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Joe Dumars on Richard Hamilton: ‘If he and I need to sit down and have a long talk, we will’

Joe Dumars spoke with ESPN 96.1 today, and he added fuel to the Richard Hamilton-might-not-really-be-sick fire (hat tip: Justin Rogers of MLive):

I haven’t spoken to Rip since. We had a day off today. They guys were off today. So, I’ll see how Rip is doing tomorrow when he gets in here. He said he wasn’t feeling well yesterday, and he sat out. We got a big win. But whatever issues that I have to deal with, I don’t duck them. Whatever comes up, I deal with it. But Rip has been good for me. I’ll see how he is when he comes in in the morning. If he and I need to sit down and have a long talk, we will. We’ll see how it plays out tomorrow when we get back in here, when everybody’s back in here, coaches and players.

Dumars also talked about the restrictions on him because of Karen Davidson selling the team:

When you sit in this seat, you deal with all kinds of stuff. You really do. And I’d be lying if I sat hear and told you guys that wasn’t a part of it. There’s a financial responsibility that I have to be cognizant of here, and I’ve just got to work around it. There’s no sense of me sitting here and crying about it with you guy. I wake up, I look at it, it is what it is, and I’ve just to go figure out a way to work around it.


  • Dec 20, 20109:15 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I love Joe and all but i he might want to work a little harder and faster. I’ve said it before that i give him until the sale of team to right this ship then i will not defend him anymore.
    It is plain obvious that Rip faked his stomach bug yesterday. You can just see the scene yesterday when Rip woke up to Kuester telling him that he has lost his starting spot. Rip would of coughed and said i am not feeling to good today and then just went right back to bed. Might want to check the guys heart…not the stomach!

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  • Dec 20, 201011:09 pm
    by Rodman4Life


    Pretty weak, man.  Rip may not be as youthful, and maybe he doesn’t fit the long-term future of this team, but your dissatisfaction with the team is driving your comments.  He doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt after all these years?  Easy there trigger finger!

  • Dec 21, 201012:11 am
    by Laser


    he deserves the benefit of absolutely no doubt.

  • Dec 21, 201012:47 am
    by gmehl1977


    You sound exactly like me defending Rip throughout the whole Rip/Iverson saga. I just am not buying the whole coincidence (insert sarcasm) of Rip coming down with a stomach bug on the very same game that Gordon was to be thrust into the starting lineup. I love Hamilton and will NEVER forget what he has done for this franchise but it is time for him to go. No its not his fault that he doesn’t fit with this team anymore (its Joe’s) but i think it is his fault if he is faking injuries because he has lost his starting gig. If he is unhappy with being benched then i would rather he voice it than act like a little kid and stay at home with a ‘tummy ache’. Finally i would like to just elaborate that i have no time whatsoever for spoilt players that don’t look past themselves and put the team first. If i was Rip then i would be asking the coach to utilize me off the bench so i can take the other teams second unit apart!

  • Dec 21, 20105:31 am
    by gmehl1977


  • Dec 21, 20108:22 am
    by detroitpcb


    at least things have come to a head and it is out in the open

  • Dec 21, 201011:48 am
    by Alan


    We all want to trade Rip and yet no team has come forward to grab him.  So, it looks like he’s going to Detroit’s bench.  If he accepts the role and we look back and all he did is miss one game than we’ll wonder if the media didn’t over react in this instance. 

    In response to, “he quit on us,” it depends on what Rip does from here on out.  If I got a demotion, I’d go home from work that day and probably take another day off.  When I come back, it will be expected that I come back to take my role seriously. 

  • Dec 21, 201010:29 pm
    by gmehl1977


    You can’t compare a professional athlete to a normal worker. Rip needs to show the team that he can accept the demotion and move on or request a trade or a buyout. Simple as that!

  • Dec 22, 201011:32 am
    by Alan


    I agree.  At the end of the day its on Rip to move past this.  If he does and we look back and all he did was sulk and skip one game – who cares about all of this?!?!  I don’t know if Rip will move past this as quickly as one game but it’s times like this that I still value Joe Dumars as the leader of this organization.  Joe Dumars might be the only person to whom Rip will listen.

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