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Greg Monroe remains No. 7 in David Thorpe’s rookie rankings

Greg Monroe remained No. 7 in the latest edition of David Thorpeā€™s rookie rankings:

Simply put, Monroe is finishing shots that he was missing in November, making over 56 percent of his field goals this month after hitting just 35.4 percent last month.

The game is slowing down for him and he’s using his size and length more effectively. Next up? Block more shots. He hasn’t had more than two blocks in a game thus far (and he’s had only two blocks twice).

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  • Dec 22, 20101:47 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Wow. Didn’t realize he was shooting that well this month. 56 percent is legit. I would settle for 46 or 47 for him based on the fact that he’s not that explosive.

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