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Fist-bumping for peace: Are John Kuester and Rip Hamilton communicating again?

Via Chris Iott’s Twitter:

Richard Hamilton and John Kuester fist bump as Rip leaves the court. #Pistons

That’s honestly the most positive thing that has been reported as far as Kuester and Hamilton are concerned in quite some time. Iott also said Hamilton is going to speak to the media, so maybe more light will be shed soon.


  • Feb 28, 20115:12 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I think this might be a sign that Joe has finally come to the table and told these 2 to sort this crap out. Either that or both tried to throw hay makers at the same time and just happened to hit fists.

    • Feb 28, 20115:30 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      I think you’re spot on with your first idea. Your second idea cracked me up.

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