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Greg Monroe will still wear No. 10 this season after Dennis Rodman’s jersey is retired

Marc Spears of Yahoo! answered the common sense question most had after hearing the Pistons would retire Dennis Rodman’s No. 10 later this season: what about the current No. 10, Greg Monroe?

From Spears’ Twitter:

Greg Monroe will still wear 10 this season since it was already issued and will be last Piston to wear it. Uncertain if he will change # l8r

Monroe also wore No. 10 in college, so I’m sure the number has some meaning for him, but he also doesn’t seem like a guy who would keep the number if the team really wanted him to give it up. And the NBA rarely lets players change numbers in-season, so it makes sense that he’ll wear it at least through the end of this season.


  • Feb 11, 20114:29 pm
    by gmehl1977


    First of all its about time they retired worms number. Secondly Monroe is all class and i bet he will make an announcement to the press that he will change numbers next season. That’s just the way the kid ticks. I just hope its Monroe and not that #10 singlet that is making him rebound the way he is.

    • Feb 11, 20114:44 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Honestly, I don’t have a problem with Monroe keeping that number for his career, then just having them let no one else wear it.

      They’ll have the same wthin happen with Ben Wallace. If Stuckey’s still here, they’ll probably retire the 3 but let Stuckey wear it until he’s done. But maybe Stuckey won’t be here then it won’t be an issue …

      • Feb 11, 20116:50 pm
        by gmehl1977


        Yeah but its not about whether they let him keep it or not Patrick. It’s about whether Monroe shows enough respect for Rodman to honor the fact that the number is retired. I personally think Monroe will change numbers and show the respect Rodman deserves. Here’s one for you Patrick. Who is the biggest snub in the Basketball Hall of Fame on your list? Mine would have to be worm.

        • Feb 11, 20118:41 pm
          by Zeiram


          I´m sorry but until the A-train is enshrined no one can take the title of biggest hof snub. On anything else you are absolutely right. It is not about what the organization wants it is about what Monroe does as a sign of respect.

          • Feb 11, 20119:41 pm
            by gmehl1977

            Yeah Gilmore is up there

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