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Joe Dumars on a Pistons trade: “Am I close? I hope so”

Joe Dumars spoke with Matt Dery of 97.1 The Ticket last night and indicated a trade might be coming. Dumars said he was five minutes late to the interview because he was on the phone with another team.

Two conversations I had with teams today, and they say, “You know what? Uh, that might work for us, but, you know, got to go and talk to the owner, got to go and talk to my head coach, and I’ll get back to you. So, you know, am I close? I hope so. I hope so.

I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for a trade, but hopefully this is more than Dumars just appeasing the fans.

Dumars also said John Kuester is not the problem right now.


  • Dec 15, 20101:51 pm
    by nuetes


    hopefully ‘got to go talk to my owner, got to go talk to my coach’ isn’t key word for get the hell off my line and quit wasting my time Joe.

  • Dec 15, 20102:25 pm
    by detroitpcb


    “sometimes your dealing with a team that’s for sale” – Joe Dumars 12-15-10

  • Dec 15, 20102:52 pm
    by Laser


    of course john kuester isn’t the problem. the roster isn’t the problem either. if these things were problems, the guy who assembled them must be to blame. so joe will never “figure out” the problem. why bother asking him?

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  • Dec 15, 20104:12 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    One question I’ve never really read you answer: do you believe that Dumars should be fired right now? I know you’ve laid out the string of poor moves you believe he’s made. But shouldn’t the previous track record allow him at least another offseason (without the ownership situation as a distraction) to right this? I mean, even if the Curry year was horrible, they were still in the playoffs. And they sadly are still in playoff contention this season. There’s at least a chance that during this down period, he’ll oversee teams that only missed the playoffs once.

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  • Dec 15, 20104:32 pm
    by Jay Wierenga


    Do I believe this will happen? No. Is Dumars trying to appease the fans? Yes. Is Dumars a lame duck team president and he knows it? Probably.
    But at the very least, it is good to hear that he actually still knows that he is running an NBA team. His silence has been deafening.

  • Dec 15, 20107:18 pm
    by Laser


    @hayes: my stance has long been that february’s trade deadline is dumars’s last chance to redeem himself. i feel like three (3) years is a generous window to get a rebuilding effort on track, and i count 08-09 as year one, since that’s when joe traded chauncey and had limitless options for his expiring contracts. i think his firing would be entirely justified right now, but you’ll notice i haven’t exactly called for his head, which should give some indication of where i stand. i feel like he’s brought the team to a pre-dumars level of awfulness, so nothing he did in building that last championship counts as “progress” anymore. thus, a firing would be justified. i certainly don’t think he “deserves” a chance to right the ship. anyone who gives him a world of credit for turning what he inherited into a perennial contender must acknowledge how pathetic it is that he somehow managed to turn all that progress back into one of the worst teams in the league. i liken it to a gambler who turned his last dollar into a fortune and then turned it back into a dollar. the money was nice when it lasted, but what do we have to show for it? nice memories of when we were “rich?” good GMs know how to roll over assets at least a little…
    @jay wierenga: hey i know you! laser is just another name for your old friend abe. you should stick around a while. this place is way better than b/r. plus we could use more guys like you. and i agree fully about dumars. his silence has been one of the worst parts of all this. even though he’s full of sh*t.

  • Dec 15, 201010:00 pm
    by Jay Wierenga


    i knew there was a reason that i liked that snarky comment!  yeah, i have definitely kept an eye on feldman’s column here…he is consistent, smart and insightful and definitely better than most pistons blogs, as evidenced by his true hoop status.
    you should chime in on the most recent round of articles on b/r…me and eno are going back and forth on his recent offering…well-written but i am not on board with the premise.

  • Dec 16, 20102:01 am
    by Laser


    is there a more useless interview on the planet than joe dumars? the latest one on pistons.com is infuriating. conveniently timed and part one focuses entirely on one game. that win over the hawks doesn’t even nearly negate the meltdown versus toronto, let alone the three consecutive losses that preceded it or the dozen other losses on the season. the main spirit of these interviews (and the focus of langlois’s blogs) that absolutely boils my blood is that the pistons “should” have won all these games where they blew leads. it’s absurd, and they’re feeding a line of bullsh*t to the fans. i’ll be damned if i know more about the nature of basketball than joe dumars, and one of the first things i learned is that good teams routinely keep the game within reach and execute to clinch victories. heck, i learned it from about watching the Goin’ to Work pistons! am i to believe joe doesn’t think they really earned a lot of those victories because they “stole” games from under the noses of lesser opponents who happened to lead most of the way? god it pisses me off.
    as for b/r, we’ll see. i don’t know if i even know my old password, but i had issues with them. i try to keep up with your articles (and only yours… hah) but i never log in anymore. i won’t bother these people around here with the details, but i’ll hit you up on facebook. as for eno, i don’t know about that guy. like you seem to be indicating, his articles are technically competent (which puts them head and shoulders above the norm), but i rarely agree with his premise. and one time i trashed his article in a thoughtful manner he wrote me off with a “sheesh, tell me how you really feel” and didn’t engage me at all. stand by your work! i bothered to comment with a thoughtful and constructive, if brutal, critique. i thought the damn site’s for aspiring journalists, but he didn’t want to engage me a bit. that didn’t sit well with me. but i’ll at least check out the exchange.

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  • Jan 10, 201112:29 pm
    by Mubin


    i dont think dumars is messing with the fans. i think that rip is involved in the deal. i hope we add a point gaurd, because i fell that greg monroe fits with our system because he can rebound and pass to our gaurds.

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