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John Kuester shakes up the Pistons’ starting lineup, now featuring: Tracy McGrady Rodney Stuckey, Tayshaun Prince, Chris Wilcox and Greg Monroe

John Kuester is making a statement. Tracy McGrady, Rodney Stuckey, Tayshaun Prince, Chris Wilcox and Greg Monroe will start against the Grizzlies tonight, according to Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News.

The backcourt is certainly interesting and what many fans had hoped to see. Neither Richard Hamilton nor Ben Gordon has been getting the job done at shooting guard, either starting or off the bench. McGrady has played well lately, and Stuckey is a better shooting guard at this point.

I don’t think Wilcox will hold the power-forward spot. I guess his 13 points and nine rebounds against the Bulls on Monday impressed Kuester. But as Royce Young of Daily Thunder pointed out when the Pistons signed Wilcox, quality performances from Wilcox aren’t unprecedented. Repeating them would be. Villanueva hadn’t done anything to secure the job, so I don’t mind experimenting. I just don’t expect Wilcox to be the answer.

We’ll see if Monroe took the center spot from Ben Wallace, but I suspect this has more to with Wallace’s injury. But Monroe will have a chance to keep starting if he plays well enough.


  • Jan 12, 20113:07 pm
    by lk#1


    Wilcox should not get a single minute o playing time.

  • Jan 12, 20113:16 pm
    by Tortacular


    Monroe should be starting every single game the rest of the way.

  • Jan 12, 20113:51 pm
    by Laser


    wow, well this certainly is interesting…
    my capsule thoughts:
    starting backcourt: t-mac and stuckey are probably our best backcourt combination, and that means they should be starting. glad to see it’s happening, and it will be interesting to watch. t-mac runs the point better than anyone else, and stuckey should never get another start at PG until he figures how to run an offense. this is genuinely exciting.
    bench guards: this will be interesting, too. you’d think bynum would get some minutes, but that would mean someone’s out of the rotation. heck, maybe rip is going to sit for a while. it would make sense on a few levels. between gordon, rip, daye and bynum, it’s hard to see a bench rotation shaping up. we’ll see how this plays out. hey, maybe one of t-mac and stuckey will be on the floor at all times.
    C: safe bet this is due to injury. big ben’s the starter and wilcox the backup. tonight ben’s either going to get limited minutes or max will back up wilcox. i wouldn’t read too much into this. what sticks out to me is that monroe isn’t starting at C alongside villa. so monroe would appear to be the new starting PF…
    PF: …and monroe should be our starting PF for the foreseeable future. there’s nothing wrong with bringing villa off the bench as long he’s playing behind starters who are worthy of the job. monroe makes more sense as a starter, and villa makes more sense off the bench.

  • Jan 12, 20114:06 pm
    by Rodman4Life



  • Jan 12, 20114:18 pm
    by nuetes


    This is great news. Get those overpaid SG’s outta here. Too bad those 5 can’t play 48 minutes, of course, who knows if that will even work. Just because it’s most likely the best lineup we can offer still doesn’t mean it’s good enough. Good way to assess how truly talentless this roster is I suppose.

  • Jan 12, 20114:26 pm
    by Jason


    This is not bad at all, and i’m actually extremely surprised to see this lineup. I think Laser breaks it down pretty spot on, though I do think Wilcox has at least shown some aggressiveness lately, so this “experiment” may be somewhat warranted. However, I’m pretty sure it has more to do with Wallace in pain, as mentioned.
    I’m still quite disappointed, as most fans should be -  that 3 of our 4 highest paid players will be on the bench. BUT, the first sign of recognition on part of the Detroit Pistons that Stuckey IS NOT and WILL NOT ever be a PG in this league makes it that much easier to stomach. On top of that, Im fairly certain RIP isn’t getting too much playing time, out of the “Hope!!” that this trade somehow goes through – however unlikely it now seems.
    Either route, this is a good sign, and hopefully a step in the right direction – in regards to Stuckey. While T-Mac may not be a Piston next season, seeing this workout for the better may entice Dumars to seek a new PG, while keeping Stuck around at SG, perhaps. Anything other then seeing Stuckey at PG for another season is a positive sign in my book.
    I’m starting to see that glimmer of hope again….. Or am i?

  • Jan 12, 20114:48 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    The backcourt moves, in particular, are for the best. But honestly, it’s extremely surprising and contrary to Kuester’s usually slow-footed movement when it comes to drastic changes. To me, this is as big an admission by the coaching staff that the Gordon and Villanueva signings were mistakes that we’ve seen. Very gutsy move by Kuester, but the right one.
    And I agree with Laser, I think Monroe will be the starting power forward and Wallace will continue to start at center when healthy. Wilcox has played decent a few times, but let’s just hold the phone on his production for now.

  • Jan 12, 20115:12 pm
    by Laser


    “slow-footed?” the move is loooooooong overdue. stuckey became this team’s starting point guard on december 12, 2008, and he’s had an absolute stranglehold on the job without doing anything to prove he’ll ever be capable of doing the job. he’s never strung together any significant stretch of good performances (i think his best run was 4 straight impressive games, and he only did that once), and he’s improving statistically but not as far as running the offense.
    sacrmento had the rookie of the year in tyreke evans and moved him to the 2 in his second season. no team in the world would have had stuckey as a starting PG for this long. and nobody with any brains would have had the confidence in this kid to sign two veteran shooting guards to rich, long-term deals in an effort to “build around” him.

  • Jan 12, 20115:16 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Yeah i don’t think Rip will play much either. We don’t want New Jersey to see him stink it up too much and think about backing out.
    @Dan/Patrick or anyone else that has the resources
    Here is a task that i think might be quite impossible to achieve. The task is: Name the amount of starting line ups the pistons have fielded this season (by positions). By this i mean name all the different starting fives from PG, SG, SF, PF & C.

  • Jan 12, 20115:22 pm
    by nuetes


    I’m sure the Pistons have used every possible combination of lineups at this point. As excited as I am about this starting lineup I’m still faced with the fact whatever lineup starts is highly unlikely to finish. Heck it’s not even likely to start the 2nd half. The less Gordon, Rip, Max, and CV the better though. $35 million going to waste you say? At least they’re wasting time on the bench and not on the court. 4/5′s of our starting lineup’s contracts are up at the end of the season.

  • Jan 12, 20115:23 pm
    by gmehl1977


    It seems the better Stuckey improves ‘statistically’ the more he hurts the team doing better in all areas. Step one of the rebuilding stage of this franchise is to trad Rip & then stage 2 is to give Gordon a crack a major minutes at SG. If this fails which it will then stage 3 is to ship Gordon off too. I think the pistons need a 2 way SG like Mikael Pietrus or dare i say it Aaron Afflalo.

  • Jan 12, 20115:37 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Gmehl, Basketball-Reference is a great site:

    • Point guard: Stuckey (31), McGrady (6)
    • Shooting guard: Hamilton (24), Gordon (13)
    • Small forward: Prince (37)
    • Power forward: Maxiell (14), Daye (11), Villanueva (10), Monroe (2)
    • Center: Wallace (36), Monroe (1)
  • Jan 12, 20116:12 pm
    by detroitpcb


    about time!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CV is probably going to the bench because of his inability to stay out of foul trouble. Monroe and Wilcox are starting because Big Ben is hurt and they know Randolph would have Cv fouled out in about 3 minutes.

    But the backcourt is exciting. This is what i have been preaching for a long time. And as far as the bakup point: both Austin Daye and prince can run the club. We don’t need Bynum at the point.

  • Jan 12, 20116:18 pm
    by Jason


    Nuetes -
    Guess i’m not sure which starting lineup you’re referring to.. If today’s lineup, then yes – while it’s nice to see Stuckey moved to SG, its hard to understand what a lineup like this accomplishes. The ONLY positive is more time or Monroe to get experience, and hopefully develop into something consistent.
    The problem is that if CV, Gordon, Daye, Monroe are the four guys that are the future of this team – well they should all be on the court at the same time… Put T-Mac in that lineup, and at least we can see where they are at. With T-Mac, at least there is a chance we will attempt to offer a contract, but its unlikely he’ll be here.
    Wasting time on trying to “Win” this season no longer makes sense.. Of course the East sucks, and there is a chance still for an 8 seed – but that’s as far as were going this season. Lets see what we have in our long term players, anything else is a waste of time…

  • Jan 12, 20116:28 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Gordon is not going to be part of the future of this franchise. and they may well decide to resign T-Mac along with Stuckey

  • Jan 12, 20116:29 pm
    by Laser


    i have a feeling this is very much about winning later. if stuckey’s going to be a part of this team going forward, it’s got to be as a SG. and they seem dead-set on him being a part of the team.
    or, heck, maybe they’ve decided the only true untouchables are daye, monroe and our first-rounder and they want to at least showcase everyone in combinations that will maximize their effectiveness. and, by necessity, that means the ball can’t spend very much time in stuckey’s hands.

  • Jan 12, 20116:44 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Interesting…the pistons are 9-10 when leading at halftime. i can’t believe we have led 19 out of 37 (51%) games this year. Oh yeah wait we have all witnessed seeing this team crumble in 3rd quarters :-(

  • Jan 12, 201110:48 pm
    by Jason


    Detroitpcb -
    So you think someone else will be willing to take on Gordon’s fairly massive contract? Like it or not, Gordon is part of this teams future, it’s naive to believe otherwise.

  • Jan 12, 201111:54 pm
    by jack


    Personaly i thought the Starting lineup was good for the most part. Besides the usual 3rd quarter meltdown, i thought they played with an effort level which on most nights is good enough to win ball games. Give the Grizz sme credit. They hit tough shots all night and had contribution on all facets of the game from everyone they played out there.

    I think if the Pistons replicate this effort in Toronto and against the Kings, i think they will/can go 2-0.

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