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Golden State Warriors reportedly interested in Tayshaun Prince

Well, you can certainly tell the trade deadline is approaching. After all of this weekend’s discussions about New Jersey’s interest in Rip Hamilton, comes a report from the San Francisco Chronicle that the Golden State Warriors are interested in the Pistons other veteran wing, Tayshaun Prince:

The Warriors are interested in Tayshaun Prince and have been intrigued by Zach Randolph, two guys who might fit that description and could be available.

This rumor is ultimately less exciting. Not that the Warriors don’t have a couple young players that could be intriguing to the Pistons, but because it’s likely Golden State wants Prince because of his expiring deal. The team already has $17 million in expiring contracts next season, and it has been no secret that they’d probably like to rid themselves of their long-term commitment to Andris Biedrins.

The Pistons once coveted Biedrins — so much so that they reportedly asked for him in a potential Chauncey Billups trade a few years ago and Golden State said no. But since, Biedrins’ game has declined significantly (his PER two years ago was 19.1 but dropped to 13.0 last year and 13.1 so far this season). He’s signed for about $27 million over the next three seasons. The Pistons could probably do much better if they chose to move Prince’s expiring deal.


  • Jan 9, 20116:08 pm
    by Laser


    i could see them doing this as a part of a trade that included both rip and tayshaun. biedrins would be an amazing get for rip, not so much for tayshaun. but if we traded both and got back biedrins and something else nice, i’d gladly do that.

  • Jan 9, 20118:22 pm
    by Patrick Hayes



    It’s moot now since it looks like Rip is close to going to NJ (knock on wood), but even if he weren’t, it’s hard to see GS taking him back even if they coveted Prince. They have signed Ellis long-term and have Curry as well, plus they have Dorell Wright at the three, so taking two wings for Biedrins would make them really overloaded at those spots.

    Biedrins is terrible this year, but some team might take a look at him because he’s still young and seven feet. They could get way better value than having to take Rip’s contract for him.

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