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Joe Dumars talks Dennis Rodman

Now, Joe Dumars takes some ribbing for his legendary close-to-the-vest interviews with Keith Langlois of Pistons.com, where he rarely reveals much about his plans when it comes to the team.

But when Langlois gets Dumars talking about just basketball in general, particularly Pistons history or stories from Dumars’ playing days, the interviews are really interesting. In their latest discussion, Langlois asked Dumars about Dennis Rodman, and Dumars was actaully familiar with Rodman’s family before he became a Piston:

KL: He was a rookie in your second year. What were your first impressions of Rodman when he came to training camp that year?

JD: My second year I knew him as Debra Rodman’s little brother. Rodman’s older sister, who I knew, played at Louisiana Tech. She was an All-American there and he was just her little brother. And I knew her from way back in college and I knew that was her little brother and when he came, I was like, “Oh, that’s Debra’s little brother.” So that’s how I knew Dennis Rodman – Debra’s little brother.

The whole discussion of Rodman is worth a read, even if you weren’t watching basketball yet during the Bad Boys era of the Pistons. It never hurts to brush up on franchise history. And he also compares how Rodman and the in-his-prime Ben Wallace could dominate games without ever scoring a point.


  • Feb 17, 201112:57 pm
    by Jacob


    Because of his off-court antics, people sometimes forget how unbelievable a player Rodman was. Antics aside he might be the most uniquely talented player to play the game. The intangibles he brought to the court were something that I think any team at any time could have used. Stats don’t tell half the story but to average 18.7 rebounds in a season! That may never happen again. I will never forget in the ’89 Finals when he was on the sideline on all fours, his back (I think) obviously in critical pain, then he get up, limps back to court, catches a pass, and nails a shot from the perimeter. Unbelievable. Good article from Keith, worth a read.

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