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Joe Dumars identifies next step for Greg Monroe: Consistently making 15-footers

From the final installment of Joe Dumars’ conversation with Keith Langlois:

KL: One thing that’s struck me about him is it seems like every few weeks we see something else added. At first, it was a great nose for hunting down rebounds. Then it was holding his own on defense. Then it was really quick hands on defense. Lately, it’s been a knack for making himself available for layups, finding openings. What do you think we’ll be talking about next with him?

JD: I think the next thing that he has to add to his game is a 15-foot jump shot.. I think he has an uncanny ability to find the ball. I think he, as you said, he knows how to position himself when guys are driving. He has great hands, shown he can really rebound the ball, and I think the next thing that he has to add is to consistently knock down a 15-foot jump shot.

KL: Given what you know about him, is there any question that it’s something he will be able to attack in an off-season?

JD: He is such a responsible young professional, and he knows that that’s what he has to add, and so there’s no question in my mind that he’s going to put the work in to add that to his game. He’s just that kind of kid. You tell him what he has to do. You tell him what’s expected of him. And you can count on him following through on that. I would expect he would definitely add that to his game.

Dumars also talks about sending Terrico White to the D-League and adding more quality big men.


  • Feb 18, 20118:21 pm
    by Laser


    i know you have a site to run here, but nothing joke dumars says means anything.

  • Feb 20, 20118:16 am
    by jayg108


    I’m still wondering if Ed Davis would have been a better pick.  I know it might be a toss up, but there’s a couple of things that make me think Davis would have been better for this Pistons team:

    Davis’ dad and Ben Wallace are good friends, so that might have magnified Wallace’s season and his coaching of the rook.
    Davis is more explosive on both the offensive and defensive ends.  (but he plays for the Raptors, so there’s room for that explosion)

    Sorry Greg.  You’re awesome.  I was rooting for you while you were still at G’town to be a Piston.  Just wondering.

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