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Spears: Richard Hamilton might push for a trade soon, Pistons compliant

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports:

Pistons guard Rip Hamilton is growing increasingly frustrated with his new role coming off the bench and could push for a trade soon, sources said. The Pistons have been open to trading Hamilton for a while, but his contract and age have tempered the interest from potential suitors.


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  • Dec 25, 20109:30 pm
    by Kueforquestionmark


    I’d take a draft pick from a lottery team at this point, or a solid big man PLEASE!

  • Dec 26, 20101:40 am
    by Laser


    i’d take “absolutely nothing in return” right about now. #toomanyshootingguards
    also, i saw this headline on yahoo, and it doesn’t ring true. hard to grow “increasingly” frustrated with just a single game off the bench… but i could see it being a particularly frustrating one. a complete microcosm of this team’s problems.

  • Dec 26, 20104:32 am
    by gmehl1977


    Cut him loose if he wants it i say. It is really best for both parties involved. There is only 1 reason he hasn’t been traded yet and 1 reason only…and that is due to his ridiculous contract. The only thing Joe can do is aim for a lateral move. By lateral i mean trade him for and equally bad contract. I am thinking Elton Brand for Hamilton & Maxiell. Everyone laughed at me last year when i said we should trade Rip for Okafor. His contract would be a small price to pay to free up the SG clog on this roster.

  • Dec 26, 20109:05 am
    by detroitpcb


    would be willing to bet that Bn Gordon gets traded nd not Rip since their are more teams interested in him. Especially now that Larry Brown hs been fired in Charlotte.

    also, though it was only one game, you could see in that Toronto game (even though Toronto plays horrible defense) what it means to Rip to play with T-Mac who gets ball to him with perfect timing rather than a second late. That means everything to a shooter like Rip. I suspect he is going to enjoy his role off the bench. This article is probably just some sportswriters spin though i know Rip wsn’t happy about the benching. But in terms of on-floor combinations – it should have been done long ago

  • Dec 26, 20105:44 pm
    by Vince


    I have to agree with pcb, BG has more of a chance of getting traded then Rip, if that is the case he’d probably be headed either to the Kings or Bobcats, Thompson and a first round pick for Gordon, or Tyrus Thomas and a second round pick for Gordon, Maxiell. I wouldn’t mind trading for Okafor either as gmehl pointed out, I just hope that if there is a trade, that it comes quick, and gets rid of some of the bad contracts sitting around.

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