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Mikhail Prokhorov pulls New Jersey Nets out of Carmelo Anthony trade talks, potentially leaving Richard Hamilton with Detroit Pistons forever

Chris Sheridan of ESPN:

“I’m not happy with the way … this deal has gone until now,” Prokhorov said. “It has taken too long. It has been played out in public and it certainly has taken a toll on the players and I believe that it has cost us several games. I think management did a great job, but there comes a time when the price is simply too expensive. I’m instructing our team to walk away from the deal.”

The Nets have lost six straight, including all four on a just-completed West Coast road trip that ended in Oakland on Monday.

The decision to pull out of the talks was made Tuesday, said Prokhorov, who displayed a discernable level of frustration at the collapse of the deal the Nets had been working on for three months.

“It’s my decision,” said Prokhorov, who said the Nets were given permission to speak with Anthony but never got a “straightforward answer” on the specifics of that meeting.

Prokhorov said he never heard from Anthony.

This is obviously terrible news for the Pistons, considering this was not only the most obvious way to shed Richard Hamilton, it might have been the only way to shed Hamilton. How Detroit will proceed remains a mystery.

In the short term, will Hamilton regain his rotation spot? If he does immediately, that would hurt the credibility of John Kuester, who maintained the decision had nothing to do with the potential trade. If Hamilton still sits most nights, will his attitude deteriorate even more?

In the long term, how will the Pistons build a team while still paying Richard Hamilton at least $21.5 million the next two years?


  • Jan 19, 20119:27 pm
    by Troy Drayton


    I read though that Troy Murphy has requested a trade given the recent cirumstances. That may leave us a VERY small glimmer off hope. Perhaps Rip and a second rounder for Troy Murphy? One can dream. . .

  • Jan 19, 20119:58 pm
    by jayg108


    Murphy doesn’t want to go to Detroit.  It will be easier on everyone if Dumars trades Ben Gordon.  I like BG, but Joe’s master plans to have Stuckey at the 1 and trading Rip didn’t work, and keeping Rip on the bench is low class, so I’m thinking BG’s gotta go.

  • Jan 19, 201110:01 pm
    by Laser


    one can’t dream.
    here’s my take: does it really matter which overpaid, one-dimensional shooting guard backs up stuckey?? dumars made a lot of noise like gordon was a hot commodity, so just trade him. what’s the difference? obviously stuckey needs to play the 2, we need point guards on the floor, and if joe was actually looking towards the future and imagining a roster with stuckey and gordon splitting time at the 2 and cap space to land a zach randolph type, this shouldn’t change a thing. rip and gordon each have their strengths and weaknesses, and the difference in their salaries is less than a vet’s minimum, so we keep rip and dump gordon. right? am i missing something here??
    i just can’t imagine joe goes back to anything resembling the old rotation that never worked when the team’s actually looked good lately for the first time in over two full years.

  • Jan 19, 201110:06 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    I agree with Laser, dump Gordon.  Let’s move on . . . .

  • Jan 19, 201110:08 pm
    by steve


    from the beginning i have wanted to get rid of ben gordon.  no point in having him when he can’t play defense.  he would be good as a vinny johnson type 6th man, but at this point we should for sure get rid of him and keep rip

  • Jan 19, 201110:25 pm
    by Troy Drayton


    who cares what murphy wants? its not like he has a no-trade clause. i agree that trading bg  is a good idea, and id definitely see him being easier to move, but i feel like joe is going to be stubborn about him.

  • Jan 19, 201110:52 pm
    by Laser


    gee, ya’ think??

  • Jan 19, 201111:16 pm
    by nuetes


    who actually had hope this trade was going to happen? c’mon. this situation was doomed from the get go. i agree here though gordon has to go. you can’t build a competitive team with the salaries on this roster.

  • Jan 19, 201111:33 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Jon Barry says this deal is not dead. Jon Barry! He never lies!

  • Jan 20, 201112:02 am
    by Laser


    well look, there’s always the possibility that prohkorov is just fed up and decided the nuggets were being @$$holes, so he told his front office to stop discussions. after all, the ball’s been squarely in denver’s court for months now, and they were probably getting a little ridiculous trying to squeeze everything it could out of an obviously desperate team. russian billionaires aren’t known for their endless patience when someone’s screwing with them– publicly, no less. so this might just be a move to preserve his own dignity. he probably has a very good idea what the bidding competition was like, and he decided to take some power back and try to force denver’s hand a little.
    jon barry aside… george karl, the most outspoken skeptic of all when it comes to this trade, even hinted that it might just have been a negotiating tactic. so who knows? but dumars has to start thinking about plan B right now. and it better not be “stay the course.”

  • Jan 20, 201112:03 am
    by Ryan


    Best case package Rip and T-Mac together.. I think the Mavs may be interested– maybe get Roddy and Ajinca?  I dunno really just brainstorming, I’m sure Joe D has had talks with the mavs. 

  • Jan 20, 201112:12 am
    by jayg108


    Joe D might get lucky.  I bet Melo and Rip’s agent might demand for Rip to be included in on any Melo trade.  Wherever that may be

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  • Jan 20, 20112:30 pm
    by Alan


    I can see why one may suggest its best to trade BG and plug Rip into the 6th man spot.  Frankly, it probably isn’t that simple as it has more to do with chemistry.  Everyone who’s playing for the Pistons right now still has something prove.  Ben Gordon hasn’t accomplished a thing (oustide of excitement) and still has to live up to his contract.  Plus, at 27 years old he still has his best basketball in front of him.  Rip won’t get along with this group and Dumars will wait patiently until a suitor emerges or Rip gives in and accepts a buyout (new mgmt blessing needed). 

    As for the Mavs, they’ve got there eyes on Tayshaun Prince more so than Rip (I suspect). 

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