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Ben Gordon talks to Hoopsworld about uncertainty of this year’s Pistons

Interesting timing after the discussion here yesterday, but Ben Gordon talked to Hoopsworld‘s Alex Kennedy Monday and had this to say:

“When you see stuff happening to a guy like Richard Hamilton, who has won a championship here and had so many great years, I’d be foolish to think that the same couldn’t happen to me or anybody else in this room. That’s what’s going on right now with our team,” Gordon said.

For what it’s worth, but Vince Ellis and Vincent Goodwill expressed skepticism that Gordon would be traded. I think Gordon was probably just making general comments about how the players view the situation rather than saying he feels like he’s being dangled in trade talks.

(Hat-tip to Steve Kays on the link)


  • Jan 26, 201110:44 am
    by Jason


    I don’t blame him at all for these comments. I mean, how can you? When your HIGHEST paid player is officially no longer part of the team, it’s got to be disheartening to all players around him, whether they have close relationships or not.
    I’m not saying I don’t agree with benching RIP, clearly the team is playing much better as of late. But is that because Rip is out, or is it because McGrady has taken the bulk of the PG minutes? I for one believe it’s the latter.
    I understand there are too many guards to get everyone in the game – but are we supposed to believe this wasn’t a concern from the beginning of the season? This wasn’t a concern when signing Ben Gordon as our 2nd highest paid player – knowing Rip was tied up for the future at the same position??
    It’s completely ridiculous if you ask me, and the fact that Rip has been with the Pistons so long, his achievements with the team, etc aren’t even the issue here, it boils down simply to the financials. I just simply cannot fathom how a guy making over $12 Million dollars this year, and set to make the same next year – is going on 10 DNP’s in a row!!
    I don’t care that the Pistons are doing good lately – this again has nothing to do with Rip being OUT of the lineup, I’m just not buying it…
    As Gordon said, even guys who weren’t part of the Pistons championship team are taking notice, and i can only imagine it will affect decision making in the future. Will T-Mac really want to resign with a team that can so easily dismiss their so called “Star’ players – whom are still in contract? You cannot tell me things like this won’t play out in the minds of the players.. It’s disrespect, no matter how you look at it. Sure Rip’s numbers are down, but it’s not like he’s been awful. He still hustles, he still brings constant energy and hard work, and I truly believe you start him next to McGrady – he would be right back to his normal self…
    I understood sitting him during the trade rumor – and am sure we are still actively shopping him – but you still have to put him on the floor. Let him show other teams why they should trade for him – now that the young Pistons have started to gain some confidence.
    I can only hope we will work out a trade that will send Rip to a good situation. I sure hope Dumars is talking to the Mavs.. Caron Butler’s expiring for Rip seems like such a smart move for both sides, i’m shocked we haven’t heard more about these teams talking. Rip would fit in PERFECTLY aside J.Kidd – and the cap space would be everything we could hope for. The Mavs are built to win NOW – and they aren’t getting any younger.. Put Rip on that squad, and they are in my opinion the number one threat in the West…

  • Jan 26, 20112:19 pm
    by Laser


    on the shooting guard situation: i don’t think there’s any explanation in the world why dumars thought it was a good idea to invest so heavily in the shooting guard position. maybe he thought rip was more movable than he turned out to be (and last year’s injury certainly may have been a factor)… there’s no reason to be so certain stuckey would be able to run an effective offense at the point. joe blew it. plain and simple.
    on going forward: i don’t know what the answer is as long as rip’s still on the roster. at this point it’s probably VERY important to see what we have in our other players. i don’t think it would matter which of our shooting guards was out of the rotation, but you’re not going to increase ANYONE’S value by fielding a rotation that includes all three of them. EVER. so perhaps the organization’s intent is to play good basketball and re-ignite interest in the team, maybe their interest is seeing who else should be a part of the team and who can be moved so the team can be better in the future.
    rip would be a great get for the mavs, i think. i’m not sure how stevenson has been for them lately, but rip would probably be a major improvement for them, and they’re as far from a “youth movement” as any team in the league right now. but if rip can’t be traded, it’s probably important to see how stuckey and gordon play together and how this team plays with good decision makers making decisions with the ball, rather than a motley crew of unspectacular shooting guards.

  • Jan 26, 20114:17 pm
    by Jason


    I definitely get what your saying, Laser. You ahve to try out some new rotations, especially when the consensus is tha tou are trying to move Rip. Surely, both Dumars and Kuester thought he would be gone by now, which is what is making all of this that much harder.
    But it makes sense that we need to see what else we ight have, In Stuckey at SG, that is. I like that we’ve finally decided to do it, but I just wonder how different this team might be had we moved Stuck to the 2, prior to signing Stuck. We could have invested our money into a premiere PG, or C – or mid-level deals at both position. My god this would be a different team.. Now im jsut rambling of course, but it makes you think..
    Lets just hope if T-Mac does not sign with us, we don’t just decide to throw Stuck back into the PG role, (Assuming we resign Stuck, which is almost guaranteed to happen it seems)
    And as for Dallas, I just can’t see a better fit for Detroit or Dallas, to be honest. Im in shock that Dallas picked up Peja Stojakovich, and isn’t looking at Rip. I don’t recall Hamilton and Carlisle ever getting into any altercations, am I mistaken? That’s the only thing I could see holding this back, but if not – Im Just as surprised that Carlisle isn’t pleading to Cuban to go after him….
    Or is Carlisle just pissed at Dumars, and doesn’t want to do Detroit any favors??? haha.. This seems the most likely..

  • Jan 26, 20114:19 pm
    by Jason


    * Prior to signing GORDON that is….

  • Jan 27, 20113:34 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    Jason, adding Rip would be way, way, way more costly than adding Stojakovic for the Mavericks. Even if they thought Rip was a better player, that doesn’t make it a better move.

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