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Rodney Stuckey might be the Piston most likely to be traded

This is just a hunch, but I think the Pistons are going to trade Rodney Stuckey before the trade deadline.

Obviously, this post comes on the heels of maybe Stuckey’s worst performance of the season. But I don’t think it’s impulsive. Rather, I think we’ve ignored too many clues to this point.

No extension

The top signal is Joe Dumars’ decision not to extend Stuckey. Dumars had never denied an extension to a player on a rookie contract. When Dumars knew he didn’t want to make the necessary investment for a young player, he cut his losses. He still has a couple months to do that with Stuckey.

Making it work shouldn’t be a problem. If Rodney White and Mateen Cleaves had value when Dumars traded them, so does Stuckey.

Struggling team

Another factor is Dumars’ desire to make a trade. He had playoff hopes for a team that’s sinking from the postseason race. Although the ownership situation limits him, Dumars surely wants to make something happen.

The conventional wisdom is the Pistons are shopping Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton more than other players, and that might be true. But I’m not sure how far that will get Detroit.

The value of Prince’s large expiring contract most likely comes by acquiring a better player signed long-term, which the Pistons probably aren’t interested in doing. Hamilton’s contract might dissuade every team from acquiring him.

Stuckey would likely pique the interest of more teams.

Same level

Here’s what Dumars told Pistons.com’s Keith Langlois this summer:

KL: Do you see this as something of a crossroads year for Rodney Stuckey?

JD: I wouldn’t use the word crossroads, but I will say this. He and I, we’ve had some conversations about expanding his role on this team, about assuming more responsibility, more leadership, for the success of us going forward. I think it’s important for him. We’ve had a couple of those conversations, so he understands exactly, going into year four. I think he’s been good, but good is not always good enough. He’s been good, but sometimes you have to be more than good and that’s what we’re looking for from him.

Stuckey had been good this year. In fact, he’s having the best season of his career – as he’s done every year.

But he hasn’t been more than good. And unless Dumars’ expectations have changed, that means Stuckey has been a disappointment.

Maybe it’s time for Stuckey to work toward the next level somewhere else.

Trade ideas

Just to get the ball rolling, here are nine trade ideas involving Stuckey:

What do you have?


  • Dec 29, 201011:49 am
    by BIG MARV


    Stuckey and prince To charlotte for Gearld Wallace and Shawn Livingston

  • Dec 29, 201011:52 am
    by gmehl1977


    How about Stuckey, Prince & Hamilton for Chris Kaman & Baron Davis. That would leave us with:
    PG: Davis, Bynum
    SG: Gordon, McGrady, White
    SF: Daye, Jerebeko, Summers
    PF: Villanueva, Monroe, Maxiell
    C: Kaman, Wallace, Wilcox
    Yeah yeah i know it will never happen but it looks good from a pistons perspective.

  • Dec 29, 201012:26 pm
    by @DetroitBuckets


    Unfortunately we might never see Stuckey at his best until he’s in a different teams uniform. I strongly believe an offense largely predicated on Rip coming off curls and Tyashaun iso’s clouds what he’s capable of in Pistons fans minds. Add to that, one of, if not the lowest, scoring front courts in all of the NBA and it’s not surprising he hasn’t been able to wow people. Until we get rid of Tay and Rip, and insert a legit inside presence we’ll never know what he could do for us. I don’t buy into the idea of him not being a capable PG, wanting to shuttle him to the SG position. Yes, he is a combo guard capable at both positions, but I don’t think he’s in over his head at PG. I think the majority of the problems simply revolve around of the type of offense we run and the aging, limited and one dimensional players we’ve surrounded him with. I’m not saying that Stuckey is perfect. Clearly he has his limits and faults. He doesn’t posses the natural court vision as some of the elite PG’s out there. And his 3ball is still terrible. But IMO he’s far better than he’s sometimes portrayed. And he’ll likely show it once he ends up on a better roster. I could see Atlanta going after him in the off season to replace Bibby. Same with the Clippers, Portland, Lakers, Miami … plenty of others. I hope he stays and finds a retooled roster here in Detroit for next year, but I’ve become somewhat resigned to the idea of him being gone after this season.

  • Dec 29, 20101:13 pm
    by Bryan


    Stucky and Prince to Philly for Iggy and Speights
    Then we just need to trade Hamilton somewhere……

  • Dec 29, 20101:29 pm
    by Tom Y.


    Like DetroitBuckets I think Stuckey hasn’t had a chance to realize his potential on this team… surrounded with a roster somewhat like BG, Daye, CV/Monroe and hopefully a new center who could score a bit, I think he could be considerably better next year.
    I just think it’s a shame to give up on a still-young, athletic PG who has slowly improved every year, and never had a roster and system best suited to his capabilities. I don’t see Bynum as a dependable starting PG, so if we give up on Stuckey, we’ll need to fill a hole at C and PG… Seems to me like it could be easier to trade and build a team that suits Stuckey’s style as PG rather than get both a new PG and a new center.

  • Dec 29, 20101:51 pm
    by Keith P


    Stuckey / Rip for Heinrich / McGee. (Throw in Wilcox to help shore up the Wizards front court if you need to I guess.)

    Heinrich can play with Gordon and guard 2 guards. One less year on his contract than Rip.

    It’s probably a little homerific… but you asked for possibilities.

  • Dec 29, 20102:32 pm
    by Odeh


    I agree with Detroit Buckets.  Rodney hasn’t been given a chance to succeed due to the system and players around him.  He needs to play more uptempo and freelance with pick and rolls.  If the Pistons go this route, Stuckey can be a good and more than capable point guard.  If the Pistons don’t have that vision, then they should move him to SG and trade Rip, BG, and Tay for a PG and C.  I think Stuckey is capable of being a PG but his skills are not being maximized.  I also think he can be a better SG than Rip and BG due to his strength, quickness, driving ability, and playing on instinct instead of having to initiate the offense.  Joe said that Gordon has been peaking interest among teams so I would trade him and Tay for a Big Man and Rip for a PG.

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  • Dec 29, 20103:00 pm
    by Odeh


    Can someone make a list of point guards that are an obvious upgrade over Stuckey and AVAILABLE through trade?  Because I don’t see any.  I went through all the teams and really couldn’t find anyone that fits BOTH categories.  MAYBE Johnny Flynn/Rubio, Calderon, Devin Harris but are these guys an upgrade?  They are all on losing teams and can’t lead their teams to victory so what will change when they come to Detroit?  Baron Davis, Andre Miller, and Mike Bibby are available but I would rather have Stuckey’s upside and age than them.  And frankly if Joe D wanted a player like Davis, Miller, or Bibby, he would’ve kept Billups.  I know Mcgrady can run the point for us but what happens this offseason when he bolts for a better offer.  And Will Bynum has been the biggest disappointment of all this season so please don’t get started on him.

  • Dec 29, 20103:23 pm
    by Ryan


    Stuckey and Maxiell for devin harris

  • Dec 29, 20103:37 pm
    by jk281


    I’ve been saying since the summer that unless he has a tremendous season, which includes leading his team to a winning record, they HAVE to trade him by February. I’m more convined now after seeing the exact same player today as I did 3 years ago as a rookie, that he CANT be re-signed to a starters contract. Certainly not to be the PG for the next 5 years. Maybe he would thrive as a starting SG. Unfortunately, the Pistons wasted all there evaluation time watching him play PG, and now you cant even re-sign to be your SG, because you dont even know if he can do that, let alone all the money tied into Rip and Gordon at SG.

    Yeah his averages have gone up, but he also takes more shots, posesses the ball more, and gets more minutes. 

    But he still makes the same rookie mistakes still, now in his 4th year.

    He is no question our most valuable trade chip, being a young talented player on a rookie expiring contract, and we need to make him available for any trade possibility, and at least get a 1st roundpick for him, before they let him walk fo nothing.

  • Dec 29, 20104:48 pm
    by Jason



    I like your proposal, i think it’s good for both teams.. Kaman is an expiring contact anyways, and is unlikely to resign with the Clippers – so its not like they would be losing much.. Pretty unlikely that it will happen though, unfortunately..

    Get rid of Stuck, get some Bigs and a real PG and we will see a future..

    If Dumars offers Stuck a contract in the offseason – its may miserable years ahead for the Pistons..

  • Dec 29, 20105:53 pm
    by neutes


    Stuckey hasn’t had a chance? Are you guys serious? He’s only had 3 full years of starting. I mean that’s probably a chance, or something. I hope we trade Stuckey, because I think it’s probably our best chance at acquiring anything worth a damn. Nobody else other than possibly Monroe or Daye has the possibility of bringing back a solid return. I think Stuckey is a decent player, but he’s not better than good. The Pistons don’t have a player that’s better than good right now, and that needs to be a priority. Finding a player better than good is more important than holding on to players that are just good.

  • Dec 29, 20108:00 pm
    by Ryan


    Id really like for the pistons to try for Aaron Brooks this offseason and solve our PG problem

  • Dec 29, 201010:20 pm
    by David


    stuckey is not a point guard and never will be. either you trade him or rip. i don’t see a trade in the near future because the team is up for sale. if the team is sold before the trade deadline (which isn’t gonna happen) then you may see a whole lot of changes by joe d. he has to do something to save his job. as for all you guys on all these piston sites who want kaman from the clippers, forget it, the guy is injury prone. i live in las vegas and see a lot of clipper games on cable out here. believe me, even when healthy, you don’t want him.

  • Dec 29, 201010:35 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Yeah but they don’t have Arnie Kander. If Kaman came here then Kander would put him on a modified program to fix those reoccurring injuries (see Tracy McGrady-Antonio McDysee etc etc etc. Kaman has admitted he wants to come here and i think he eventually will. I am not saying he is a savior at center for us but here can clearly give us 12pts 10reb a game as the 7 footer to plug the middle we haven’t had in a loooooong time.

  • Dec 29, 201011:05 pm
    by Jason


    Pistons 3-0 now with Stuckey NOT playing….
    See ya, Stuck!!!

  • Dec 29, 201011:29 pm
    by Laser


    i just don’t think it’s happening. something tells me that, as one of our most valuable assets (though he’s certainly a liability on this particular roster) he’s the safest piston from being traded. i just think it’s idiotic to keep together a core of players that can not succeed together, and stuckey is the only shooting guard we can really turn into something positive. i just don’t think it’s going to happen. could i be that lucky??

  • Dec 29, 201011:40 pm
    by Jason


    Laser – I agree that Stuck will be a GREAT SG for a team one day, the Pistons have shown absolutely no interest in playing him at that spot.. For this very reason, we need to trade him to a team who realizes his potential, as a SG.
    Detroit simply isnt that team, and theres no way in his 4th year we decide to make that change..
    While i’d love to see him successful in a Pistons jersey, i’ve given up all hope that its a possibility.
    We absolutely need to trade him ASAP! (Which is probably just as likely as us moving him to SG!! LOL)_

  • Dec 30, 20101:07 am
    by Ryan


    Get Cousins in here asap.

  • Dec 30, 20108:08 am
    by Lucas


    Thank you PistonPowered for finally posting an article about this! I’ve been on the trade Stuckey wagon for almost two, years, ever since the Gordon/Villanueva signings. To bring the Pistons into at least playoff contention i believe there are two crucial trades we must make. One is the Prince for Kaman deal, and the other is Stuckey and Summers to Houston for Brooks and a 1st round pick. Starting 5 of Brooks, Gordon, McGrady, Villanueva, and Monroe. Second unit of Bynum, Hamilton, Daye, Wilcox, Wallace. (not to mention two first round draft picks) DETROIT BASKETBALL

  • Dec 30, 20108:09 am
    by Lucas


    *Whoops I forgot to include Kaman in the starting lineup

  • Dec 30, 20104:05 pm
    by Jason


    Odeh -
    I think Lucas answered your question… Aaron Brooks would be a HUGE upgrade over Stuckey.. In fact, MOST PG’s in the league would be an upgrade..
    Maybe 90% of them would be a downgrade in SCORING – but that’s our exact problem. We need someone who can not only score, but also get others involved..
    This is why just about any PG in the league would be better then Stuck, unfortunate as it is..

  • Dec 30, 20104:09 pm
    by Jason


    @ Feldman
    Great article first and foremost.
    Your last trade proposal
    “Stuckey, Richard Hamilton and DaJuan Summers to the Wizards for Kirk Hinrich, Kevin Seraphin and Josh Howard
    I’d like that deal if you switch Seraphin for Javale Mcgee…
    Although the Washington Post just put out an article yesterday saying if anything, they are open to trading Blatche – and that Mcgee is basically untouchable, being his rookie contract will net them nothing in return..
    With that said, what does everyone think about Blatche? Pretty impressive numbers so far this year… 17 points, 8 rebounds..

  • Dec 30, 20104:31 pm
    by CheerstoLilWayne


    Odeh, i totally agree with you.

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