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Detroit Pistons won’t trade Tayshaun Prince to the Dallas Mavericks for Caron Butler and a first-round draft pick

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

Detroit won’t deal Tayshaun Prince to Mavs for Caron Butler and a 1st. Even if Pistons can’t re-sign him, he’s asset in sign-and-trade.


  • Feb 24, 20111:29 pm
    by Jason


    Wow.. I assumed Dallas wasn’t willing to offer a 1st. I’m officially at a loss of words.

  • Feb 24, 20111:39 pm
    by Travis


    I blame the ownership problem for most trade possibilities not happening, kinda makes since to hold out for a sign and trade or cap space for prince tho. unless playing time for the next generation was more highly valued

  • Feb 24, 20111:43 pm
    by xyu022


    I never would have dreamed the pistons would not make a move for this deadline.  When is Joe D going to realize this team is NOT going to mesh well together & definitely NOT going to make a playoff push.  They just stood there & watched Rush dunk it down in the critical seconds.  They better not resign Prince or Stuckey but rather sign & trade them to gain assets.  Unlike what the Cavs & Raptors did.  & Tmac is NOT going to resign.  Man, I wish this team was sold already.  Here’s the future??…
    PG: draft pick/free agent | will bynum | t white
    SG: ben gordon | rip hamilton 
    SF: j jerebko | austin daye
    PF: g monroe | charlie V | maxiell
    C: b wallace | draft pick/free agent
    No playoffs for 2012 too? yep.  & who’s going to want to come here via free agency?  Nobody good or worth signing long term.

  • Feb 24, 20111:44 pm
    by bball4224


    say it ain’t so Joe, Tay’s attitude is horrible, get him outta here!

  • Feb 24, 20111:47 pm
    by Justin Bogrow


    i thiknk that this is the best you will get for prince, look dallas NEEDS a small forward and i bet we would bargin to also bring in someone like JJ Barea or someone eltes, butler is a god scorer and fits in well, and we can use that pick for a trade, maybe package it with another and get someone in the offseason. I am not sure what eltes the pistons think they will get. 

    • Feb 24, 20111:49 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Butler is out for the year with an injury. He would never play a game for Detroit, he just has an expiring contract which would entice teams to trade for him.

      • Feb 24, 20112:18 pm
        by Justin Bogrow


        we could resign him, because if we can get rid of rip, and prince, whose contracts combined equal around 25 million. Then get rid of stuckey and wilcox, that is another five million, and with the draft pick we can make a trade or try to build through the draft, it would give us alot more options instead of just two, sign or sign and trade.

  • Feb 24, 20112:22 pm
    by Alan


    How much is a 1st round pick really worth from Dallas?  Dallas’ record is fantastic and the pick would likely be one of the last picks in the 1st round of a weak draft.  Seriously, we can do better in a sign & trade because we have Tay’s bird rights and he’ll want them to travel with him to his next destination.

  • Feb 24, 20112:27 pm
    by nuetes


    Prince for a late first rounder? Sounds fair. Not really, but I’d do it in a heartbeat. I just don’t want to deal with the offseason and the possibilities that exist for Dumars to mess this thing up more. This would remove one of those possibilities.

  • Feb 24, 20113:29 pm
    by Vince


    Wow just wow, if JD is thinking of a sign n trade, I hope for him he already has a few teams lined up. Maybe Prince and Max for Millsap?

  • Feb 24, 20113:41 pm
    by detroitpcb


    would have to approve of Dumars declining that offer (Butler is hurt, no Bird rights, draft pick would be very low in a weak draft and would require 1st round money) but i cannot believe he can’t get something else done.

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