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Mavericks still want to trade for Tayshaun Prince, but Pistons have rejected all offers

Marc Stein of ESPN said the Mavericks will continue to pursue Tayshaun Prince until the trade deadline:

The Pistons, though, have rebuffed every trade inquiry from Dallas — and every other team — for Prince. You can’t outright dismiss a last-minute change of heart with anyone this week after Utah stunned the league by dealing Deron Williams on Wednesday morning, but Prince himself sounds as pessimistic as anyone that the up-for-sale Pistons would suddenly consent to move him on deadline day when they’ve held out this long.


  • Feb 24, 20112:08 am
    by jgk281


    I am completely disgusted by this report, if no deal ends up happening. WTF did Joe waste our 15th overall pick on Austin Daye if he planned on keeping Tayshaun?

    Tay is still productive, I’m not disagreeing with Joe on that, but he cant afford him, and he doesnt even need him. You cant pay a SF the money Tay is going to command when you’ve got a huge hole at PF and PG, and you’ve got a young SF that can be just as productive on a rookie contract.

    I’m mean lets get real, Tay is avg 14 pts and 4 rebs. Its not like he’s an all-star. Daye can easily get you that for a fraction of the cost AND then you have money to spend on a big man.

    I’m all for not trading Tay if they are going to let him expire and use the money on someone else, but if Dallas is willing to offer Butler and a draft pick, what fool would turn that down?

    You get the same cap space AND a draft pick. So if he turns that down to re-sign to Tay, not only is he now forfeiting any chance of signing a big man and wasting the Daye pick, but now its costing another potential as well jus to kep 31 yr old role player Prince,who average 14 pts and 4 rebs.


    • Feb 24, 20119:09 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      “I’m all for not trading Tay if they are going to let him expire and use the money on someone else”

      The problem with that strategy is that with raises and extensions, as well as the possibility the salary cap could go down, Prince’s money expiring doesn’t give them much of anything to spend in free agency. Unless Dumars has a deal to move Hamilton for an expiring contract, the Pistons won’t be able to improve through free agency.

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  • Feb 24, 20113:49 am
    by Tom Y.


    Utter and complete buffoonery.

  • Feb 24, 20113:59 am
    by Trav


    Maybe the mavs will be willing to take Charlie V with tayshaun.
    I just did a trade machine and this was successful.
    Stevenson and Butler for Tayshaun and Charlie V.
    Stevenson also has a expiring contract.  If Joe D can convince Dallas to do it, that would be sweet.  Charlie V is just dead space at this point, don’t need him at all.  maybe get a draft pick as well.  I’m willing to bet that Cuban would do the trade, because he’s a awesome owner and wouldn’t mind one bit to go over the cap and have Charlie V back up Dirk.
    Do it JOE.

    • Feb 24, 20119:11 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Why would Dallas want an expensive player in Villanueva who right now isn’t even a key part of the rotation on a lousy team in Detroit?

      Rick Carlisle is a defense-first coach. Villanueva would not be a fit at all in Dallas.

      • Feb 24, 201110:58 am
        by Trav


        Umm, I’m not saying that they would want Charlie V.  I’m saying they might take him, if they want Prince bad enough.  They are in a Win-Now mode.   All their key players are on the down side of their careers or getting close to it.  Kidd, Dirk, Terry, and maybe Tyson Chandler.  And since they seem desperate to make a trade, why do you think it’s so crazy that they would be willing to take on charlie V and his contract, if that means they can get Prince? who they seem to covet for some reason.  It’s not like it is Rip’s contract, and Charlie V is relatively young.  Think McFly, Think!

        • Feb 24, 201111:33 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          They covet Prince because he’s not a long term salary commitment. The other player they are pursuing is JR Smith, also an expiring contract.

          They covet Prince precisely because he’s a short-term rental. Taking V to get Prince defeats the purpose. Is having Tayshaun Prince for half a season really worth paying Villanueva $24 million over the next three years to be terrible?

          • Feb 24, 201112:21 pm
            by Trav

            More than likely they might try and resign prince.  Because, If they let all their free agents go: stevenson, tyson chandler, jj barea, (and prince if they get him, without cv) they will still be over the cap.  They probably will try to resign Tyson (who is playing amazingly) as well.
            Dallas has been know to be trying to trade for Prince for years now, so I don’t think they see him just as a rental, but as a piece of the championship puzzle.
            I know it wouldn’t be ideal at all for the Mavs, but if I were Joe D, I’d try and press them to take him. But they are already kind of screwed long term anyways, they got Marion and Haywood locked up for long team deals, longer than ‘Charlie -no D’

          • Feb 24, 20111:22 pm
            by Tim

            yeah but they may be convinced to take maxiell along with prince. then its just one extra year at $5M

  • Feb 24, 20115:46 am
    by Vince


    If someone isn’t dealt by tomorrow, ownership or not, I think Joe D should leave, his blind faith in Rip and Tay are destroying whats left of the shambles that is this team. If they keep Tay, then its simple, don’t resign him, and don’t resign Summers or Stuckey, I’d consider Wilcox, re-sign McGrady, and package Rip-Max-and CV for a GOOD big, someone like Millsap or Thompson for example, and select a point and a project big from the draft. Any sane GM would do that, any sane GM would see that this team needs serious help.

    • Feb 24, 201110:34 am
      by Jason


      Blind faith in Rip? Are you talking 3 years ago? Because i think it’s safe to say Dumars has NO hope in RIP, who no longer plays basketball..
      Dumars is HOPING he can move RIP, but it seems that no one wants him, BECAUSE of the insane contract Joe gave him..
      I love what T-Mac has brought this year, but lets face it – he is NOT a long term option. You can already see his skills decrease as he plays extended minutes. He even plays somewhat poorly on back to back nights.. NOW, all of that is meaningless when you are playign the guy the VETS minimum.
      But resigning him will surely NOT be on a bargain contract, so i say no dice.. I think its doubtful that T-Mac wants to come back anyways.. We are in shambles, losing record, can’t sell the team, 2 of our 4 highest paid players rot the bench, our best player (Monroe) can’t get enough time, our coach needs to go, our GM needs to go.. Its not going to all magically change over the summer, so you better believe Tay and T-Mac are running as fast as possible.. I wouldn’t be surprised if they signed contracts for LESS money, elsewhere then what Dumars might try to offer..
      I do like your Millsap idea though.. I’m desperately waiting to hear something today.. I know we won’t, but Utah is said to be shopping Kirilenko and Millsap. Would they want Tay or preferrably Rip? I sure hope so.. Id say aside from Monroe and Jerebko, give them any package they want to get Rip’s contract out of here..
      Millsap would be amazing, Kirilenko’s expiring would be pretty sweet too..

  • Feb 24, 20118:43 am
    by Steve K


    I wonder what move haunts Dumars more…
    - Turning down a Prince/Stuckey/Hamilton deal for Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen
    - The Darko pick

    • Feb 24, 201110:44 am
      by Jason


      The Darco pick was not something that Dumars could pass on, Steve. If you have read comments from just about every GM in the league, they too say they would have drafted Darco at the #2 spot.
      Not trying to come to Dumars defense, because he deserves plenty of critiizm. But, he had no control over the Darco situation. Go back and read scouting reports, or any articles abou tthat draft year.. EVERYONE was saying Darco had the ability to be the next Dirk, with better defense.. He was “supposedly” able to pass, shoot, dribble, block, steal, run, jump, dance?, rebound, etc. He was slated as an all around player, who keep in mind was 7′ tall at 18 years old, when we drafted him..
      It seemed at the time that ALL he had was upside, and again any GM would have taken him at the #2 spot, had they been given the opportunity.
      Nonetheless, it probably still pisses him off, but it’s not something I hold against him, because it was the consensus in the league that Darco was the 2nd best player in the draft.. (Some GM’s were even saying he was the #1, as crazy as that sounds…)
      If you want to throw in a real example, look just a couple seasons back -w hen Joe decided to mortgage off the Pistons to Ben Gordon and Charlie VIllanueva. THAT has been his biggest mistake of his tenure in Detroit, and will be until he makes a move to balance out this roster.. I liked the Villanueva trade when it happened, but Gordon made absolutely no sense.. I even lived in Chicago while it went down, and also really liked Gordon.. BUT, would never have justified that insane contract for a career 6th man (Unless he is Manu Ginobli in his prime), ESPECIALLY not when your highest paid player already plays the same position..

  • Feb 24, 20118:57 am
    by Matt


    I guess the merits of the trade depend on what we’d be getting in return. But at this point, despite how well Prince is playing and the great guy he’s been in the past, I’d take a bag of beef jerky for him. That’s more than we’ll get when he finds a new team in free agency and could be addition by subtraction.

    • Feb 24, 201110:48 am
      by Jason


      It at least better be some Jack’s links.. Hahaha.. That shit is expensive!!!

  • Feb 24, 201110:42 am
    by joe


    if joe d doesnt make any moves before the deadline its time for him to be fired. tay can be traded for butlers expiring contract and a draft pick. portland is looking for a scoring big man so maybe charlie v could be sent there for pryzbillas expiring contract. i wish there was a solution for rip but its not looking good. hopefully the summer will provide an opportunity to resolve this issue but not likely with the lockout coming. looking tough for the pistons right now.

  • Feb 24, 201111:32 am
    by BIG MARV


    If Dallas has some expiring contracts then do it. But besides that you midas well let the guy ride out the rest of the season joe aint doing a damn thing but eating lobster and steak and getting fat he will be fired at the end of the season.

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