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Sebastian Pruiti of NBA Playbook diagrams two key plays from last night’s Detroit-Utah game

Sebastian Pruiti of the always interesting NBA Playbook looked in-depth at a couple key plays from last night’s Pistons loss to Utah.

The first one, which no one is probably interested in reliving, looks at how the Jazz worked to get that open three for Raja Bell that was ultimately the game-winning shot.

The other play, however, is more favorable from a Pistons perspective as Pruit diagrams a vintage Rip Hamilton play. Here’s part of his analysis:

In recent years, Richard Hamilton has been one of my favorite players to watch, and usually it is when he doesn’t have the basketball.  Hamilton might be the best players using screens off of the basketball (Ray Allen is up there as well), and coach John Kuester was able to use that skill to get his team (and one of his best shooters) a wide open look late in their game against the Utah Jazz.

It’s still nice to remember that, despite the fact that it’s abundantly clear the Pistons need to deal him, Hamilton has been a pretty unique player in his career.


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  • Jan 4, 20117:48 pm
    by gordbrown


    Back when I worked at IBM in the very very first days of the IBM PC I used to use Tigers for my passwords (you had to change them monthly). My first password was Trammel, second Whitaker. In basketball season I started using Pistons, first was Thomas (never used Tripuka for obvious reasons). The upshot of this is some variation on Rip’s name is littered all over the Internet as my password to a number of sites (I still have to use Stackhouse occasionally, then Ben Wallace). So it hurts me to see Rip playing so poorly. But a jump shooter who misses his jump shots flatly hurts his team. Raja Bell was supposed to be Rip’s man on that play last night. Although it also should have been a turnover, Rip was the one who should have gotten that loose ball way back in game one against New Jersey. If the team lacks mental toughness and the ability to finish out games, where is the first place we should look? This saddens me, but that’s life.

  • Jan 4, 20117:53 pm
    by gordbrown


    Almost forgot, Rip and I also share the same birthday (although you should be able to tell that I’m a lot older).

  • Jan 4, 20118:43 pm
    by dave m


    Lakers infiltrator here.  Methinks you guys have the misfortune of playing us right after we’ve had our lunch handed to us by good teams, bad teams, the coaches, the press, the fans and bloggers.  Boom!

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