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If Dallas Mavericks show interest in trading for Pistons forward Tayshaun Prince, injured Mavericks forward Caron Butler could come to Detroit

The Dallas Mavericks are interested in trading for Tayshaun Prince, according to Marc Stein of ESPN. Stein warns that the Mavericks want to assess their team further with Dirk Nowitzki back before making a trade. But they’re exploring targets, anyway, and that includes Prince:

Prince isn’t nearly the threat offensively that (Stephen) Jackson would be, which is a problem because Dallas’ needs are primarily on the offensive end. But Prince is in the final year of his contract ($11.1 million) and thus combines affordability with his proven playoff resume. The more immediate roadblock to acquiring the lanky lefty, sources say, is that the Pistons have been reluctant to consider Prince trade scenarios while waiting to see if the three-way deal for Carmelo Anthony involving Rip Hamilton finally gets done after a week-plus of trade limbo.

Speculating, a trade of Tayshaun Prince for Caron Butler and a draft pick and/or young player could work. Butler suffered a season-ending injury, but his expiring contract would help the Pistons retain financial flexibility. Prince would benefit from playing for a contender.

Besides a draft pick, the Mavericks could also offer Dominique Jones, Ian Mahinmi and/or Alexis Ajinca as incentive for the Pistons.

Butler is owed $300,304 less than Prince the rest of the season, so that could entice Pistons owner Karen Davidson.


  • Jan 16, 20117:37 pm
    by Jeremy


    Would getting Dominique Jones, Ian Mahinmi and/or Alexis Ajinca  be a good thing? I’m not familiar with any of them.

  • Jan 16, 20117:44 pm
    by timao


    with big ben, wilcox and monroe, the pistons wouldn’t benefit a lot from mahinmi. and think of daye: take away 3 point range. now make it a poor man’s daye without the 3pt range. ajinça
    these players won’t help the pistons at all

  • Jan 16, 20118:11 pm
    by Patrick Hayes



    Dominique Jones is a player I like a lot, but he projects more as a Gordon/Terry type of instant offense shooting guard off the bench and, as such, he’s probably not a guy the Pistons would have serious interest in.

    Mahinmi and Ajinca are both project bigs who have bounced around for a few seasons and were both at one time late first round picks. Both guys are really young but incredibly raw still. Ajinca, in particular, has some appeal because he’s a very good shot blocker.

  • Jan 16, 20118:15 pm
    by Patrick Hayes



    I think you’re scouting report on Ajinca is pretty off man. First of all, dude ways about 60 more pounds than Daye and is a forward/center. That’s one of the weirdest comparisons I’ve ever heard. They’re really nothing alike as players or prospects.

    Ajinca’s a seven-footer, blocked about 3 shots per game in only 24 minutes in his d-league assignments, he’s strong, reasonably athletic and only 23-years-old.

    And you wouldn’t want to take a look at a big like that as a throw-in in a trade for a player who’s not even going to sign here anyway next year in Prince why? Because the Pistons already have Wilcox and Wallace? I don’t understand the reasoning. Young bigs with upside like Ajinca and Mahinmi are exactly the type of players the Pistons can afford to give extended looks to the rest of this season.

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  • Jan 16, 20118:36 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    I was hoping for something a little sexier than a hurt Caron Butler and project big for Tayshaun, but hey, whatever. Do it!

  • Jan 16, 20118:59 pm
    by Jason


    @ Patrick – EXACTLY!!!
    And not to mention moving Prince now gives Daye a starting spot, and that many more minutes of experience to develop his game.. Making this sort of trade would be IDEAL for the Pistons this year, and for those who care – puts Prince in a good situation as well..
    The way I see it, a deal like this comes along – you take it!

  • Jan 16, 20119:25 pm
    by Jeremy


    Tayshaun ought to have some value.

  • Jan 16, 20119:28 pm
    by Jeremy


    Trade them Rip for Butler if the Nets deal falls through. He should do well with Kidd and Dirk.

  • Jan 16, 201110:19 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Did anyone read that article at realgm.com the other day about the Clippers looking to trade Kaman for an up grade at small forward?
    Well they apparently have Tayshaun in there sights. Their contacts are: Kaman $11.8M (2 years) – Prince $11.15M (1 year). Now this deal probably wouldn’t get done with just these 2 guys cause the pistons are still up for sale but if you add in Jason Maxiell and Brian Cook then it works out perfectly for both teams needs.

    Pistons get
    Kaman $11.8M (2 years)
    Cook $1.15M (1 year)
    The Pistons get something for Prince and what better way than to get a local guy in Kaman who would slot straight into the starting center position. Kaman would be book straight in to see Arnie Kander on one of his modified programs that work so well for guys that seem to do everything but what Kander does.

    Clippers get
    Prince $11.15M (1 year)
    Maxiell $5.0M (2 years)
    The Clippers get the upgrade at small forward they want and if it doesn’t work out then they can let Prince walk. They get Maxiell who would be an adequate backup for Griffin at power forward. They do have Craig Smith for that role but Maxiell can also play some center if required.
    I think this is one of those deals that could work for both teams as it for one sends Prince back home to LA where he is from and Kaman back to Detroit where he is from. Secondly it covers both teams needs positional wise and it works out financially. Both guys are probably at best fringe all-stars so neither team is really doing the other team over too much. I say this is better than the proposed Caron Butler deal with Dallas. Any thoughts?????

  • Jan 16, 201110:31 pm
    by Quick Darshan


    I was hoping Dumars would sign Mahinmi in the off-season (especially for what Dallas signed him for).

    He’s much more athletic than Ajinca (who has a better offensive game).  It would be really worth it to give him a lot of minutes.  He’s never really gotten a shot because he’s been behind a lot of good players.

  • Jan 16, 201110:46 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    A small forward who’d likely be a rental for half a season and who isn’t a primary offensive option or the defender he used to be doesn’t have much value.
    And even if he did, it’s not like the Pistons can deal him for someone who makes more money or is signed longer term because they can’t add salary. So they can lose him in the offseason for nothing, or they could explore a deal like the one proposed above and maybe come out of it with young big who might turn into a rotation player.
    If the Pistons had the freedom to make any kind of move and add salary, then yeah, Prince might be more valuable. But they don’t, so they either let him expire or they make a minor trade involving him for a fellow expiring contract and a prospect or low late first or second round pick. I can’t imagine them getting much more.

  • Jan 16, 201110:58 pm
    by gordbrown


    Let me get this straight. Prince and Butler are identical insofar as they both expire at the same time, but Prince can play and Butler cannot. The difference between this is more than somebodies cast off that might turn into a decent player if given playing time but just as easily might not. I don’t think so.

  • Jan 16, 201111:15 pm
    by jk281


    I think the Mavs packaging this years late 1st round pick along with Butler for Prince would be fair for both sides. We get a 1st round whie retaining the same cap space, and clear more PT to speed up Daye’s development for next year. The Mavs get back about the same level impact player as they lost in Butler for just a late 1st-round pick that they normally dont do a lot with anyways, based on their history of going with veterans over youth.

    If its a 2nd round pick, no way, we can find a better offer than that for Tay, who is having a great year, let alone his valuable EXP.

  • Jan 17, 201112:19 am
    by Vince


    If I had a choice between the (hypothetical) Clippers offer or Mavs’ one I’d send Tay to Dallas in a heartbeat, though I’m not a fan of Butler, I’d be more excited about the addition of Mahinmi and/or Ajinca (mostly Mahinmi) and the first round pick, I’ve always thought Mahinmi could turn into a Tyson Chandler type of Center and was dissapointed that Joe didn’t sign him in the pre-season.


    “with big ben, wilcox and monroe, the pistons wouldn’t benefit a lot from mahinmi”

    Wallace isn’t what he used to be, Monroe is sure to be starting next year, it’s my understanding that Detroit won’t re-sign Wilcox, so I don’t see where the Pistons WON’T benefit from Mahinmi, he could share minutes with Ben and/or Max, its true he still is very raw, his offense is questionable but his defence isn’t too bad compared to other players on the Pistons’ roster.

    I’d be hella excited to see that deal go through, as well as the one that hopefully will go down in New Jersey.

  • Jan 17, 20111:29 am
    by Laser


    may as well get soma value for tay. a worthless expiring contract is just as good as his come next season, and we NEED to focus on the future. exclusively.

  • Jan 17, 20113:21 am
    by Ryan


    Over past couple of months I’ve read some positive analysis on Ajinca and his oozing potential.

    Mavs with Tay would be a pretty interesting team. 


    with terry, barea,  marion

    well their bench is not the deepest but I think prince could be a pretty nice third option and would give the mavs at least a shot to challenge spurs and lakers instead of getting run off the court

  • Jan 17, 20113:48 am
    by Kaneda


    If we end up dealing with the Mavs on a Prince trade I would try and make Beaubois part of the deal.

  • Jan 17, 20118:01 am
    by detroitpcb


    Tay should have a lot of value based on his history and play this season. Butler & a first round pick – maybe. Butler alone – no deal.

    And Joe is not in a position to take on Kaman’s contract until the sale goes through – there is no way that Karen takes on more payroll before the Pistons sell.

  • Jan 17, 201111:22 am
    by Jeremy


    Normally we walk about players who can’t be moved because of their lengthy contracts but your concern with Tay is that his expiring contract reduces the commitment? Prior to a CBA adjustment?
    Tay is a proven winner who should have dispelled any notions of decline held by anyone who has watched him this season. He’s right on his career averages in rebounds (4.7) and assists (2.7) and is scoring a near-career high 14.5 points (behind 14.7 in 04-05) at a career high 49.4%. His 3pt fg% is also at a near career high of 41.5%. No injuries. If he’s traded to a team that is successful with him why wouldn’t he re-sign there? I’m sure Tay has plenty of value around the league still.
    If the deadline is approaching and it’s clear the team isn’t going to be sold, sure, trade him off for whatever you can get, but that would be silly right now.
    Trades will be easier to pull off if Melo finally gets moved, too, whether or not it involves the Pistons. Unless you’re excited about any of those young players this sounds like selling pretty low.

  • Jan 17, 201111:23 am
    by Jeremy


    *walk=talk :)

  • Jan 17, 201112:04 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Well, I wouldn’t say I’m excited about them. I’m just saying Pistons fans have always tended to overvalue Prince’s actual worth (as evidenced by the years of people thinking Atlanta would trade Josh Smith straight up for Prince).
    I’m not necessarily saying he’s declined. He’s just a limited offensive player who doesn’t defend as well as he used to. For example, if you’re weighing between Prince and Stephen Jackson or Gerald Wallace, two other wings reportedly available, the only reason you’d take Prince over either of those guys is because of his contract.
    He’d be a fine role player on any good team that wants him. I just don’t think he’s going to yield much in return, other than a non-lottery first round pick or a young player with some upside. I think Dallas has those young upside guys in Ajinca/Mahinmi/Beaubois or their first rounder.
    I just don’t see any team giving up much more than that for him. Losing teams won’t want Prince unless it’s to cut costs. And really, what is out there in that regard? Kaman from the Clippers, who is a constant injury risk? Brand in Philly, who is extremely overpaid?
    Randolph is supposedly out there, and the Pistons would certainly need Prince’s contract to make a deal for him, but Memphis isn’t going to simply exchange him for expiring deals. The Pistons would most likely have to give up one of their Daye/Jerebko/Monroe group to make that happen, or their first round pick, and that’s not worth it.
    Stranger things have happened, and I’m not saying Prince would be a poor addition to any team, I just don’t see him yielding much in return.

  • Jan 17, 20111:42 pm
    by Jeremy


    If I had to choose between Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson, and Prince, I’d go with Crash. If I particularly needed scoring Stephen Jackson would have an edge on Prince, though Tayshaun has shown he can put up big numbers this season.
    Besides for a more friendly contract, Tayshaun has the best playoff pedigree and he should be most appealing to teams lacking depth, as he has held up the best throughout his career. Gerald Wallace is the youngest but he has the greatest tendency towards injury. Tay may have the best basketball IQ of the bunch.
    I’m sure there’s more you could say about them but my point is they’re all quality players that are appealing in slightly different ways. I think it comes down to fit which one you go for and in most cases a team would be happy with any of the three.
    Again, I just don’t see a reason to trade Tay for essentially nothing until we’re up against the deadline and nothing better has happened. I should add that a low first round pick seems a lot like nothing to me (or maybe worse than nothing considering the extra cap hold for yet another mediocre player who may or may not make the rotation). So, unless you really like any of Dallas’ young players, what’s the point in dealing with them?
    The only reason to trade him for nothing, at least right now, is to throw the season for better lottery odds (which isn’t going to happen).
    Again, I do see Dallas as an option for Rip if the Melo deal falls through, but I would personally take Crash or Captain Jack over him in a heartbeat. I could see Rip doing well in Dallas though.

  • Jan 17, 20114:20 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Patrick, I think you’re underrating Prince’s value. I think the Pistons can get a better piece in return than a late first rounder.

    That said, Prince isn’t playing well as he used to when you consider he’s no longer a lock-down defender (although, to be fair, his defense is better than it was the previous couple years).

  • Jan 17, 20116:29 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    I never saw Tayshaun as a “lock-down” defender.  He just used his length to play the percentages.  And in the past with a better defense behind him, he would play tighter D.  He still plays smart defense and often switches onto the other teams’ PG to slow them down.  He still plays his brand of D, is an exceptionally versatile and intelligent player.  If anything, he has been undervalued for a long time (except his contract, which is quite hefty).

  • Jan 17, 20118:52 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    I mean, I’ve read everyone’s evaluations of Prince. I think they’re fair and I agree with most everything said on here. He’s an exceptional, intelligent role player for a good team.
    I just haven’t heard a compelling case as to why any good team would give up anything more than a late first rounder or marginal prospect in a trade to get him. I think Stephen Jackson or Gerald Wallace would potentially put a title contending team over the top. Prince? I don’t think he does it.
    And I’ve also not heard a compelling trade scenario where, even if the Pistons suddenly are in position to add salary, there’s a player signed long-term out there who is both available in a salary dump-type trade and would be worthwhile for the Pistons to get.

  • Jan 17, 20119:50 pm
    by Jeremy


    I don’t think you trade him right now. We’re a week into Gores’ negotiating period. Everything changes if he buys the team in the next couple of weeks because Tay can be traded for a bigger contract. If you want to move him for nothing (selling very low) then do it closer to the trade deadline, when you’ll have a more likely shot of getting something more than nothing anyways. At that point teams will be decidedly unloading players and making playoff pushes as approriate.
    Also, I think Tay is more than a great role player. He’s shown the ability to function as a first scoring option this year frequently playing that role and sporting a high fg% doing it. I wouldn’t peg him as that on a championship team, but he can fill in when needed, such as due to injury. We know he can sit back and leave the scoring to others or he can fill in as a second or third option as needed. That along with (and as a function of) his intelligence and defense makes a pretty complete player in my eyes, and one who I would definitely want for championship contention. Really, you wouldn’t? He’s kind of having a career year right now, don’t you think?

  • Jan 18, 201112:37 am
    by Rodman4Life


    Captain Jack and Gerald Wallace weren’t on the Olympic team, and Jackson would need the ball a lot to produce (which a contending team probably doesn’t want: an outsider to come in and need touches).  Tay plugs right in, he gets it, doesn’t need the ball, guards multiple positions, posts up, etc.  He DOES put a contending team over the top.  The only thing I am willing to concede is that good teams can only offer very late draft picks.

  • Jan 18, 20118:42 am
    by Jeremy


    Agreed. Good teams can also offer young players with promise who often can’t make a good team’s rotation. Tay could also be useful to teams trying to make the playoffs or improve their standing, not just to the top contenders.

  • Jan 19, 20111:19 am
    by ernie3030


    I think we should convince the mavs to “go large”.
    Send them Prince, Gordon, Tmac, and Maxiel.
    Works on ESPN (doesn’t mean it works in reallife).
    Keep a couple of the younger guys and cut the rest.  Have a boat load of cap space and maybe try to pry away Marc Gasol next season…  perhaps resign butler or bring prince back.
    Draft Alec Burks.

  • Apr 9, 201311:40 pm
    by temporary hair chalk


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