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Greg Monroe shoots up David Thorpe’s Rookie Rankings

After spending most of the season around No. 15, Greg Monroe ranked No. 7 in David Thorpe’s Rookie Rankings:

Monroe still has some major flaws in his game, mainly that he’s a below-the-rim player at an age (20) when he should be at or near his athletic peak. Too often he either gets blocked inside or has to change his shot to get it off because he didn’t explode high enough.

However, anytime a rookie pulls down 15 rebounds in a game (eight offensive), we have to take notice. And Monroe did just that against Minnesota, which is a top-10 team in defensive rebound rate. In general, he’s done well fighting for position next to the rim when shots go up. Oftentimes, he’s dead center in front of the rim, probably the best spot to be in on most shot attempts. If he continues this, his numbers will undoubtedly rise.


  • Dec 14, 20103:56 pm
    by nuetes


    I like me some Landry Fields. I hope the Knicks don’t do something stupid like send him packing for Carmelo Anthony. Actually maybe I do because it’s the Knicks.
    Monroe finally getting some love. Ed Davis isn’t doing too shabby for Toronto now that he’s healthy. I’d like to see what Udoh offers here eventually too. Monroe needs to be top 5 in those rookie rankings come season’s end behind Griffin, Fields, Wall, and Favors. Keep playing the Moose!

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  • Dec 14, 20108:43 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Monroe is just not crafty around the basket the way a typical Georgetown center is. Even a guys like Othella Harrington and Roy Hibbert, who weren’t known for exploding and finishing over people, were good at converting inside by positioning themselves well, using pump fakes and using the rim to avoid shot blockers. Maybe it’s just a product of Monroe leaving college early so he didn’t have a chance to add that, but he clearly needs a lot of work on offense right now.

  • Dec 15, 20108:52 am
    by detroitpcb


    the problem is not Monroe’s offensive game, it is how he is being used. He has a fine face up to the basket game and can hit the shot out to 15 feet. The fact that he never is put in this position in the Piston’s offense (he often starts the set at the high post but either sets a screen or receives the ball to hand it off to a weaving guard) suggests that Q has told him to concentrate on rebounding and only shoot when is is at the basket – his weakest offensive area. He simply has no lift and is not going to be able to finish until he gets stronger. Other than that, he is athletic but the way most white players are athletic – moves well, good hands, understands leverage & position, blocks out, quick feet, high basketball IQ - just cannot jump.

  • Apr 9, 201311:40 pm
    by hair chalk coloring


    Almost all of what you point out is supprisingly legitimate and it makes me wonder why I had not looked at this in this light before. Your article really did turn the light on for me as far as this specific issue goes.

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