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Not everyone is tuning out John Kuester

A general theory floating around in Pistons world is that the players don’t particularly care for coach John Kuester. Based on some public arguments over the course of the season, it’s easy to see why. But not everyone on the team necessarily is at odds with the head coach.

From Terry Foster of the Detroit News:

On Wednesday, Wallace said Kuester still has his support as a coach and friend.

“Yeah, yeah,” Wallace said. “He is a good guy. When my basketball career is over he is still a guy I will pick up the phone and call.”

Now, certainly fellow veterans Rp Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince probably feel differently about the coach. But I found Wallace’s comments interesting because I think most people assume, since they’ve been teammates so long, Wallace was more aligned with Hamilton and Prince in the locker room than with Kuester. Wallace also is in a little different situation though. He’s a player the team clearly wants back around the young players for the final year of his contract (and likely his last year in the NBA). Prince and Hamilton, meanwhile, have NBA futures that are very much up in the air. Both will likely play somewhere next year, but it’s been clear for a while that both are most likely just running out the clock in their Detroit careers.


  • Feb 17, 201111:46 am
    by Steve K


    I know I’m in the minority here, but I wouldn’t mind having Prince return next season. He’s shown strong character this season, playing hard despite no hope for the future.
    He’s a smart player who’s shown a willingness to lead. Isn’t that the type of player they want to build around? If he’s traded, is there any chance they’d get anything close to equal value in return? I sincerely doubt it.
    I’d be much more in favor of trading Stuckey.

    • Feb 17, 20112:03 pm
      by Tim


      I wouldn’t mind having Prince back either. But it would have to be on a favorable contract (maybe $7M/year). Otherwise he just becomes another big contract clogging the rotation. I agree wholeheartedly with Dumars’ principle of accumulating assets. But on a bad contract, a player is a negative asset. On a good contract (mostly superstars and rookie scales, but occasional smart deals like Sefolosha or the 04 Pistons’ Billups and Wallace), they are postive assets. The fact of the matter is that the Pistons have a ton of decent players on cheap deals. If it wasn’t for all their horrible contracts clogging the books, they could go after a couple max deal or near max deal players and build a heck of a team. But Prince, Hamilton, Maxiell, Gordon, Villanueva, and Wilcox prevented that last year. And all of those except Wilcox and Prince will again this summer. Although, maybe Wilcox shouldn’t be included in that list because if they didn’t have Maxiell and Villanueva, his contract would not have seemed clogging.

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