 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Laser, if the Pistons don’t want to trade Prince, they won’t nobody will make them do it.

  • Feb 2, 20112:44 pm
    by Alan


    Under normal circumstances, a trade asset like Tayshaun Prince would best be suited to trade for a player under contract that might not wish to sign as a FA with the Pistons (e.g. Andre Iguodola).  Since ownership refuses to take-on salary AND because we can’t trade Rip Hamilton for an expiring contract the best course is probably to let Tayshaun Prince’s contract expire.  WE NEED CAP SPACE

    Yes.  This will completely doom our off-season and ensure that next season looks very much like this one.  It won’t truly give us cap space until the following off-season.  Though, it also will give us room to address some of our current players like Stuckey & McGrady.  If we’re stuck with Rip Hamilton, he’ll be more tradeable this time next season. 

    In a perfect world we don’t have Rip Hamilton.  In a reasonable world, we trade Rip for an expiring contract then, we can trade Prince for value.  Sorry, I just don’t see the value in trading Prince for a hot dog bun a bag of chips.

    • Feb 3, 20119:27 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Alan, if that’s the Pistons intended course, why not trade Prince for another player with an expiring contract who isn’t as good and ask for a young player or draft pick in addition? I can’t imagine the Mavericks would turn down Prince for Caron Butler and a first-round pick.

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