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Joe Dumars: Pistons aren’t close to trading Richard Hamilton

Via Tim Povtak of FanHouse:

"We don’t have anything whatsoever on the table in terms of a trade, or anything even remotely close to a trade, for Rip Hamilton,” Dumars told FanHouse Tuesday. "Nothing.”


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  • Dec 1, 20109:03 am
    by Patrick Hayes


    It’s still kind of early to expect a trade, ownership situation aside.
    The teams contending teams that could weigh benefits of Hamilton helping get them over the top vs. his expensive price tag haven’t even had a chance to really evaluate needs yet.
    Wait another month. If Hamilton is still healthy and reasonably productive, there might be a team or two willing to make the gamble.
    Povtak’s piece also insinuates the losing is getting to Hamilton, although he hasn’t been necessarily complaining about it. Give him another month as well. By the end of December, he (and Prince) probably won’t be so quiet about the team getting worse.

  • Dec 1, 20109:15 am
    by nuetes


    IDK I feel like for anyone to get traded they have to ask out. I’m not too concerned over the whole Rip/Gordon thing anyway, I resigned myself to the fact they will both be here until 2014 awhile back. No big deal there. I’m more concerned about this Stuckey/Prince situation. There are decisions to be made this season, and at the end of it, that will define the next 3-5 years of the organization. This is a pivotal point in the process.
    What to do with Prince? Is he going to try to trade Prince and Wilcox? If he’s going to let them expire then he had better also trade Rip or Gordon for an expiring before that happens so we have some money to play around with. God forbid he resigns Prince. Also with Stuckey – what’s the plan? Even though he’s played better ball for the most part this season – is everyone really excited about committing 4-5 more years to him? I feel like this is bordering on Einstein’s good old prediction of insanity here and I’m starting to get a little concerned about it, more than usual anyway.

  • Dec 1, 20109:20 am
    by nuetes



  • Dec 1, 20109:22 am
    by nuetes


    self correction fail.

  • Dec 1, 20109:47 am
    by brgulker


    “We don’t have anything whatsoever on the table in terms of a trade, or anything even remotely close to a trade, for Rip Hamilton,” Dumars told FanHouse Tuesday. “Nothing.”
    Thank you, Captain Obvious! Err, Joe Dumars.

  • Dec 1, 201011:28 am
    by Laser


    i’m shocked. SHOCKED! really thought people would be knocking down joe’s door to get that guy on their books…
    @nuetes: it’s tough to divorce the rip/gordon problem from stuckey, pal. you can shrug off this idea of being stuck with rip and gordon, but the organization hasn’t stopped talking for ONE SECOND about stuckey being tied to the future of the team. read any dumars interview ever on the subject, and stuckey’s name is always in the mix. always. thing is, joe just don’t give a f***. he’s a patient man. he’ll have no problem waiting until 2014, trading rip in the last year of his deal, and worrying about this team being good then. problem is, no matter how good we are, or how good a gordon/stuckey tandem looks (and i mean NO matter), it won’t be worth all this suffering. and yet joe’s going to sit smugly and contently and feel like he’s done great.

  • Dec 1, 201011:58 am
    by Jason


    First off, Dumars has a well thought out plan – which is let this season crumble, and add the missing pieces in the off season.
    Next summer, there are so many PF’s and C’s that will be free agents, it’s sick.. Dumars knows this.. Yes, he could pull the trigger on a Tay deal now – but he will NOT give up this expiring contract, unless an offer too good to be true comes along.
    Dumars wants to sign a Zach Randolph, Chris Kaman, Tyson Chandler style of player next season, and there will be PLENTY of options to chose from.
    The question will truly be, what to do with Stuckey. I think there is no question that Jerebko gets re-signed. Tayshaun will NOT be a Piston next season, and Stuckey is really up in the air at this point.. I’d be curious to see what Stuckey could do with a half way decent frontcourt, but then again – re-signing him may limit what the Pistons can do when it comes to signing a premiere big next season..
    I have no problem with Rip/BG being a part of this team, they are our ONLY legitimate SG’s, (unless you count Stuckey) so i have no problem with the two co-existing. BG has always been better off the bench anyways, so it’s not a huge problem to me.. Get a solid front court, and we won’t even be talking about the Rip/BG dilemma.
    There is no doubt thought that this is Prince’s final year as a Piston. Daye is the exact same player, with obviously much more to learn on both ends of the court – but he’s young enough where he has time. More importantly, I think he has a much higher ceiling on offense as Prince – so there is no reason to keep him around.
    I really believe we will sign Zach Randolph, and i think that instantly makes us a contender – even without knowing what our PG situation will be. Im confident if Bynum is our starter next year, adding Randolph makes us a top 5 team in the East..

  • Dec 1, 201012:26 pm
    by nuetes


    not to burst your bubble jason, but dumars won’t have any cap space to sign anyone by just letting prince expire. he has to move rip or gordon for an expiring contract if he wants enough to go after randolph, gasol, nene possibly, or whoever in free agency. there’s very little benefit to letting prince expire without unloading another contract.

  • Dec 1, 201012:43 pm
    by Jason


    Nuetes – Not sure where you are getting your math, but that’s not the way i’m seeing it.. We’re on the books for almost $66 million this year. Next year, we’re only obligated to $48 million at this point.
    True, some of this difference will be paid to re-sign Jerebko, but if we DO NOT resign Prince, or Wilcox (Possibly even Mcgrady), it leaves us with enough left over to sign  a premiere Big. Randolph won’t be getting a front loaded deal, and there are a number of other Free agent Big’s to choose from -
    Nenad Kristic
    Joel Pryzbilla
    Samuel Dalembert
    Zach Randolph
    Kendrick Perkins
    Andreis Kirilenko
    Tyson Chandler
    Troy Murphy
    Nene HIlario
    Carl Landry


    Greg Oden
    Yao Ming
    Jeff Green
    Marc Gasol
    Chris Kaman
    i would think its safe to say we can pull off a deal with one of these players quite easily with the money we will have available.

  • Dec 1, 201012:55 pm
    by nuetes


    we would have $47.6 million if we let everyone go. stuckey, jerebko, summers, mcgrady, wilcox, and prince.
    then lets say we bring back jerebko, we still have a cap hold for our draft slot, since it seems evident a lottery pick is in order that is somewhere between a $2-$5 million cap hold. so that puts us anywhere from $5-8 million to spend in free agency, or in other words right around the MLE, and thats if we let Stuckey walk. Big if. if we resign Stuckey we still have the MLE to spend. so really no difference between resigning stuckey and letting him walk as far as our ability to sign a player.
    and this is all assuming the cap and MLE and everything remain unchanged and that the new CBA doesn’t destroy this system or lower the cap significantly.

  • Dec 1, 20102:49 pm
    by Laser


    sorry, jason. you’re dead wrong. we’ve got roughly the MLE to spend if we can’t clear some more money off the books.
    dead wrong about dumars and planning, too. those two parted ways around 2005. in fact, he and catastrophe celebrate their 25 month anniversary tomorrow! and that relationship shows no sign of slowing down. but keep on believing in him; i’m sure he knows exactly what he’s doing.

  • Dec 1, 20103:05 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    Does anyone get the feeling that Stuckey is some sort of NBA Herschel Walker?  This ultra talented/gifted athlete that doesn’t live up to the hype?  As a GM, I can see where the allure is, but from what he has already shown, how does he get any better?

  • Dec 1, 20103:07 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    My point is, Dallas really got Herschel Walker’s value by dealing him to Minnesota for a gazillion draft picks and such.  Maybe we get the most for Stuckey by conning some other GM into his allure.

  • Dec 1, 20104:46 pm
    by Jason


    Guess i’m wrong here, i wasn’t taking into account the near 4 million Stuck will be due, or the potential cap hold for the draft slot. Guess our only hope is that an ownership deal gets done, and the new brass is willing to spend some money to get fans back in the Palace.
    That, or some sort of trade finally gets made, which allows us to go after someone from that list.. But you have to at least admit, that’s a sexy list of Free Agents.
    Anything we can do to bolster our front court at this point.

  • Dec 2, 20105:09 am
    by Dan Feldman


    Rodman, what makes you believe Stuckey can’t get any better? I think each season has been the best season of his career every season. His improvement hasn’t been as rapid as anyone would like, but he keeps getting better.

  • [...] Joe Dumars: Pistons aren't close to trading Richard Hamilton … [...]

  • [...] Joe Dumars: Pistons aren't close to trading Richard Hamilton … [...]

  • Jan 24, 20111:18 pm
    by Bob Liddle


    We don’t need to be concerned with trading RIP.  We need to find a way to get a true point guard.  Somebody that can penetrate and draw defenders and dish the ball.  McGrady is much more effective on the wing as a catch and shoot player.  Chauncey is a true point guard, contention follows him.  We need to find someone to fill his shoes.  So for the trade, look at Stuckey and Prince.

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