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Tweet-troit: Tracy McGrady’s pitching arm could get him Cliff Lee money

With the Pistons playing poorly and things growing negative around here, I’m going to try and shake things up a bit with some random posts that will hopefully remind people that there are still likable guys on this team, it’s still the NBA, and ultimately, we’re all lovers of basketball, right? There’s certainly a time and a place to be critical, but a couple times a week, I’m going to at least try and post some lighter fare that is a reprieve from the swirling negativity around the team’s immediate future.

The only place to find pro athletes unfiltered nowadays is on Twitter. Periodically, I’ll compile the best of what Pistons players are Tweeting about.

We all know that Tracy McGrady is working his way back from a knee injury that contributed to him going from one of the highest paid players in the league to a player who had to beg around for a veteran’s minimum deal last offseason just to prove he could still play.

But if the whole basketball thing doesn’t work out, McGrady’s not giving up on other ways to get big-money contracts:

I think I need to get my pitching arm back in shape the way these baseball players getting that $

And don’t just think it’s McGrady joking around. He’s crowd-sourcing Twitter for help realizing this dream:

I need a part time catcher to help get started..any volunteers? Lol

I’ll give my catcher 5% once we make the big league

That’s great pay in any economy. But it’s a shame he’s going to concentrate on pitching with this kind of power:

Tracy McGrady Softball Classic

Barry Bonds would be proud of that home run trot. And just to prove that McGrady is a man of fancy tastes who can afford to pay a personal catcher such an exorbitant salary, he concluded his day of Tweeting with this:

Ight I’m off to have some moscato and a cigar..y’all hold it down on this Twitter shyt!!

1 Comment

  • Dec 10, 201011:19 am
    by Laser


    this is funny. what’s he gonna be, kenny powers? ha.
    also, not to hijack these comments, but i was just reading about the sale of the team and thinking about the situation. buying a professional sports franchise is no small matter. you’d have to be an idiot not to have some concept of the business you’re about to invest half a billion dollars in. nobody associated with this sale who knows a damn thing (including interested observers) thinks this team should stand pat, and i think most everyone knows that the team will appreciably improve its value with significant material changes. i understand that whoever’s going to buy the team would want input and to know what they were buying, but could karen davidson actually be stupid enough to keep this mess together just because the team hasn’t been sold yet?? anyone who’s close to the team knows that changes can only improve the team’s overall value.

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