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Disarray in a picture: Benched Pistons laugh as John Kuester gets ejected

Tracy McGrady, Rodney Stuckey and Ben Wallace – regular rotation players who haven’t played against the 76ers tonight after missing today’s shootaround – laugh as Pistons coach John Kuester gets ejected. (Screenshot by Brian Packey of Detroit Bad Boys)


  • Feb 26, 201110:20 am
    by Lucas


    And they do it the day after the trrade deadline so now we are stuck with them… class acts.

  • Feb 26, 20112:58 pm
    by Brent


    Get ride off em all this summer Kuester is a good coach all these players think there to damn good, this is getting embarrassing. Even Ben Wallace and T-Mac Really liked both those guys til this. Dont get ride of John hes doing his job these players are too big headed and don’t RESPECT their coach like a REAL basketball player would. Joe D needs to step in Deactivate em sign some scrubs let them get some Nba time. Cleveland is doing it..

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