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Never mind on Eric Lefkofsky buying the Pistons if Tom Gores doesn’t

Gregg Krupa of The Detroit News followed up on the earlier news of Eric Lefkofsky buying the Pistons if they can’t reach a deal with Tome Gores:

Chicago Internet entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky was approached about purchasing the Pistons and Palace Sports & Entertainment, but Lefkofsky expressed no interest in the purchase and, so far, there has been no follow-up on the solicitation, a source close to Lefkofsky told The Detroit News on Thursday.

Oh, well. Hopefully, there’s another Wolverine out there in case the Spartan can’t get it done (just like tonight, har, har).


  • Jan 27, 201111:41 pm
    by Keith P


    As a Spartan fan, sometimes I’d like to punch you in your face…

  • Jan 28, 20111:48 am
    by JoshB



  • Jan 28, 20117:15 am
    by Dan Feldman


    Keith, Josh, in case you need help finding my face, it’s the one with a smile like Stu Douglass’ after making a 3-pointer.

  • Jan 28, 20119:01 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    Keith and Josh:
    Whenever Dan gets too out of line with his UM stuff, just think of this photo:
    Maize Rage my ass. Evan Turner OWNS you.

  • Jan 28, 20119:55 am
    by JoshB


    Now that’s funny. There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing smug UM fans have their hearts ripped out by a team that manages to get a big win here and there only to completely flop come tournament time.

  • Jan 28, 20113:48 pm
    by Alan


    Eric Lefkovsky has done real, real well for himself.  I’m not sure he’s done well enough to buy the Pistons.  And I doubt he’s not liquid enough to do so.  Now, maybe if Groupon accepts Google’s offer, where talking a different story here.

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