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The Detroit News’ Pistons source on Richard Hamilton: ‘He quit on us’

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Excellent reporting by Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News today on Richard Hamilton’s status with the Detroit Pistons:

Hamilton’s non-participation in Saturday’s practice, along with his upset stomach that caused him to miss Sunday’s game and complaints about his diminished role have led some in the organization to wonder if Hamilton has quit on the Pistons.

"He quit on us," one team source said. Another team source said Hamilton is acting out of emotion and should adjust.

Hamilton’s been on the trading block for two years, and he would like a change of scenery.

And, on Sunday, just before a game against the New Orleans Hornets, Hamilton, who was replaced in the starting lineup over the weekend by Ben Gordon, told the team he had an upset stomach and could not play. After the game, a number of people associated with the team questioned his "upset stomach."

It looks like the Allen Iverson trade has harmed the Pistons again. Hamilton saw Iverson’s bag of tricks to show unhappiness, and now he’s reaching into it, too.

I remember Joe Dumars once saying he’d drive any player himself to the airport who doesn’t want to be in Detroit. Of course, there’s still time for Dumars to put out this fire and Hamilton to return to the team. But if that doesn’t happen, we’ll know whether Hamilton’s contract is tradable.


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  • Dec 21, 20109:52 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    Hamilton, although he’s expensive, could certainly help a contending team.

    But honestly, if I’m a GM with the resources to pay his salary, my biggest question is what type of player does Rip Hamilton think Rip Hamilton is at this point? My biggest worry would be the fact that I would be acqiring a role player who thinks he’s a star player.

    If Hamilton wants out, and to be clear, I don’t blame him for wanting out, he just needs to play his way out. Stop getting techs. Go be a bench player. Make shots. Then a desperate team at the deadline that strikes out on other deals might come looking.

  • Dec 21, 201010:09 am
    by Glenn


    I saw that there’s advanced talks in a multiple team trade centered on Carmelo to the nets, maybe Joe is saving Rip to include in something like that?

  • Dec 21, 20102:17 pm
    by frankie d


    the billups/Ai trade has proven to be dumars’ worst ever decision and the point made in this posting is definitely part of that legacy.
    my problem with the article is the fact that it clearly relies on “inside” sources that may very well include dumars himself.
    and these insiders are clearly blaming hamilton for the pistons’ problems this year.
    rip definitely is part of the problem.
    no doubt.
    but where in this article, or the terry foster rant on coach k recently, or any article in memory, is any mention of the responsibility dumars has for the current situation?
    for example, this fan was shocked when gordon was signed without their being some sort of simultaneous trade of rip.  having both players on the team made no sense, financially, or how their presence would play out on the court.  in fact, when i read chicago papers at that time and they were full of rumors about the pistons’ interest in gordon, i did not believe it, because it made no sense to sign him when there appeared to be no interest in moving rip.
    (and despite all of the “his contract is so bad he cannot be traded” talk, that rationale is repeatedly shown to be untrue.  the latest example of a bad contract being traded is the arenas/lewis trade.  arenas’ contract has to be the worst, or one of the worst, in nba history, yet, he just got traded.  and jason richardson has been  traded several times over the last few years despite a horrible contract.  so the idea that a bad contract prevents rip from being moved is simply belied by repeated examples where similarly bad contracts have been traded.  and that does not account for reports of published interest by other teams in rip.)
    so, obviously rip is acting like an a@@ and should be held accountable.
    but where is there any mention of or accountability for the guy who is responsible for assembling this mess of a roster?

  • Dec 21, 20102:22 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    “but where is there any mention of or accountability for the guy who is responsible for assembling this mess of a roster?”


    Right there. PistonPowered: the only source of holding Joe Dumars accountable on the ‘net.

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