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Once upon a time, Richard Hamilton said Joe Dumars would get rid of any player who didn’t want to play for the Pistons

We’re just three hours from the trade deadline, but don’t give up hope of the Pistons making a trade. Just ask Richard Hamilton how confident he is in Joe Dumars:

“If you don’t want to be here, he’ll get you out of here,” laughed Hamilton.

Yeah, OK, Hamilton said that three years ago in a Dan Wetzel column about Dumars’ savvy. I don’t think Hamilton could have predicted Dumars would sign an aging guard to a $37.5 million extension only to see that player have his production fall and clash with his coach.

Maybe we overstated Dumars’ ability as general manager when he was at his peak. If he somehow trades Hamilton today, maybe we didn’t.

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  • Feb 24, 20111:39 pm
    by xyu022


    I never would have dreamed the pistons would not make a move for this deadline.  When is Joe D going to realize this team is NOT going to mesh well together & definitely NOT going to make a playoff push.  They just stood there & watched Rush dunk it down in the critical seconds.  They better not resign Prince or Stuckey but rather sign & trade them to gain assets.  Unlike what the Cavs & Raptors did.  & Tmac is NOT going to resign.  Man, I wish this team was sold already.  Here’s the future??…
    PG: draft pick/free agent | will bynum | t white
    SG: ben gordon | rip hamilton 
    SF: j jerebko | austin daye
    PF: g monroe | charlie V | maxiell
    C: b wallace | draft pick/free agent
    No playoffs for 2012 too? yep.  & who’s going to want to come here via free agency?  Nobody good or worth signing long term.

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