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New Jersey Nets want Detroit Pistons to swap Richard Hamilton for Troy Murphy in part of a larger Carmelo Anthony trade with Denver Nuggets

The Nets want to involve the Pistons in a three-way trade for Carmelo Anthony, according to Al Iannazzone of The Record.

In the complicated scenario that’s being discussed, the Nets would send Derrick Favors, Devin Harris and at least two first-round picks to Denver and Troy Murphy’s expiring contract to the Pistons. In return, the Nets would get Anthony and Chauncey Billups from the Nuggets and likely Richard Hamilton from the Pistons, who are looking to shed salary. Hamilton has two years and $25 million remaining on his contract.

I’d have to know the other parts involved, but the bare bones of the deal sound extremely favorable for the Pistons.

When Joe Dumars traded Chauncey Billups, I don’t think it was a coincidence the respected veteran landed in a favorable situation with his hometown Denver Nuggets.

Richard Hamilton could get similar treatment from Dumars. Hamilton’s hometown – Coatesville, Pa. – isn’t far from New Jersey (or even Brooklyn). Perhaps, more importantly, Hamilton would reunite with Billups.

UPDATE: Marc Stein of ESPN confirms the Pistons, Nuggets and Nets are discussing the above trade.

UPDATE 2: The Pistons would have had to give up their first-round pick and take Johan Petro, according to Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News.

UPDATE 3: The trade won’t happen in it’s current form, according to Chris Broussard of ESPN.

UPDATE 4: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports provides more details on the trade:

As Carmelo Anthony demands the New Jersey Nets surround him with veteran talent as a condition for him to commit to a contract extension, his agent has been the driving force behind bringing Detroit Pistons guard Richard Hamilton into multiteam trade talks, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Anthony’s agent, Leon Rose, also represents Hamilton, and sources said he pushed Nets general manager Billy King to bring the Pistons into trade talks with New Jersey and the Denver Nuggets.

The Pistons are determined to trade Hamilton and the $25 million left on his contract, but they refuse to part with the draft pick, sources said.

Most league executives are dubious that Anthony would believe Billups and Hamilton, ages 34 and 32, respectively, would be tantalizing. Nevertheless, Denver has shown little interest in negotiating a trade with New York, and it believes Anthony doesn’t want to risk free agency this offseason when a new labor agreement could cost him tens of millions of dollars in guaranteed money.


  • Jan 7, 20119:29 pm
    by Craig


    I love this trade on so many levels. The glut at the 2 goes away quickly with Rip leaving town. He will always be part of the Pistons family but his time is up and Joe D needs the cap space…

  • Jan 7, 20119:35 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Trade scenario #40715632 – and everyone lived happily ever after…yeah right!

  • Jan 7, 20119:50 pm
    by brgulker


    Oh. My. God. Yes.

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  • Jan 8, 201112:02 am
    by ricky mack


    so its ok to trade for 7 million just for cap space plus take on a garbage mans salary (already have a bunch of those) and give up a first round pick that could possibly be number one or within the top five? color me stupid but I think you all have really lost site of what being a gm really requires.

  • Jan 8, 201112:07 am
    by ricky mack


    new jersey gets better, denver is a winner now plus they get harris and favors. all we get is johan petro(three years at 6.7 per) and expiring contract of troy murphy. This is a good deal? id rather give up gordon if I had to and I still would not do it. Why does denver get new jerseys 2010 number one pick(favors) plus ours for next year and we get fleeced? joe dumars is not as stupid as everyone makes him out to be.

  • Jan 8, 201112:18 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    If you notice, there were updates added that had more specifics about the trade. The initial report said simply the Pistons would give up Hamilton and get Murphy, which is what Dan’s and the first commenters’ original assessments were reacting to. Obviously, I don’t think many people would be in favor of giving up a No. 1 pick, plus taking back Petro’s salary to do this.
    But, since you quoted it, you are way off on what Petro makes. He makes $3.3 next year and $3.5 in the final year. That’s a significant difference from teh $6.7 million you quote.
    But yeah, if the deal were simply Murphy for Hamilton, that would’ve been an unbelievably great deal for Detroit.

  • Jan 8, 201112:24 am
    by Craig


    I’m rescinding my all day long statement after 1st round pick was mentioned as part of the trade. 2nd round maybe.

  • Jan 8, 201112:33 am
    by Laser


    no way am i giving up our first rounder to dump rip. ben gordon’s supposedly tradable, dtuckey’s obviously very tradable. not worth it. what are we left with? no room for improvement. i’d rather give away ben gordon for nothing or stuckey for “something.”

  • Jan 8, 20111:02 am
    by JoshB


    Yeah, the only way you wanna give up a 1st rounder is if your team is gonna improve significantly from whatever player is coming in. I like that they’re talking, but I hope that something more favorable can be worked out.

  • Jan 8, 20111:40 am
    by Laser


    precisely. we’ve seen enough to know that what we’ve got isn’t the answer… even if we could shed rip. but we’d be MUCH better off A) dumping gordon outright, B) getting decent value for stuckey, or C) benching rip and keeping the pick. only way i part with this pick is if it lands us a serious building block. amen.

  • Jan 8, 20112:23 am
    by Cliff


    we are rebuilding right now and it is just plain stupid to trade away a first round pick… thats just counterproductive… the only way trading the first round pick makes sense is if we get someone like derrick favours in return instead of petro

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  • Jan 8, 20114:18 am
    by lk#1


    Probably Nets opened the negotiations with that offer. Hopefully Dumars will be able to exchange first round pick for two 2 rounders and dump Rip.

  • Jan 8, 20118:43 am
    by detroitpcb


    a smart franchise does not trade first round picks unless they are getting a major building block in return. I would trade Rip for troy Murphy but i would never give up a first round pick in the deal.

  • Jan 8, 201111:30 am
    by Troy Drayton


    If we were to ever trade our first rounder, we should be getting someone who can help our team substantially. detroitpcb said it best, first round picks require a building block in return. While Rip’s contract is terrible, its not worth giving up a likely top 10 pick for.

  • Jan 8, 201112:03 pm
    by neutes


    I’m in full support of moving Rip for Murphy or anyone. I’d even take a lesser bad contract in return. But i wouldn’t give up a draft pick, it would have to be lottery protected for life. It’s not like this draft class is currently anything to drool over but if we’re gonna move the pick i’d like to get something really good in return and not just what amounts to dumping rip’s salary. NJ obviously needs picks to send Denver’s way. Why is Melo so overrated? There were reports NJ was going to give up 5 first rounders!!! Thats insane. Melo is a good player don’t get me wrong but wow.

  • Jan 8, 20111:09 pm
    by detroitpcb



    Melo is very overrated but remember the NBA is an agent’s league. Whereever Anthony ends up, chris paul will be following in another season and half.

  • Apr 10, 201312:11 am
    by win on qubids


    Well, I agree with what you wrote, but not with all of it. Regardless, it is all very good material. Thanks!

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