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Joe Dumars says he’ll trade Tayshaun Prince only for an unbelievable offer, Prince says he won’t be traded

Terry Foster of The Detroit News:

Prince, 30, has said he wants to remain a Piston but would not be opposed to being traded to an NBA title contender. But Dumars hopes Prince remains with the Pistons and said he will trade him only if presented with an unbelievable deal.

Prince doesn’t think he’ll be traded

"It was brought up that if I could go to a team where I could win, my answer was yes," Prince said. "But at the same time, if it did not pan out, of course I would want to finish the final 25 games. I’ve been through the good times and the bad times. I never once walked in there (to Dumars’ office) and said I’ve got to go. I’ve struck through the thick and thin."

Matt Dery:

Tayshaun Prince: "I’m not going anywhere". Q: So you are not being traded? Prince: "No". Q: How do you know? Prince: "Cuz I know".


  • Feb 22, 20112:34 pm
    by Bob


    I can speak for a lot of fans out there when we are wishing for a dramatic change.
    However, we just not going to see it anytime soon. Joe is stuck on keeping our core. I think he just is waiting for a lopsided trade which isn’t going to happen. Not too many execs are THAT dumb. He is overvaluing the teams talent, this is 2011 not 2004.

  • Feb 22, 20113:14 pm
    by Laser


    absolutely astonishing. the man simply cannot do his job anymore. PERIOD.
    how is this team ever going to get any better by keeping intact a roster that consistently loses 2/3 of its games, can’t develop a lick of chemistry over two straight seasons, is brimming with feuds and turmoil, and yet has just enough individual talent to ensure NO chance at significant improvement through the draft. this is F*CKING INSANE!

  • Feb 22, 20113:30 pm
    by rick


    While I am no Joe Dumars apologist, I find it hard to imagine no blame going toward the owner also. It is not like he owns the team and has total control over all deals. Before I would call him anything other than Dumars I would wait before I say he is dumb as this and that, when as mentioned in the article he is under restraints. Now if he had total control, then maybe we could call him out completely. I just think it is worthless to complain when in all reality he is limited in his options. While I tend to agree with the assessment as far as disliking the product now.,it is what it is until the team is sold. No since in $itching about it.

    • Feb 22, 20119:39 pm
      by Laser


      yeah, you sure don’t sound like a dumars apologist to me.

  • Feb 22, 20113:34 pm
    by Jason


    I’d like to follow that question up with, “What is an unbelievable offer, Joe?”
    Draft picks and an expiring? I’d say that’s pretty unbelievable.. If we can pick up a similar expiring deal, and get either a young player (unlikely) or a draft pick – how is that not a positive? This team cannot win, even if we did somehow make the playoffs (not happening), so why not actively pursue a trade? Why not try to get a free draft pick?
    This further validates my earlier point about Tayshaun though, he is a professional – and NO ONE should be bashing him for his “attitude”. He is doing everything right in this situation, and i just hope we can send him (& RIP) off by the deadline.

    • Feb 22, 20119:41 pm
      by Laser


      personally, i will hold it against tayshaun if he does not request a trade. true “professional” or not, he is doing NOBODY any favors by sticking around. he could help himself and the team immensely if he just asked to be traded. he’s practically done as much already. a true piston would realize how badly the team needs him gone.

  • Feb 22, 20114:12 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    A draft pick and a similar expiring deal would be unbelievable and also attainable I think.  We really need to make something happen for Tay before the deadline or we get hosed.

  • Feb 22, 20114:19 pm
    by jgk281


    Joe must’ve lost his damn mind. I dont know whats wrong with this man. Laser basically summed it all up. Unbelievable.

    Luckily for Pistons fans, he likely wont be here to carry out his plan.

  • Feb 22, 20114:53 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    I don’t understand what people expect him to say. What GM publicly says that he’s openly shopping his guys? I mean, Dumars made the mistake of doing that once during an emotional time after another playoff flameout, and then proceeded to get every garbage offer in the league. It’s just not a good strategy to publicly talk abut your willingness to trade guys.

    It’s at least plausible that he’s simply just trying to convince other teams that Prince is valuable to the Pistons in an attempt to get them to make better offers, right? Everyone step back from the cliff here. NBA executives lie to the media all the time.

    • Feb 22, 20119:45 pm
      by Laser


      1) this isn’t necessarily an all-or-nothing proposition, hayes. he didn’t need to make so bold a claim as to say it will take an insane offer to trade the guy. how about, “we’re open to anything if the right offer comes along?” that’s a perfectly standard thing to say, and the fact that he’s diverted from it, combined with his stated desires to re-sign all of our expiring players, spells doom to some of us.
      2) how long have we been waiting for a desperately-needed trade? and what’s happened so far? what on earth do you think is going to happen at the deadline?? i have my own hunch…

  • Feb 22, 20116:01 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Joe has always dealt with his vets straight up – letting them know what is going on and giving them a choice – so if Tay says he is not being traded, then he is not being traded.

    Very disappointing. I mean, Tay has been their best player and he does still have 2 or 3 years of very high quality basketball in him but I am with Laser on this ine – How can you keep this roster together after what they have (not) accomplished over the last two seasons?

    mind boggling.

    all i can say is – somebody else better get traded and a coaching cahnge better take place

  • Feb 22, 20117:15 pm
    by Fennis


    I’d like them to trade Tay because I think they have only a slight chance of resigning him in the off-season. That said, I’m actually afraid of what this team will look like without Prince. He’s arguably our best two-way player and certainly our smartest. Without Tay I think we’re certain to have one really bad year with the hope of bouncing back in the fall of 2012. Is everyone ready for that?

    • Feb 22, 20119:46 pm
      by Laser


      you’ll have to email me about it, because i won’t be watching.

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