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John Kuester might actually make significant adjustments this time

John Kuester gets around a lot of questions about his lineups by saying he’ll evaluate the team. Of course, he will. That’s his job.

But that doesn’t tell us anything about what specifically he’s evaluating or how serious he is about changes. It’s a rather meaningless statement.

So, when the coach talked about “adjustments” after the Pistons lost to the Heat on Wednesday, I didn’t put much stock into his statements.

I think I was wrong. After reading Keith Langlois’ article yesterday, I believe there will be a significant change in the Pistons’ rotation.

John Kuester is about as tight-lipped as it comes with regard to anything he’s thinking, discussing with assistant coaches or telling his team. So when Kuester said after Wednesday’s loss at Miami that “there are going to be adjustments going into the next game,” the expectation, at least, is that some significant alterations could be afoot.

Maybe it won’t be anything as dramatic as a change in the starting lineup. Maybe it’ll be something like minor tinkering at the back end of the rotation. But because Kuester guards information so vigilantly, when he says something as declarative as his Miami postgame statement, my inclination – more than it would be with other coaches – is to think it might be more than tinkering.

The most logical – and maybe even likely – change would be making Charlie Villanueva the starting power forward.

I wouldn’t be shocked if nothing happens, but at this point, I’m leaning toward a shakeup of some sort.


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  • Dec 3, 201010:49 am
    by ds


    While I’m all for a lineup change – I thought the Pistons had a much better than expected game against Orlando and today is one of the only times I’d probably stick close to what almost worked last time.
    I was curious to see how they fared at home. So this game is possibly the only day I’d rather they didn’t mix things up. Oh, well – in the long run I think change is certainly for the better.

  • Dec 3, 201011:07 am
    by nuetes


    send bynum and maxiell to the d-league. that’s a start. after that start either monroe or CV. then play daye on the 2nd unit at SF and mcgrady at PG. let wilcox play some on the 2nd unit too.

  • Dec 3, 201011:57 am
    by Alan


    I like Charlie and I think he’s earned a crack a the job.  Though, I think Monroe would make a better starter than Charlie, if not today than at some point in the future.  

  • Dec 3, 201012:44 pm
    by Odeh


    According to Keith Langois:
    There will not be a change in the starting lineup or a shorter rotation.  The combination of players will change.
    To me this sounds like John Kuester wants to change the starting lineup but is getting backlash from the vets.  He needs to grow a pair of grape fruits and not care what the players are saying because at this record their opinion doesn’t count.  Do anything…we have nothing to lose at this point.  His statements gave me a little hope but obviously it was baseless again because this is THE worst coach in the league.  Any other coach with this talent can pull out a .500 team.

  • Dec 3, 20101:00 pm
    by Travis


    Bynum and Maxiell can’t play in the d league. They have over 3 yrs nba experience. Monroe played his butt off in Miami so he deserves the start at the 4. CV is doing good scoring off the bench. Bring him in to start the 3rd where we fall behind.

  • Dec 3, 20103:20 pm
    by nuetes


    well put bynum and maxiell on an inactive list then. see if a european team will buy them out and take them over there. trade bynum for a 2nd rounder in 2015 and max for a 2nd rounder in 2050. minnesota and sac have cap space maybe they’ll take them for free. call around let’s get these two scrubs off the roster and make kuester’s job easier.
    give me some wilcox! and then after he fails like maxiell i can turn on him too. process of elimination. play, suck, get out of here. eventually we can whittle this down to a 9-10 player roster and call up a bunch of d-leaguers for tryouts.

  • Dec 3, 20103:37 pm
    by Jason


    Starting lineup”
    Gordon, Rip, T-Mac, Villanueva, Wallace
    Run the offense through T-Mac, and BG defends the PG on the other end.
    This makes the second unit:
    Bynum, Stuckey, Prince, Daye/Max, Monroe
    Stuck moves back to his SG role, off the bench, where he should be much more effective.
    I’d like to see them at least give this lineup a try.. 3 of our 4 highest paid players would be starting the game, rather then having 2 on the bench..

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  • Dec 3, 20106:23 pm
    by Laser


    @odeh: where did keith say that? wouldn’t really surprise me.
    i thought it was a little silly how langlois made kuester’s comments seem significant. he was as vague as humanly possible, and he says stuff like that all the time. the point is we’re losing twice as many games as we’re winning, and with a predictably bad formula, and he’s yet to do a damn thing.
    should be interesting to see this game, tho. if the magic are really short nelson and redick and howard, a win would mean absolutely nothing and a loss would be a sheer delight. it should actually be rather competitive, given how badly this team thinks it needs wins. i’m predicting the game of the season (for personal entertainment value), partly because even if the team wins they lose. i love it!

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