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Mavericks, Celtics, Bulls and Spurs could be interested in Richard Hamilton

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated tweeted a few updates on Richard Hamilton:

Pistons sale makes a Rip Hamilton buyout tough, but sources believe if Rip is let go Dallas and Boston will most aggressively pursue him.

A couple of executives expressed surprised the Mavs have not tried to trade for Rip. "They must really not want that contract," an exec said

Chicago and San Antonio could also get involved if Hamilton is freed. Bulls likely the only team that could offer Rip a chance to start.

Pistons well aware Hamilton wants to be moved and rival executives say they are doing everything they can to accommodate him.


  • Jan 28, 20113:02 pm
    by nuetes


    I just see it as highly unlikely Rip is bought out. I’m not even sure of the rules but that doesn’t exactly rid them of his cap number. And it allows all those contenders to go after him, and Rip to go to a contender. That’s too much of a gift to give.

  • Jan 28, 20113:09 pm
    by Travis


    A buyout is structured on his salary/contract. Say we bought him out for 10 million dollars, then the 10 mil would be spread over the remaining yrs with the percent equivalent to the percent of what was owed to him outta his old contract that year. And that’s what goes against your cap.

  • Jan 28, 20113:11 pm
    by ricky neal


    from ricky neal i hope bulls do get hanilton they never had rip hamilton in a bulls uniform 

  • Jan 28, 20113:18 pm
    by Quick Darshan


    The best idea I heard proposed by a fellow commenter on another blog would be to trade Rip and Tayshaun for AK-47 and Raja Bell.

    Rip would be a huge upgrade over Bell (whose also signed for three years).  Tayshaun is probably equal to AK-47, but gives them a different look.  Also, the Pistons could just buy him out and he could return to Utah.

    Taking on Rip’s contract is tough, but a lineup of:

    Deron Williams, Rip, Tayshaun, Milsap and Jefferson with
    Earl Watson, CJ Miles, Gordon Hayward, AK-47 and Okur off the bench is pretty damn good.

  • Jan 28, 20113:25 pm
    by Alan


    All Pistons fans are anxious to see a Hamilton departure but your “best idea” doesn’t appeal to me.  Detroit basically trades Hamilton & Prince for Raja Bell.  Sorry, that doesn’t improve the team.

  • Jan 28, 20114:36 pm
    by Laser


    ugh. this buyout talk is getting old. it probably won’t happen and DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT happen.
    chauncey and rip were considered the best starting backcourt in the league. his rookie year, stuckey was great instant offense off the bench and complemented them great. t-mac is playing great, running the offense smoothly, and is a fine temporary replacement for chauncey in this equation. why on earth would we pay rip any amount of money to go away without at least trying this once??
    ben gordon is not special enough to throw this team into a state of utter chaos over. dumars insists there is interest in him, so trade him and be done with it. my hunch is that dumars is too stubborn to trade gordon so soon (essentially admitting what everybody figured out right away: that he’s made a real mess here); i sure don’t see him going as far as to pay rip half the money he’s owed to go away.

  • [...] • The Pistons want to move Rip Hamilton so that they don’t have to pay him $12.5 million next season and at least $9 million in guaranteed money in 2012-13. But they seem to be finding the market weak, and so they may have to negotiate a buyout to get Hamilton out of town. In either scenario — trade or buyout — who might be interested?  [...]

  • Jan 28, 20117:05 pm
    by pistonphenom


    i feel we need too move rip asap…… the teams production an coaching is to poor to have any type of a turn around if you look at it like this the pistons will have one if the leagues highest offseason budgets to spend with some good free agents out there to hopfully make a run for not to mention that melo will be free this offseason but hey i think a LBJ type salary can change anyones mind! we will have the money ot spend someone out there would love too pick up rip an the pistons cant affored a buy out that would just be too much out of the check book…. Joe d you brought this mess to mo town what were you thinking splitin up a startin 5 that had taken you too the con finals what was it 4 years in a row…. you may have thought you were up graden the team but traden some vets but all you were doing is down graden to okay talent with a lot of teachen to be done hope one day we get a good startin five back or atleast a president who knows how to run a franchise…………

  • Jan 29, 20111:06 am
    by Quick Darshan


    @Alan,  That trade gives the Pistons financial flexibiliy going forward regardless of the next CBA.  That will make the Pistons better in the long run.  Possibly freeing up enough cap space to get one of the many big men that will be available in free agency.

    Learn a little bit about the salary cap before mocking a trade idea.

  • Jan 29, 201112:55 pm
    by Jason


    @ Alan – What planet are you living on?? You do realize the situation the Pistons are in right now, right? We have too many wing players, not enougth front court players – and are in need of a new PG. We have no idea if Mcgrady, or Tayshaun will be back next year – and have to spend money to extend Jerebko & Stuckey – leaving us with next to nothing left to spend on a Free Agent.
    Our 2 highest paid playres are SG’s, where we also have decided Stuckey is best fit.. A deal that rids us of a SG, and rids of us his $12 Million salary next year is the best thing the Pistons could ever hope for.
    I myself would MUCH RATHER see Rip & Max for AK-47 straight up, but that is probably less likely.. This way, we’d still have Tay for the rest of the season, but of course let him walk after this year.
    What you don’t seem to understand is that cap flexibility is EXTREMELY important, for a rebuilding Pistons team with many holes to plug.
    Any deal that rids us of Rip’s contract, and gives us money to go after a Zach Randolph – im all for it…
    One last point, if there were ANY deal out there that would have brought us a good player back, it would have been done already… Do you think Dumarts enjoys seeing his HIGHEST paid player sitting on the bench, getting DNP after DNP??
    Any team willing to deal at this point, we just need to unload! It will be a brighter future if so… This i guarantee..

  • Jan 30, 20114:56 pm
    by kalorama


    Team sale or no, I think a buyout is unlikely, at least before the end of the season. As much as both sides need a divorce, I can’t see the Pistons basically gifting Hamilton to the Bulls or Celtics.
    And we can forget about trading him to the Jazz for Kirilenko. Utah basically gave Eric Maynor away and let Wesley Matthews walk for nothing in order to save money. No way they’re trading Kirilenko’s expiring contract for a player with a big price tag who won’t even come close to making them a contender. Swapping AK-47 for Rip doesn’t make them significantly better; it basically switches the hole in their lineup from SG to SF. It’s a lateral move for the Jazz, at best.

  • Jan 30, 20115:43 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Kalorama, the Jazz trade idea would be Hamilton and Prince for Kirilenko. So, the Jazz would have solid players at both wing positions. But I think you’re right that the cost is too high.

    • Jan 30, 201110:41 pm
      by kalorama


      @Dan Feldman:
      The problem for the Jazz would still be the same. Getting Prince and Rip for Kirilenko and Bell wouldn’t make them contenders, and they’d likely only be renting Prince for half a season until he walked as a FA, leaving Utah nothing to show going forward but Hamilton and his contract, and a big hole at the SF spot.
      On the Pistons end, all they’d have to show for Prince and Rip (after Kirilenko walks as a FA at the end of the season) is Raja Bell for 2 more years. They’d have a ton of cap space, but not a lot of topflight FAs are falling over themselves to play in Detroit. And the Jazz’s draft picks are going to be fairly low.
      It’s not a deal that does much to help either team, really (beyond getting rid of Rip).

  • Jan 30, 201110:49 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Kalorama, the deal would help Detroit a great bit. That cap space would be more valuable than Hamilton and Prince, and it’s not even close. The Jazz draft pick is irrelevant, because they wouldn’t send one. They probably wouldn’t make the trade, anyway, but definitely not with a pick.

    By the way, why would Prince necessarily walk as a free agent? He’d be starting for a solid playoff team that’s one the fringe of contending and could probably pay him more than most teams.

  • Jun 27, 20129:06 pm
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