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Terrico White could see time in the D-League upon his return

Terrico White — remember him? — should be healthy enough to play at some point this season after breaking his foot in the preseason, but one thing (the only thing?) that is abundantly clear about the Pistons right now is they do not need more guards. So what happens with White when he gets healthy and, presumably, needs some minutes to get back in game shape? Vince Ellis of the Freep recently Tweeted the answer:

Oh yeah, no word on when he will return from broken foot, but expect Terrico White in the D-League as soon as he can play.

It absolutely makes sense to send him to the D-League, but it’s also mildly surprising considering the Pistons have rarely used their D-League affiliate (Fort Wayne) since Amir Johnson, and they’ve had a couple candidates the last two seasons — Austin Daye and DaJuan Summers — who weren’t always getting NBA minutes and seemingly could’ve benefitted by getting some work in.

Hopefully if White does go to the D-League for a while, he can do what Johnson did: completely dominate. For those who don’t follow much D-League ball (reading Ridiculous Upside and D-League Digest are good starts), it is full of great athletes, so White should fit right in.


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  • Jan 5, 20118:40 pm
    by darko


    look at shannon brown he went to the d league and now he’s doing good.  we should send summers and terrico down there and see what happens

  • Jan 5, 20119:08 pm
    by Patrick Hayes



    The Pistons don’t use their D-League affiliate much because, unlike a few teams that use theirs a lot to send players down, the Pistons don’t own their own D-League franchise, so they can’t install their own coach/system/organizational beliefs. Some teams would rather keep young players on their main roster so that they learn about those things even if they aren’t getting minutes.

    White would probably not be a D-League candidate if he didn’t hurt himself, but he’s clearly going to need minutes to get back into shape, and the Pistons just don’t have room to play him right now.

  • Jan 6, 201112:06 am
    by Laser


    yeah i’d hate for terrico to miss out on whatever the F*CK the organization’s top brass is thinking…

  • Jan 6, 20118:55 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    I didn’t say it was a good thing. But from the team’s perspective, they probably think it is.

  • Jan 6, 20117:22 pm
    by Laser


    nobody is as much of a genius as joe is in his own mind.

  • Jan 11, 20116:53 am
    by Nads


    I don’t see why the pistons cant find minutes for him its not like their championship contenders lol. They spent big money on charlie v and BG and what nothing BG is a shooter who is clearly not consistant and charlie v tends to disapear in games. hamilton now is coming off tthe bench makin some contribution stuckey’s FG is terrible for a PG will bynum does not get many minutes. pistons are goin nowhere and doing nothing about it i would get white some minutes and daye is showing great sparks IF HE GETS MINUTES. Clearly nothing is working so why don’t they give the rookies some confidence which will help them improve their game a lot quicker than polishing the bench.

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