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The Detroit News: Tom Gores could own the Pistons as soon as next week

Some excellent reporting from Gregg Krupa and Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

In the interim, no new potential bidders have emerged and the position of front-runner Tom Gores has solidified.

Sources close to the sale said this week Gores, the billionaire financier from Beverly Hills, Calif., who grew up in Flint and attended Michigan State, remains the leading bidder for the team and for Palace Sports & Entertainment. Moreover, he is now presumed to be the bidder who will emerge as the owner.

His position is so pre-eminent that Gores could close a deal as soon as next week, according to one source familiar with the process. Others say while that may overstate how quickly a deal can be done, the Pistons nonetheless would like to have an agreement in place to present to the NBA board of governors Feb. 18-21 in Los Angeles.

Krupa and Goodwill include the usual caveats – it wasn’t long ago Mike Ilitch buying the team appeared imminent, and Gores has never been afraid to walk away from a deal. But I don’t care. This is the most excited I’ve been about the Pistons in some time.


  • Jan 7, 20112:06 am
    by gmehl1977


    OMG i haven’t been this excited since we won the 2004 championship. This is absolutely great news. I wonder if a deal is agreed upon but isn’t official before the trade deadline Karen will let Gores make some trades? I am so sick of hearing about how Joe’s hands are tied because of the pending sale and want to see a big shake up. If Joe remains as GM then he will have no more excuses and even though i have defended him many a time i want to see him get back to his better years. We need a quick sale so we can get something for Prince before we lose him for nothing. Joe also needs to choose which of his 5 shooting guards he wants to keep and trade a couple of them. The 5 being Hamilton, Gordon, McGrady, Stuckey & White. I am fine if Hamilton stays but then Gordon has to go or vice versa. Either way a decision has to be made and i am sure Laser will bring up that Rip is here until the day he dies but i am not buying it and feel if the right situation presents itself then anything is possible (see Gibert Arenas – Hedo Turkoglo trade).
    I won’t truly be happy until anything is official but i must admit i can’t wipe the smile off my face with just the thought of it.

  • Jan 7, 20112:14 am
    by jack


    byby rip and rip.

  • Jan 7, 20112:15 am
    by jack



  • Jan 7, 20112:26 am
    by Tom Y.


    @Jack actually it would be great to trade Rip twice after all this time
    Seriously though this is very exciting but then I don’t want to get to excited about anything to do with this team until it’s done… I guess we’ll see by the trade deadline anyway. Sale or no sale, if there’s not a big trade by that point I’d want to start seriously tanking.

  • Jan 7, 20115:48 am
    by jack


    Yeah things i wanna see

    Tmac a bigger role start at 1
    Stuckey  or Gordon at the 2
    Daye more minutes at the 3 and 4
    Monroe start
    Prince more time at the 4 if he is not traded

    I think depending on matchups, i like Prince at the 4 because he can beat the bigger bodies with his versatility.Tmac needs  to become the focal point of the team. Everytime he  sets the team up, great things happen. He is the best player on the pistons by far. 

  • Jan 7, 20115:49 am
    by jack


    As for the sale, i hope this guy is willing to spend and take some contracts back  if it means a few big names are included.

  • Jan 7, 20118:36 am
    by Murph


    If Mr. Gores does indeed buy this team, his first move should be to hire Bill Laimbeer as his head coach.

  • Jan 7, 20118:39 am
    by Patrick Hayes



  • Jan 7, 20118:52 am
    by Murph



    Mr. Hayes…please don’t tell me you think Coach Kuester is doing a good job.

    And  you pointed out yourself how well all the T-Wolves’ big men are playing.  And isn’t  Laimbeer their big man coach?  That and Mr. Laimbeer’s success coaching in the WNBA more than qualifies him to be the next Pistons Head Coach.

  • Jan 7, 20119:13 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    I don’t think Kuester has done a great job overall. A lot of it is not his fault — imbalanced roster, major injuries last year, absolutely no frontcourt depth the last two years. But yeah, overall, he’s done poorly when it comes to having an offensive or defensive system that looks even close to effective.
    I didn’t point out how well the big men are playing. Kevin Love is playing well, but there was plenty of evidence that Love was capable of this last year when that coaching staff kept burying him on the bench. I think Darko is blocking shots well, but is not a good player. Beasley I don’t really consider a big. They play him at the four sometimes, but he’s really just a positionless scorer for that team. He plays the three a lot too and is often out on the perimeter.
    Overall, Minnesota has been one of the two or three worst teams in the league over the last two seasons under that coaching staff. I don’t know that that qualifies anyone on that staff to be a head coaching candidate I’d get excited about.
    As far as the WNBA, it’s a different game. Lower paid players, shorter season, greater talent disparity between the good teams and bad teams, etc. I don’t think success there necessarily will translate.
    But my main objection isn’t so much about Laimbeer. I’m just against the whole “bring in a local hero to coach the team” strategy. It rarely ever works (see: Alan Trammell managing the Tigers). Ultimately, every coach will get fired. I don’t want to see Laimbeer get fired in Detroit. Look at Trammell … fans still love him as a player, but b/c he was fired by the Tigers, it’s awkward now for him to come back here. The connection is weakened.
    There are plenty of examples in other cities — Bill Cartwright in Chicago, Magic Johnson not even making it a full season in LA, Nate McMillan left Seattle on not good terms, etc. Hiring Laimbeer, to me, would be a ploy to sell tickets while the team works to get a better roster in place, and I don’t think any coach can succeed under those circumstances, where they, in essence, become the team’s biggest star.
    I think Laimbeer can coach in the NBA, I just would rather see him get the opportunity elsewhere.

  • Jan 7, 201110:38 am
    by Murph


    “But my main objection isn’t so much about Laimbeer. I’m just against the whole “bring in a local hero to coach the team” strategy. It rarely ever works”

    What about Pat Riley, Bill Russel, Lenny Wilkins, KC Jones, Billy Cunningham, Tommy Heinsohn and Rick Adelman.  Didn’t all those guys lead the teams they played for to the NBA Championship as coaches?…except for Adelman, who only won the Western Conference Championship.

    Can you think of any others?

  • Jan 7, 201111:05 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    They all took over teams with great rosters. The Pistons are going to make moves when they’re ownership situation is settled, but it’s going to take time. And I don’t think you would argue that the Pistons don’t currently have a player in the Laimbeer-mold right now save for maybe Ben Wallace or Jerebko when healthy.
    Laimbeer ran a system with the Shock predicated on physical defense. That just wouldn’t work with this roster, and he might be stuck with players like Villanueva and Gordon for a while. Plus, their two best young prospects, Daye and Monroe, are guys who have been known for their offensive skillsets, not for being tough or physical players. I just don’t see him working well with this roster.
    Two or three years from now, with better personnel, and more traditional Pistons basketball style-team capable of defending well and yeah, I’d be intrigued by the idea of him coaching that team.
    As for the guys you mention, Riley took over a team that had Magic, Worthy and Kareem. Russell started as player coach on a team that had already won multiple titles. KC Jones won with a team that already had Bird/Parrish/McHale. Cunningham coached a Philly team that had Moses and Dr. J. Adelman took over a Portland team that was ready to contend. Heinsohn coached a Celtics team that was already built. None of those local stars had to be the face of the team, since each of those teams already had great players.
    If Laimbeer were hired with the roster as constructed (and there’s a good bet this is the roster, or close to it, that he would inherit, since even if the team is sold, Dumars would only have a few weeks before the deadline to make trades), Laimbeer would clearly be the biggest star of the team. That’s not a good thing. That means the team would lose games. And depending on how easily some of the undesirable contracts can be moved, they could lose a lot of games. That’s not the way for him to start his head coaching career.

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  • Jan 7, 20119:59 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I really don’t think Laimbeer would want to be the next head coach after seeing what Kuester has had to work with. As you said he is the big mans coach…what big me has he got to work with here? Monroe, Maxiell and Villanueva. Maybe we can do a trade for Laimbeer, Love for Kuester, Dumars, Prince, Hamilton.

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