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ESPN’s Marc Stein: Pistons should fire John Kuester

ESPN’s Marc Stein chimed in on the latest Pistons controversy, and he took a similar view to me: the are no perfect solutions about how to handle John Kuester. However, Stein says firing Kuester is the best option, and I say keeping Kuester is preferable.

I can see both sides, and Stein argues the alternative well:

The organization has to make its own statement on top of the damage those players have done to their own reputations … especially after Terry Foster of the Detroit News reported Friday on his WXYT-FM radio show that some of the same players were planning a similar protest on the morning of the Pistons’ final game before the All-Star break against Indiana but called it off and wound up winning when they were told that Kuester would be ousted during the break.
Kuester obviously wasn’t dismissed during All-Star Weekend, but it’s thoroughly pointless now — no matter what happens to the players — to keep Kuester in place when he lost this group long ago and has been undermined to such an extent that there’s no way he can possibly be regarded as an option to coach this team next season.


  • Feb 26, 20118:46 am
    by motownmusic


    This team is a joke. They could not wait until Larrry Brown left. They ran Saunders, Curry and now they are running Kue out of town. Funny thing is they are not that good. They are a lost ship with a fake captain in Hamilton. When they won in 04 they had a leader in Chauncey. Once he left, Rip fell apart. That is a sign of a loser. They are not as good as they think. They are all role players. Look at what Wallace did when he left. Nothing at all. Hamilton in Washington, nothing at all. And please do not get me started on Tayshaun. They are a funny bunch of Divas…. they are truly embarrassing. I have never seen a Piston team like this and trust there has been many Pistons teams that did not like their coach… My hat goes off to the six players that acted like professionals yesterday.

  • Feb 26, 20117:44 pm
    by Mishmoshman


    I love it when bandwagon charlies like motownmusic make comments with no idea of what they are talking about.  Hamilton averaged 20 pts per game in Washington the year we traded for him, and 18 the year before that…pretty good for a second year player if you ask me.  This team has a lot of quality pieces (Bynum, Daye, Monroe, Gordon), they are a big man, and competent coach away from being a contender.  Kuester is the worst coach this franchise has ever had, his lineups at times are laughable, he gives guys DNPs for weeks at a time, RIP may be a prima-donna, but he knows one thing for sure, and that’s Kuester needs to go!

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