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Joe Dumars to Austin Daye: "There’s a possibility you could start next year"

Round two of Keith Langlois’ interview with Joe Dumars is posted, and much of it is focused on the young players. With Tayshaun Prince hitting free agency and possibly seeking a new team, a logical choice to succeed him as the starting SF would be Austin Daye. Dumars discussed what it would take for Daye to be viewed as a starter next season:

KL: If off-season moves leave open the possibility of Austin as a starter next year, is that something you feel he’s ready to assume?

JD: I always say about a young kid starting, the opportunity can be there, but it’s always up to the young guy to embrace it and make it a reality. So if it’s there for him, it always comes back to the young player. What are you doing to prepare yourself over the summer? Are you getting stronger? Are you getting bigger? And are you ready to step into that position for 82 games, night after night, to step into that position and play. It always falls back on the player and what are you doing to prepare yourself. That’s a conversation that, of course, we will have with him. There’s a possibility you could start next year, so get your body ready for that.

There’s probably all kinds of opinions on statements like this by Dumars, but this is something I’ve alwasy been OK with. Fans tend to want to see young players play more. Dumars’ philosophy has always seemed to be to make them earn every minute they get on the floor. It certainly has caused the team to miss on some guys, particularly Arron Afflalo and Carlos Delfino, who could be contributors right now, but the principle is not a bad one.


  • Feb 17, 20115:07 pm
    by Laser


    it’s a bad practice when you refuse to give guys a chance just because of their ages. and when it’s completely arbitrary who you FORCE to earn every last minute and who you HAND MINUTES TO based on no particular accomplishments. stuckey still hasn’t done a thing in his career here to warrant 1/10 of the commitment joe made to him with less than a full season under his belt.
    also, if daye was even considered a candidate to start at PF this season (let alone get first crack at it), obviously he’s qualified to be our starting SF. ideally jonas will come off the bench behind daye and a legitimate starting PF.

    • Feb 17, 20117:42 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Like I said in the post, I support the theory of making players earn their way into the lineup. I fully realize the theory hasn’t been the practice over the years, with Stuckey as the most glaring example.

    • Feb 17, 20118:26 pm
      by gmehl1977


      Joe has obviously given Stuckey special treatment because he was all he had to show for the bungled Darko pick. I suppose you can call Stuckey the Darko redemption plan and Joe has been giving it every opportunity to work so we can all excuse him for not selecting 5-10 better players from that draft. The draft is always hard to get right so i don’t want get down on Joe for taking Darko. There is always one team that is made to look like fools for not selecting a player they could have whether it be Portland not taking Jordan or us not taking Melo, Bosh, Wade or even Golden State not taking Monroe.
      As for Daye starting next season i would be happy to see that happen but the kid MUST put on some size. I follow Daye on twitter and he is always tweeting about eating food some place or just finishing a workout so you know the kid is trying. I just want to see him hit Tayshaun’s body weight and i will be happy.

  • Feb 18, 20118:26 am
    by detroitpcb


    i am probably the biggest Austin Daye fan on this site but i caution you that the kid needs to develop a go to move off the dribble before he is ready to be a starter. he can obviously hit the long ball and will be one of the best in the league for many years. he has a great one dribble pull up off the three fake. He can take the ball to the hole with good body control but lacks the strength to finish. He is improving as a defender but still has major problems getting around screens. He is a good rebounder. He is a good passer (with real solid fundementals unlike Ben Gordon who is the worst passer i have ever seen). He sees the floor well and has a high basketball IQ. But he needs to develop a move he can rely on, the way Tay can rely on his little jump hook in the lane.

  • May 10, 20138:31 pm
    by teapigs


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