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Joe Dumars would like to re-sign Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady has become a polarizing figure as the trade deadline looms. I think most Pistons fans unequivocally agree he’s been one of the few positive developments this season for the Pistons. But he’s also older, a free agent, has an injury history and plays the same natural position as guys already locked in long-term. McGrady will most certainly want a multi-year deal. So would the Pistons be better served brining him back with a raise, or should they try and deal him for an asset before the trade deadline?

Per Keith Langlois, Joe Dumars seems to prefer the former approach:

Tracy has been extremely good for us here. And we would like to go forward with him. We really like his play on the floor. But also, just as importantly, we like the person that he is. We like the leadership that he brings. We like the veteran, professional approach that he brings. We like all of those things about Tracy. We would like to go forward with him.

Dumars also said that if they did re-sign him, it’s too early to say what position they would favor him playing, point guard or wing.


  • Feb 17, 20113:56 pm
    by Anthony


    I like Mcgrady! I hope the do resign him at a resonable price though, but I think he’ll get offers from other teams that might entice him more… He played good this year and would be a great asset to a team who needs a 6th man coming off the bench and getting 20 or so minutes. I have no idea what to expect from the pistons next year because they’re going to lose Prince, McGrady, Wallace, and hamilton possibly with a new owner that listens to Dumars and buys out his contract… I dont see next years team winning many games at all like Cleveland this year.

  • Feb 17, 20115:02 pm
    by Laser


    one thing about t-mac that seems to be a big deal is the intangibles he brings, like his attitude, leadership, ability to accept his role. this is a good thing for the team right now, but it could be deceptive. the fact that he’s griping about being here, having to carry a shit team, etc. is a good thing in the short term, but it also means he’s content to put on a smile and look good and be a consummate pro… which means we may have no idea what his intentions are this summer.
    this is an easy call for me. i don’t even know if it’s in the best interest of this team to have him back. even if we decided it was, there are issues like his injury history and ability to stay healthy, his age, his contract desires… and the fact that he may not even want to be here. a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. this guy probably gets you a nice young piece, perhaps a legitimate building block.
    so maybe he walks, and this was all just a waste of time. or maybe this “low risk, high reward” acquisition ends up leading to a BIG risk, like a three year midlevel exception deal or something like it and more injuries. remember the days when joe dumars was still smart?

    • Feb 18, 201112:26 pm
      by Jason


      Agree 100% here, Laser. While I love what T-Mac has brought to this team THIS year, i don’t believe we should spend the money it would take to keep him long term.
      He is going to ask for at least a MLE, probably 2-3 year deal. He has been such a good “All around” player, intangibles, etc. because he HAS to. That doesn’t mean he won’t continue to do so, but the fact is – he’s a former superstar who found himself faced with multiple teams that DIDN’T WANT HIM before the season started. He realized he HAD to repair his image..
      Now, could he play like this for the next few years.. Sure, but as Laser pointed out, we could be focusing this money on someone who we can continue to build a future with. I just think there is too much risk to throw big money at T-Mac this offseason. He wasa  GREAT SIGNING, at the VET’S Minimum – but anything more then that is going to be a huge risk, especially for a rebuilding team..
      All that aside, I really don’t believe T-Mac will want anything to do with this team next year. Not out of disrespect, but simply because he WILL get some sort of offer from a contender – and it will be hard for him to say no.. I just don’t see it happening..
      Focus on a true PG (Ramon Sessions) – and focus on landing a young Big in the draft.. This will be a much smarter use of funds going forward.
      To be clear, I have all the respect in the world for what T-Mac has done for us this year. I just don’t want to see us stuck with him, long term..

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