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Richard Hamilton felt offended by John Kuester’s attempt to reach out

Perry A. Farrell of the Detroit Free Press:

Hamilton told the Free Press on Sunday morning that Kuester’s attempt to reach out to him consisted of Jerry Hendon, the team’s security head, coming to him a minute before the team was meeting to go over strategy for Saturday’s game with Phoenix to tell him Kuester wanted to talk to him.

"I felt offended that he sent Jerry instead of coming himself or sending an assistant coach," Hamilton said. "I could tell Jerry was uncomfortable and I said no."

If Richard Hamilton would have been OK with John Kuester sending an assistant coach to break the ice, I don’t understand why he’d be offended by Kuester sending Hendon. That part seems pretty inconsequential.

Hamilton should be offended Kuester didn’t try to talk to him sooner – and I suspect that, not the coach’s choice in intermediary, is the actual reason for offense.


  • Jan 24, 20117:54 am
    by Tom Y.


    A head of security is like an enforcer, I think, so it may give the impression of being told what to do (even if Hendon didn’t actually ‘order’ him to go talk to Q). An assistant coach is supposed to communicate with a player, at least I think that’s the normal interaction in a team.

  • Jan 24, 20118:08 am
    by K


    I’d say Rip’s stance is demeaning towards Hendon. He’s probably channeling his anger towards the whole situation but according to that the guy was basically sent to get him, not to have the talk with him. Why does it matter if the guy’s a coach or not? It could be the cleaning guy and there would be no reason to feel offended. Unless he felt these people are somehow unworthy of talking to him or something, which I feel is not who Rip is. So I’d chalk this up at him being a hurt drama queen.

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  • Jan 24, 201111:06 am
    by detroitpcb


    It sounds like Rip was sympathetic to the uncomfortable situation Hendon was put in by Q and gracefully declined. Isn’t it rather ridiculous that the head coach cannot find the time to talk to his former star player and explain why he was benched, especially since his replacement Ben Gordon is not playing one whit better?

  • Jan 24, 201112:01 pm
    by Laser


    also, let’s not forget rip’s a baby. he’s making $12.65 million dollars to hang around the palace and get shots up. if he’s so miserable, he can ask for a buyout. dumars gave him the gift of a lifetime in a rich, long-term contract that’s hanging around everyone’s neck; is rip too offended to cash his obscene paycheck every two weeks?? i mean, yeah, he’s the damn team mascot, but he doesn’t have to be here if he doesn’t want to. the organization would be thrilled to make him go away.
    there’s just something patently ridiculous about a millionaire moping around the palace and acting all indignant while collecting the largest salary of anyone else in the building. “but it’s not about the money! he wants to play!” yeah, right. he can take a hike any time he wants to. cry me a f*cking river, richard.

  • Jan 24, 201112:03 pm
    by Laser


    and on ben gordon: he’s done nothing to validate the switch, and the overriding feeling should be that this team would be lucky to dump both of these guys. heck, stuckey’s been a dud for like three games in a row now. but the bottom line is that rip could do exactly whatever it is ben gordon has been doing in the new rotation. we need to dump come shooting guards, and it doesn’t much matter who stays and who goes.

  • Jan 24, 20112:29 pm
    by Alan


    Q and Rip haven’t talked in two weeks.  So, Q sends over a messenger and that messenger is Hendon.  Probably not the best choice but an effort at communication nonetheless.  In return, Rip shoots this effort down and exactly how does this help him?  And exactly how does this help the Pistons?  Bottom line is Q made an overture and Hamilton rejected this. 

    And then he goes to the Freep with his complaints!!!  Rip Hamilton is radioactive.  

  • Jan 24, 20112:35 pm
    by ricky mack


    sounds like someone is upset they do not make what Rip makes to sit on the bench and be mad about coming to work and not being able to do anything. I actually think he is better than any of us, because if you had the same chance you would sit on your @ss and be happy. Unfortunately he is a championship player and Kuester looks like Michael Curry but white. It is not exactly like he won anything, so why should I give him the benefit of the doubt. Sure you hate Hamilton but hate him for winning those titles also. Learn a life lesson and know that it cannot always be good in life. This dude actually wants to play for these bums. What did the pistons do that the bulls did but the bulls were able to get out of? They overpaid wallace for what he did in detroit but found a trade partner and look at them. Now for the pistons we got caught up in seeing ben gordon do wonders in a playoff series(celtics) like he won a title or something and he gets just due over hamilton? yeah right , give me some of what you been smoking homie! Can we unload gordon, and what makes you think any top flight or mid level free agent will want to play for kuester after this debacle. Have respect and talk to him like a man, both need to stop playing it out in the media. In the end to me Hamilton gets the nod because he actually has hardware,and dont give me that entitlement $hit because if it was said coach with hardware and player doing w/o we would give the coach the credibilty over the player. Just know Kuester is wrong, period, point,blank.

  • Jan 24, 20115:34 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    @Ricky Mack:
    I understand your point that Hamilton deserves a minimum level of respect because of all he’s given to this franchise.
    He’s also made a very good living for giving what he has. Whether or not Kuester owed him more of an explanation for the benching, and I believe Kuester should’ve handled it better, Rip has simply not been the same player for the past three seasons. His shooting percentage has steadily declined. Kuester stuck with him in the starting lineup a good portion of this season, even when Hamilton clearly wasn’t playing that well.
    I don’t believe Kuester is the long-term solution as coach of this team. But that doesn’t change the fact that Hamilton is responsible for his own performance, and he simply hasn’t done enough to hold that starting job. You can’t just keep running the guy out there because he helped win a title seven years ago. Hamilton clearly doesn’t want to accept a lesser role and accept the fact that he’s no longer the efficient scorer he was at his best. And the team can’t afford to run him out there as their primary offensive option. So the only alternative for both parties is to try and find another team to take Rip.

  • Jan 24, 20115:45 pm
    by Realist


    As I read these post, all everybody cares to talk about is the dollar amount in which Rip is getting paid. Did he earn that money?? HELL YEAH….ALL STAR and a CHAMPION?? HELL YEAH!!!! I am totally disgusted with the way this thing has turned out and with the media and public opinion painting Rip out to be some kind of cry baby. PISTON FANS are toxic ungrateful…I see why it took 13 years for you guys to become relevant in basketball again. You guys never appreciate anything until it’s gone…Rip’s earned the right to bitch if he want’s and if the shoe was on the other foot Dan Feldman you would bitch too if you were the lead writer on a story and all of a sudden your editor came and told you were off the story with no concrete explanation..Everybody is quick to cast the stone….A bunch of ungratefuls..It’s been downhill since “the real brains” John Hammond left the front office. Now all you got is Joe D and his “Yes men” Scott Perry…This team and organization is doomed unless changes are made from the top after new ownership..Another 13 years times 2…Good luck rip..get that buyout and come to Boston Baby..where veterans are welcome and we always take care of our own.

  • Jan 24, 20117:06 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Tom Y., Hendon’s job isn’t to police the players. It’s to protect them. I doubt he was an imposing figure.

  • Jan 24, 20117:07 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    PCB, Kuester should have absolutely found the time sooner. But he found it before the Suns game, and Hamilton wasn’t willing to listen.

  • Jan 24, 20117:08 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Laser, it doesn’t matter how much Hamilton makes. He deserves to be treated with respect.

  • Jan 24, 20117:20 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Realist, did you read my post? I said Hamilton was entitled to be upset Kuester didn’t talk to him sooner. But taking offense that Kuester asked Hendon to send Rip over? That doesn’t make much sense.

    If an editor told me that, I’d be pissed. But if he sent someone to get me so we could talk face to face, I’d go talk to him.

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