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Tayshaun Prince named the impact player third most likely to be traded

ESPN’s Chad Ford listed Tayshaun Prince as the impact player third most likely to be traded:

We should just go ahead and rename this list the "Tayshaun Prince Trade Watch." Prince has been on the block for years, but the Pistons have yet to find a deal that works for them.

Why should this season be different? Several reasons.

One, Prince, along with teammate Rip Hamilton, has mentally checked out. Two, Prince’s contract expires this summer, making him attractive to GMs who don’t want to make long-term commitments right now. Three, he can still play (he averages of 15 points and five rebounds per game) and would really help a number of teams competing for a title. Finally, the Pistons need to do something.

While they’ve tried hard to trade Hamilton, there isn’t a huge market for him — if they can get some cap relief for him, they’ll be happy. Prince is a better asset and the rebuilding Pistons need to use him to improve their talent base. While it’s possible he won’t get traded (again), it’s never been more likely that he will be.


  • Jan 27, 20118:52 pm
    by detroitpcb


    i question your statement that Prince has “mentally checked out” given how consistently well he has been playing this season.

    Is he not following the rules as far as pretending to respect a coach he obviously doesn’t respect? No. But i don’t think that means he checked out.

  • Jan 28, 201112:56 am
    by gmehl1977


    PCB he might not of checked out but at least he is treating your ‘boy’ Daye a little better these days. If actually believe if Tay was to be retained next season and Rip traded there wouldn’t be any issues with him. Tay just wants to win but he just doesn’t want to be the focal point.

  • Jan 28, 201111:15 am
    by Dan Feldman


    PCB, just to clear that up, Chad Ford wrote that. I think there’s signs he’s checked out in that sometimes it looks like he’s playing for himself.

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