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Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: Cavaliers wanted Pistons guard Richard Hamilton to play for them, but he balked

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

Cleveland would’ve been glad to let Rip play there, but he didn’t want the minutes. Wouldn’t take buyout offer. Back to bench in Detroit.

I wouldn’t rush to believe this version of events. If the Cavaliers wanted Hamilton to play for them, they could have just made the trade. If they did, what options would Hamilton have but to play for them?

Richard Hamilton and LeBron James share the same agent, Leon Rose, and Wojnarowski has been critical of LeBron/Rose for quite some time. Don’t rule out that clouding his report.


  • Feb 24, 20114:28 pm
    by rick


    wish some of the people commenting on the other thread new this information. I am mad as hell Detroit is not good, but noone is going to make a deal for the sake of making one. Would Detroit trade Hamilton to a LeBron James led Cleveland? Hell n o! So why would he go there and help Detroit by taking a buyout? I wouldn’t. Here we are though and the haters hate. How can you hate Joe, but not Kuester? Who hired who? Kuester just does not know how to coach plain and simple. I do not care if it is our team and they are saying because you know what last time I checked no one on any of these boards play. That said I would take their opinion over someone who is critical because the team is sorry. Everyone loves you when you winning,but when you losing everybody hates you. I need to see the ring that Kuester won when he was in charge of a team that won it all.(Analogy) You do not play in the NBA 13 years and then become a starter and think you are going to dominate. The other people before you have been putting in work while you have been backing up all your life. This is your one shot albeit late in the game and you do not know how to handle the pressure. Kuester is a terrible communicator. I mean Rip had the man at his wedding so that has to speak volumes as to where he thought they stood.  I am not going to judge either man because they are where most of would like to be and to continuously bash these guys is counter productive. At the end of the day the owners wife is the one who destroyed the team. Joe just did what he could.I am mad as hell at Joe, but I am a realist and know he is the figurehead. The straw that stirs the drank and opens the bank is really who runs the ship and makes all final calls . It would be disingenous to blame Joe and not Karen for this debacle. It is like a lot of people working a job and they get made at the secretary or assistant manager for something that the owner or boss has full autonomy on. I only defend Joe when it gets out of hand other than that he has made his share of mistakes. The one problem I have is that everyone thinks just a infusion of youth will get you to the finals, when in doubt you have to have some veteran leadership. Players need to have defined roles, and on this team the coach has not defined roles.

  • Feb 24, 20114:41 pm
    by Robbie


    Rick I agree 100% with you and it’s not all Joe’s fault… Karen Davidson is at fault if she would have sold the team 2 or 3 weeks ago Joe could have done something good… But Rip does need to go that’s for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Feb 24, 20114:50 pm
    by Laser


    i’ll have some parting words if there’s a broad trade deadline inactivity post in the next day or so, which there should be. shit, i’ll even write it if you want. a nice light-hearted op-ed piece as a parting gift from everyone’s favorite curmudgeon.
    i want to add this for now: joe may actually have been feverishly working the phone lines, and maybe he actually thinks that he did his due diligence to make a trade. but he didn’t. he looked at this as a trade-hamilton-or-bust deadline, and he busted. like everybody with eyes and a pulse knew he would. too stubborn and inflexible to move another SG, too stupid to move tracy or tay.
    one question: what motivation on earth would anyone have to involve detroit in signing tayshaun? i mean, if he’s unrestricted, he’ll just sign where he wants to sign. guy’s, what, 31? i just don’t see why anyone would give up anything to involve detroit in a sign-and-trade when they can just sign the guy.

    • Feb 24, 20115:59 pm
      by Alan


      Contending teams that are over the cap and want Tay will HAVE to include Detroit.  The new CBA may or may not include a mid-level exception.  Even if it does, Tay may fetch more than this on the open market.  We’ve got his bird rights (and those WILL be in the next CBA) so, through a sign-and-trade with Detroit, any team that’s willing to pay for Tay can get him.  We may not get much but it will be worth more than Dallas’ lousy draft pick. 

    • Feb 24, 20116:02 pm
      by Tim


      The reason for a sign and trade is obvious and the same one that is always the reason for sign and trades. The team that wants Prince may not have the cap space to sign him outright.

  • Feb 24, 20115:01 pm
    by Steve K


    Yeah, the lack of a T-Mac trade is as surprising as anything. What contender wouldn’t sacrifice their 1st round pick for him?
    It would be a low, low 1st rounder anyway, and those players rarely pan out.

  • Feb 24, 20115:27 pm
    by gordbrown


    @steve k. You answered your own question. Why would the Pistons take a player that rarely pans out for someone who is helping our young players get better (TMac not Prince). Prince is going to be out for a while, maybe his health is why Dumars couldn’t move him. I’m not too disappointed. Let’s just play our younger players and see what shakes out. The best way to get better is to draft well when your team is really better than its record. The downside is you create a culture of losing and that’s what needs to be addressed. A good psychiatrist might help.

    • Feb 24, 20116:04 pm
      by Laser


      i don’t think there’s a realistic chance that our young players are going to be significantly better for having played with t-mac for the rest of the season. i do think he makes them better when they’re on the floor, since hardly anybody on this team knows how to make a pass, but i don’t think he’s going to have any lasting impact on these young guys once he’s gone. much rather take a shot in the draft next season.
      i think t-mac is a smart player, a calming presence, a great decision maker. but he’s never been the mentor type, and i don’t see how we couldn’t have gotten a return for him that would make objective sense for the team. unfortunately we don’t know what offers were made. t-mac for derrick caracter? something like that? not quite a “draft pick,” but the guy’s option for next year is half the vet’s minimum. same damn thing, and we’ve already seen that he has potential.
      not buying that “no move” is a good move. not in a million years. next year the pistons take an inconceivable step backwards.

  • Feb 24, 20115:58 pm
    by BIG MARV


    I just read csn boston and they said the celtics are still wating on rip to get bought out so he can join the team.

    • Feb 24, 20116:29 pm
      by jgk281


      IMO, Rip is playing hardball on the buy-out. He knows the Pistons dont want to play him, and also knows they cant keep him and continue to not play him or the players union will throw a fit.

      So why would he accept a partial buyout from Cleveland when he could get a full buyout from the Pistons because they NEED to get rid of him?

      I think the Pistons will have no choice and will buy him out. I think this deal was a last effort by Joe to try to get another team to pay the bill, and Rip and his agent probably see right through it. Now they will probably pay him in full to go away.

      • Feb 24, 20116:38 pm
        by BIG MARV


        I agree I think detroit will pay the price to get rid of that headache.

  • Feb 24, 20116:06 pm
    by Adam


    It really doesn’t make any sense to buy out Hamilton at this point.
    If you think about it, he has 12.5 due next year and either 12.5 or 9 if you cut him the year after. For Hamilton to even consider taking a buy-out right now, I would assume the number would have to be somewhere around 18-20 mil. He wouldn’t give up much more than that. It’s his last big contract, or maybe even his last contract with this whole meltdown.
    However, there is likely to be a lock-out next year. If it lasts just half of the season, that’s already 6 million less that you would have to pay Hamilton. You could feasibly pay him the rest of the money for that year and cut him in the summer and only pay him 15 mil.
    It makes no sense at all to buy out Hamilton until you know whether there will be a lock out or not. It’d be best to wait and see if any of the season is locked out and part of his contract is eaten up before negotiating a price.

  • Feb 24, 20116:24 pm
    by jgk281


    Something doesnt add up. Does Rip have a no-trade clause?

    If Cleveland wanted to keep him as a player and play him, why couldn’t Joe just trade him without his permission?

  • Feb 24, 20116:36 pm
    by Realist


    At the end of the day, it’s a business and nobody in there right mind would leave any money on the table that’s rightfully there’s…He earned the money…All this bashing and nobody knows what number the Cavs were offering for a buyout?? We all saw Dan Gilbert true colors after the whole Lebron thing…… Handle your business Rip and don’t do Joe D any favors or bail him out for the bonehead moves he’s made over the years and it just got swept under the rug because the team was winning.As a piston fan,I look at veteran teams like Boston and the Spurs and hurts because those teams are exactly how our team would be like….

  • Feb 24, 20116:43 pm
    by detroitpcb


    what i don’t understand is………why didn’t we try and trade Ben Gordon?

    • Feb 24, 20117:42 pm
      by jgk281


      haha, so true. And CV, Maxiell, T-Mac/Ben (for picks), Bynum, Stuckey, etc etc. The whole team minus Monroe should’ve been put up for sale.

      We shouldn’t be surprised that no one wanted our least valuable asset, lol. 

      The Pistons want someone to give them a $100 bill for a 5. If they have to actually give up something to get something, they arent interested.

      The Pistons been playing this hardball approach for years thinking another team is going to cave and hand them another Rasheed type deal, but every year the other GM’s call his bluff and dont budge, and we are left with the same team ever year.

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  • Feb 24, 201110:47 pm
    by Laser


    right. that’s the question nobody seems to want to address, like rip and tayshaun were the only moveable parts. thing is, when you F*CK up and have three shooting guards as your top players, you can’t just decide you’re going to move the one you want to move (especially when he’s the oldest, least productive and most expensive) and that’s your only option. joe made this bed and it looked like a mess to begin with; now you guys have to lay in it. it was a bad plan, it was never going to work, and joe absolutely refused to pursue options that would improve the team that involved any of his new mistakes– er, acquisitions. period. and that’s just cause for firing in my book.
    the latest blog here involves analyzing the rip and tay deals that didn’t happen, but what about the charlie and gordon deals that didn’t happen?? or tracy, max, even stuckey? this is a sign of joe’s stubbornness. trading rip is less of an admission of a mistake as trading gordon, or especially stuckey. but a flexible GM would have realized that it’s in the best interest of the franchise to swallow your pride when things go wrong. instead, i think joe buried the franchise for a few extra unnecessary years. he should not get a free pass for this.
    gordon’s redundant, stuckey is too and has serious value, villanueva is paid like a starter to be our fourth big man (and has WAY too many 13 minute, 5 point performances). tracy for a pick or a rook would have been a BLESSING and truly yielded the “reward” his signing promised. it’s like, we got the guy, rehabbed his career, and all he’s going to do is fly the coop for nothing. “thanks for everything, joe. seeya. love, tracy.” it’s bogus.

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