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Pistons-Cavs battle it out to avoid the Central basement


Teams: Detroit Pistons vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

Date: Dec. 5, 2010

Time: 6 p.m.

Television: Fox Sports Detroit


Pistons: 6-14

Cavs: 7-12

Probable starters



  • Mo Williams
  • Anthony Parker
  • Jamario Moon
  • J.J. Hickson
  • Anderson Varejao

Las Vegas projection

Spread: Pistons -5.5

Over/under: 190.5

Score: Pistons win, 100.75-89.75

Three things to watch

1. A new rotation part deux

John Kuester promised some changes heading into Friday’s game vs. Orlando. Other than keeping Will Bynum out of the rotation, things were pretty much business as usual. The Pistons lost to an Orlando team without its top two players. Will this game against the Cavs be more of the same, or will there be legitimate changes in the rotation?

2. Big guards vs. Fast guards

Three of Cleveland’s four guards — Mo Williams, Daniel Gibson and Ramon Sessions — are of the undersized variety. The Pistons have a big backcourt with Hamilton and Stuckey, and even Ben Gordon is stronger than the Cavs’ guards. Can Detroit take advantage of those mismatches or will the Pistons struggle to guard Cleveland’s quick playmakers?

3. Clawing out of last place

Cleveland, like the Pistons, is in drastic rebuilding mode. The Pistons can tie the Cavs in the win column and draw to within a half game of them in the standings with a win this evening.

Pregame reading


  • Dec 5, 20105:35 pm
    by gmehl1977


    As long as they keep showcasing Tayshaun like they did last game i will be happy. A couple more 25-30pp games from him should net us something decent for him. As long as we don’t lose him for nothing!

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  • Dec 5, 201010:32 pm
    by Odeh


    Patrick I’m really impressed with this pregame analysis lol.  You hit it on the head.  The rotation was shorter and changes were made with a small ball lineup coming out to start the 3rd.  Plus our big guards dominated their fast guards with Rip puttin up 27 and Stuckey 24 and 11.  I gotta give you props my man.

  • Dec 6, 20104:51 am
    by Laser


    maybe it’s just a situation where the pistons can’t win, but i hope nobody’s going to get excited about this one. we beat a bad team when they were down, coming off one of the worst losses in franchise history. they can start to feel better about themselves when (if?) they rattle off three in a row.
    also, not that we could ever do worse than starting max and wallace together, but this small ball thing isn’t sustainable. not against a good team. if we’re going to have tayshaun playing the four (and god i hope we don’t), we may as well start daye at the three rather than be undersized everywhere on the floor. he stretches the defense the same, and it doesn’t make much sense to have your three smallest rotation players starting either half.

  • Dec 6, 20105:02 am
    by Laser


    yikes just looked at the box score. 41 minutes for stuckey, 35 for rip, 31 for gordon. that sure isn’t going to happen much. i guess i didn’t realize how good of a matchup the cavs are for us. and gordon shot the ball like sh*t, but he and rip took 14 and 17 shots respectively, which also will pretty much never, ever happen. so, uh, naturally i’ll be mr. negativity here and say friday’s game said a lot more about the team than this one.
    also CBS scoreboard had this to say: “With snow falling and two struggling teams on the floor, the game drew one of the smallest crowds in Palace history. The paid attendance was announced as 13,081, but the actual crowd appeared to be under 10,000.” so, uh, there’s that. and it was cold and snowing, but just powder really. nothing to keep anyone home who wants to see the pistons ruin their night in person.

  • Dec 6, 20106:08 am
    by Patrick Hayes



    “maybe it’s just a situation where the pistons can’t win”

    If you qualify that statement with “in my eyes,” then you are exactly right. Sure, they beat a bad team. But they did it impressively, they shared the ball and Hamilton, Prince and Stuckey all took turns sharing the ball and being the focal point of the offense. Gordon and Villanueva got shots, and although both struggled to make them, they were coming within the offense.

    It doesn’t matter who they beat. They won the game and played good basketball that was entertaining and fun to watch.

  • Dec 6, 20104:53 pm
    by Laser


    that “qualification” was implied. so 21 games in, they had their first convincing win of the season against an actual professional basketball team (the bucks certainly weren’t that when we played them).

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