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Greg Monroe’s next test as a starter hopefully includes not getting dunked on by Blake Griffin


Teams: Detroit Pistons vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Date: Dec. 17, 2010

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Television: Fox Sports Detroit Plus


Pistons: 8-18

Clippers: 5-21

Probable starters



  • Baron Davis
  • Eric Gordon
  • Ryan Gomes
  • Blake Griffin
  • DeAndre Jordan

Las Vegas projection

Spread: Pistons -2.5

Over/under: 191

Score: Pistons win, 96.75-94.25

Three things to watch

1. Greg Monroe gets a crack at Blake Griffin

The first time the Pistons played the Clippers, Griffin had a great game, scoring 18 points and grabbing 18 rebounds. The Clips out-rebounded the Pistons 49-34 in that game, although Detroit managed to hold on and win in overtime. Monroe only played 6 minutes. Now, Monroe will be making his second straight start and will hopefully keep the Pistons more competitive on the glass.

2. Baron Davis is safe here

For those who missed the latest example of why Clippers owner Donald Sterling is possibly the worst person associated with the NBA, multiple outlets reported last week that he’s been heckling Baron Davis from his courtside seats in L.A. as Davis tries to recover from an injury that caused him to miss several weeks this season. Davis is no saint. He’s notoriously had issues staying in shape throughout his career, and he’s paid handsomely. But in any confrontation between Donald Sterling and another human being, Sterling is always going to be the sleazeball. At least Davis doesn’t have to deal with that on the road.

3. Will the lineup combos work another game?

The Pistons have a chance to win two straight games for only the third time this season. Whether they do or not largely depends on whether the changes to the rotation that took hold against Atlanta prove to be more than a flash in the pan. The Clippers are struggling as bad as any team in the NBA, and at home, this has to be a win the Pistons come away with.

Pregame Reading

  • This isn’t Pistons related, but Mike Tillery, one of the best sports writers in the biz, asked me to participate in an interesting roundtable on LeBron James and the Heat this week. It’s well worth a read, full of perspectives from writers who try to think about sports issues from more than just the traditional angles. Check it out if you have time.
  • If you’re brushing up on your pro basketball skills and think you can play, SLAM introduces a site that can connect you with an agent.
  • Ben Gulker steps in to assist Joe Dumars in answering some of Keith Lanlois’ questions.
  • ClipperBlog discusses what’s going on with the team’s backcourt.


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  • Dec 17, 20105:53 pm
    by herm


    “At least Davis doesn’t have to deal with that on the road.”
    I’ve got floor seats tonight, and if you don’t think I’m not mocking the dude for being fat and overpaid you’re nuts.  That said, I’m not a racist landlord, so I can’t make the act complete.

  • Dec 17, 20107:13 pm
    by neutes


    hey Patrick, great job on that Heat article. good news is I only read what you wrote because the thing was ridiculously long. i tried reading a few other opinions, but i don’t have 2 hours to sit down and read the thing. that was like a novel of opinions. when you said check it out if you had have the time there should have been some sort of disclaimer. and the obvious question was never asked – will the Heat win it all? loved your answer for the ‘what will you tell your kids’ question btw. “What should I do? Should I tell my son about cap space?” Classic.

  • Dec 17, 20108:11 pm
    by alex


    This post doesn’t have anything to do with the game tonight.  I was looking at espn and saw some potential conflict with brandon roy and andre miller.  Naturally I thought of some trade situations with the pistons.  Here’s what I got:
    Pistons get Andre Miller and Greg Oden.
    Blazers get Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey.
    Pistons Perspective: First Andre Miller.  He is the type of classic distributer that Pistons fans clearly have an obsession to get.  He’s someone that can run an offense well and score himself.  He could fit in with our team really well right away as we do need a playmaker.  Oden of course would be risky in two different ways.  He won’t play this season and is a RFA next season.  Second, who knows how he comes back from the injury and who knows if he will stay healthy.  But the huge up side is that he is exactly the type of player this team lacks and that we need.  While briefly healthy, he really showed the defender he can be and can really hold down the paint.
    Blazers perspective: I think a backcourt of stuckey and roy could be really good.  Stuckey doesn’t dominate the ball as much as miller and I think both players would be effective playing with the ball and off the ball.  Stuckey could also come in and take the harder defensive assignment and let roy worry more about offense.  Prince is a big upgrade over Batum at small forward.  Adding those two today into that lineup could move the blazers into the top tier of the West.  After this trade, they may just be one piece away from contending.
    Conclusion: I honestly think neither team would do the trade.  The pistons are giving up a player in stuckey they still consider a cornerstone and a player in prince who’s highly valued for not just his ability to play but his expiring deal.  It’s a lot to risk if Oden continues to be a bust.  (not to mention this is assuming Dumars is allowed to trade).  I don’t think the blazers would cut Oden just yet.  Maybe I’m wrong and picking up Stuckey as a young on the rise player and a good veteran like Prince would be enough but I don’t think they’d neceassirly go for it.  I think that blazers team would be pretty good though.  And I also think Oden might be worth the gamble.  The rest of this season we could at least get Daye in the rotation and let him keep getting more experience and Miller might help give us some stability in our chemistry.
    What do you think?

  • Dec 17, 20109:37 pm
    by Laser


    alex, i stopped at “blazers get prince and stuckey.” not in a million years. not even a cute idea to discuss. you’re wasting your time. dumars has twin funeral plots reserved so he and stuckey can be buried side-by-side and spend eternity together.

  • Dec 17, 201010:11 pm
    by gmehl1977


    ‘Twin funeral plots’…that is hands down the funniest comment on here so far :-)
    Just as i started reading this i had to laugh because right as i was Blake Griffen dunked it on or should i say near Monroe. I think it was like his 5 dunk of the game and he could of had 10 by the end of the game. I just couldn’t watch the game in the 3rd quarter and was very close to poking my own eyes out it was that bad. We don’t need to try and tank games by season end but rather just run Kuester’s offense. I am trying to be positive but with games like that it hurts to see.

  • Dec 18, 20102:33 am
    by Laser


    thanks, g! glad you liked that one.

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